Material Girl Wimps Out – Nixes Muslim Bridal Dress for New Video… It’s Too Dangerous

Madonna is only courageous in mocking Christianity… Mocking Islam?… Not so much.

Madonna didn’t think twice about mocking the Catholic Church in her concerts and video.

She thought it was a courageous statement.

But the Material Girl wimped out and nixed her Muslim bridal dress for her latest video.
It’s too dangerous.
Contact Music reported, via ROP:

Madonna has decided against wearing a Muslim bridal dress, a combination of a traditional Iraqi bridal veil and a US soldier’s uniform, in her new music video after being convinced by her advisers to give the outfit a miss for her own safety.

Madonna has decided against wearing a Muslim bridal dress in her new music video over fears for her safety.

The 54-year-old singer was planning to don a ‘Terror Bride’ outfit – a combination of a traditional Iraqi bridal veil and a US soldier’s uniform – in the video for upcoming single ‘Superstar’ as a statement against oppression against women and war, but her advisers convinced her to ditch the political stunt because of the outrage it would be likely to cause.

A source said: ”Madonna had the outfit ready to go. She was really proud of it and said it was her ‘Terror Bride’ costume.

”She had paraded around in it and said she was going to wear it in her next music video.

”At first when people started telling her it was madness she just brushed it off.

”But when they mentioned that her actions could put her life at risk she decided to ditch it from her video and certainly won’t be wearing it on stage.’

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  • The Central Scrutinizer

    Please excuse my Vulgarity but, Man I hope I outlive Madonna so someday I had take a piss on here grave.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Once again, bravely speaking truth to power — as long as there’s no real personal blowback (or blowup!) involved.

    Sort of like the first Star Wars movie: Non-Wookies don’t dismember their opponents who beat them at games, hence, “Let the Wookie win!”

    Bravo, Ms. Wimpy Whimperer.

  • ASCII Mohammed


    | I see someone’s been paying attention.
    | The rest of you, PAY ATTENTION or I KEEEEL!

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    So in other words, standing up for oppressed women is too edgy, is that right Madonna? Don’t feel bad, join all your sister feminists.

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  • Remco Kimber

    They KNOW.

    The left and its girlie man attitudes KNOW that everything we say about Islam and Muslims is dead-on accurate.

    They KNOW.

  • Grandma Perkins

    What a risk-taker!

  • Economan

    …But she was going to disgrace our military uniform and THAT’S ok? What’s the matter you bimbo? Now you might understand why we fight those savages. Of course you’re an idiot so you might never understand.

  • Ripped

    It’s all fun and games for the Hollyweird liberals until it’s their head that might be cut off.

  • susan d

    Poor Madonna. Gosh, golly, gee-where is your edginess? Where is your courage? Oh, yeah-you’re only brave against Christians, right?

  • MT Geoff

    Yes, let me join the gang-up: Madonna would offend those who will only remind her that she’s offensive, but she’ll tiptoe around those who might kill someone.
    Now, being a bit fair, she should steer clear of this particular provocation. A bombing of one of her concerts might kill some valuable people along with the idiots that attend. And even the idiots shouldn’t be at risk of their lives.

  • Kathteach

    Typical artistic cowardice. Boy, Islam sure has a lot of people sufficiently scared. Didn’t we say after 9/11/2011 that we wouldn’t let them win the battle of terror?

    Well, they have. South Park will re-run “Bloody Mary” where they blaspheme the Virgin Mary….David Leno and Letterman can ridicule the Catholic faith on a nightly basis ….taxpayer money can be used to fund museums who exhibit the “Piss Christ” blasphemy (in NYC right now!) but nobody can even begin to mock the Religion of War – Islam.

    I’d say they are winning.

  • Kathteach

    Of course I meant September 11, 2001. Sorry for typo above.

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  • MVH

    What, she’s too cowardly to wear a potato sack over her head and body?

  • Dave

    Tsk.Tsk Madonna! It’s too Dangerous, Huh!? How’s come you are afraid of the Muslim faith….Don’t you know it’s the Religion of Peace. You are a Joke!

  • Bronson

    Fading disgusting empty wrinkling vapid empty woman is also a coward


  • owl

    Almost too funny if not so serious.

    These are the in-your-face pink vagina costumes.

    Spit on everyone and most religion but too CHICKEN livered to stand against women slavery being practiced by one.

    This is the test to prove their politics are fake truths. CHICKEN-livered women rights groups when it comes to real women slavery. Material girl not stupid.

  • Saffie

    Get back in your burka Madonna! We are sick of you belittling Chirstianity whenever you want attention. You are not brave or innovative! You are a hypocrite coward! You ONLY attack PEACE-LOVING tolerant religions that will not fight back. You have gotten old and irrelevant and you stink of desperation. And please stop flashing your naked body. No one wants to see their Grandmother’s breasts. No one.

  • noway

    can we just get this woman off stage? ty