During a Fox News’ interview today between Shepard Smith and Obama campaign surrogate General Wesley Clark, some loser with press credentials decided to have a little fun. The loon flipped the bird at the hundreds of thousands of viewers at home.




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  1. As a second-grader might retort – flashing his IQ eh?

  2. Age, I.Q or number of parents?

  3. Right back atcha, pal.

  4. The left has ganged up on and beaten a man over a sign, praised cop killers, and made a vulgar gesture on national tv.. THIS IS WHO THEY ARE.

    Just wait until Nov 7 when the real rampages begin. I won’t be sending my son to the liberal school district I live in because it will be hell. They have as much as promised such.

  5. If they are behaving this way, it’s because they are losing! Good news. I will be staying close to home for all of November, though.

  6. Stay classy libtard media.

  7. Anyone remember in 2008 when Obama flipped McCain just like that?

    By the way, my Fox cable channel is too much static to watch. The other cable news channels are clear as a bell. Anyone else having that problem?

  8. Your hat’s on backwards, fag. Say, loser…what is your mom making you for dinner tonight?

  9. Anyone remember in 2008 when Obama flipped McCain just like that?


  10. Did the bamster do that to Hillary during a debate as well?

  11. OWS pukester.

  12. Hard to believe Clark was first in his class at West Point. Just like the education of Jimmah Catah at Annapolis, taxpayer money wasted.

  13. I’ve seen Obama flip one with more discretion. The guy could use a little more finesse.

  14. Our country has become a bunch of low life muts when the PRESS will flip the bird at Americans during an election debate and no one interrupted the broadcast to shine a national light on his deed. The employee should have properly been escorted out of the area to be fired. My daughter works for the press and must sit through filming of what she deems nauseating footage of droning Democratic parrots but she has something called CIVILITY and allows them to speak their minds witout her bias toward them.

  15. As was the case in 1938, people who are members of the ruling party get away with things that non-members would be hammered for. This guy is obviously an Obama supporter so absolutely nothing will become of this incident. In fact, I suspect he’ll quietly receive a promotion and a bonus.

    Now if that was a Tea Party member who flipped the bird to MSNBC cameras, they would’ve stopped the interview and started filming him being tackled and pummelled by their leftist staff members, to teach him a lesson and to send a message that such behavior simply will not be tolerated. Then, it would be all over the nightly news for weeks about the uncivilized those rightwing nutcases are.

    If Obama wins this election, and I have no reason to believe that he won’t win because the fix is in, the very next morning I’m going to be wearing an Obama Lapel Pin so they’ll think that I’m one of them for the next 4 years.

  16. I don’t see and ID of this bozo on twitter yet. #BirdMan


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