Loon Daryl Hannah Arrested at Keystone Pipeline Protest (Video)

Actress Daryl Hannah was arrested yesterday at a Keystone Pipeline protest in Texas.

Hannah was standing in front of an excavator when she was arrested.
Reuters reported:

Actress Daryl Hannah was arrested in Texas on Thursday after she stood in front of an earth-moving machine clearing ground for the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, her representative said.

The protest took place outside Winnsboro, Texas, about 80 miles east of Dallas, said Hannah’s agent, Paul Bassis.

Hannah, 51, a longtime environmental activist, was arrested last year outside the White House in another protest against the pipeline. The Keystone XL pipeline, a project of TransCanada Corp, would ship more than half a million barrels a day of oil sands-derived crude to the Texas Gulf Coast from Canada.

On Thursday, Hannah stood in front of an excavator being used to clear trees and brush in order to build the pipeline, Bassis said. Joining her was the site’s property owner, Eleanor Fairchild, 78, whose land was taken by eminent domain for the project, he said.

“Ms. Hannah and Ms. Fairchild were defending Ms. Fairchild’s property from eminent domain abuse by TransCanada,” Bassis said.

A spokeswoman for the Wood County Sheriff’s Office said no officials were available to discuss the incident.

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    And immediately after posting bond for protesting those totally evil oil companies and their despicable pipelines, Ms. Hannah drove to the airport in her 5.8 liter V8 Suburban SUV and, after her private jet’s fuel tanks had been filled with 5000 gallons of jet fuel, her private pilot flew her back to her 10,000 square foot home in Beverly Hills, so she could relax in her hot tub.

  • http://unitedconservatives.blogspot.com/ Cargosquid

    Joining her was the site’s property owner, Eleanor Fairchild, 78, whose land was taken by eminent domain for the project, he said.

    This part, right there, makes me support Hannah. EMINENT DOMAIN and given to a private company? That’s BS.

    Just like the KELO decision.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    There’s nothing “taken” by Eminent Domain. The State is required to give you fair market value for your property based upon a plurality of objective assessments.

    You can’t have one single land owner holding up a multi-billion dollar public works project (like an interstate highway, for example, or this pipeline) simply because they have an axe to grind and are trying to block the project by refusing to sell land.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Since Ms. Hannah is a wacko card-carrying Dem Party Member, the charges will be quietly dropped. After all… her intentions were good.

  • ClinkinKY

    When your last “hit” was portraying a mermaid opposite Tom Hanks 28 years ago, you have to do something to get your name out there:)

  • bigL

    “…in her SOLAR-powered hot tub”

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    bigL, nice touch.

  • dw dude

    ms Hanna is a proponent of biofuels, for which I give her credit, mainly because we should be promoting all choices of energy. that being said, throwing her celebrity behind a landowner that is not selling the land in protest is attempting to disallow the rest of us to freely make our owned informed choices. for that, she is not principled, she is a zealot.

  • jonnot

    I guess this just proves that when Hanna was dating JFK Jr. and we were told–and shown photographs/video–that he was knocking her around, that he obviously didn’t strike hard enough to “knock” any sense into her.

  • http://reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.ca Reaganite Republican

    She used to be hot, but now is not

    But nobody ever accused her of being smart

  • MoreLiberty

    You people call yourselves conservatives? This, to me, was about private property rights – something this country was founded on. The government took this land against the wishes of the private individual. Just because they give her money doesn’t make it right. It’s wrong when the government takes land/property and gives it to someone else. It was wrong in the Kelo case and its wrong here. Many if you people are just as tyranical as progressives.

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  • http://unitedconservatives.blogspot.com/ Cargosquid

    This pipeline is a PRIVATE enterprise.
    Eminent domain is for PUBLIC use.

    And if a private person refuses to sell… Too bad.

  • retire05

    #12,MoreLiberty, I suggest there is more to this story than being reported.

    After Kelo, the Texas Legislature enacted the strongest land owner rights in the United States. If I post my land (put NO Trespassing sign up) I can shoot you if you come on my land without my permission.

  • Moreliberty

    @ Retire05

    I’m aware of the Texas law. After escaping from California in 2008 i came back to Texas, I’m also a CHL holder. My point here, regardless about the idiot actress, is we should support private property rights as conservatives. It’s called having principle. Additionally, you might want to check up on the NAFTA super highway and all of the land grabs performed by Gov Perry.



    “Hannah, 51, a longtime environmental activist” SHOULD READ: Hannah, 51, a longtime HAS BEEN Actress, desperate for “just 15 more minutes of fame”, has released a DECADES OLD PHOTO OF HERSELF to add to the Al Gore monument for Hollywood’s stupidity and immorality.

  • SKay

    “This part, right there, makes me support Hannah. EMINENT DOMAIN and given to a private company? That’s BS.

    Just like the KELO decision.”

    Apparently the KELO decision is why they are able to do it. Many states passed laws that are supposed to prevent this–but I wonder if they will be strong enough. KELO needs to be overturned. It was a bad decision.
    Building the pipeline is important–and I back that–but so is ownership of private property.

    If Obama wins a second term– if you consider his ideology–the ownership of private property may be his next target.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    My point is that Ms. Hannah’s lifestyle has an oil-based energy consumption “footprint” that is larger than an entire inner-city neighborhood.

    To prove she’s not a total hypocrit, I suggest she go live in a tent in the Alaskan wilderness somewhere (like where large Kodiak bears roam around looking for food) and STFU.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    #14 October 5, 2012 at 8:22 am

    Unfortunately, the Supreme Court disagrees with you.