Israeli police patrol the Red Sea resort of Eilat (AFP/, Jack Guez)

Israeli forces shot dead an American who opened fire in a hotel lobby packed with tourists.
Reuters reported:

Israeli forces shot dead an American man who opened fire in a seaside hotel packed with tourists on Friday, killing one person.

Police and military troops swiftly surrounded the hotel in the Red Sea resort city of Eilat after the man – a former employee of the hotel – “grabbed a weapon from a security guard and shot a hotel worker,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

The man barricaded himself in the hotel kitchen, shooting back at law enforcement officers. He was shot dead by members of a military counter-terrorism squad, a military source said.

An Israeli hotel guest, Aviram Sela, said he tried to wrestle the gunman to the ground before he started shooting, as terrified tourists dived for cover behind a sofa in the hotel lobby.

“We saw him beating the guard and grab his weapon and the magazine,” Sela told Israeli television, adding that the gunman then took aim at a member of his family.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Army Radio the incident “appears to be an internal dispute”.

Eilat, on the border with Egypt and Jordan, has been a target of militant attacks in the past.




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  1. an “American”? how do I know where this story will wind up?

  2. So what is his name? jerry johnson aka mohammed X?

  3. Dollar to a donut he’s an Arab transplant who is a naturalized American who had no intention of assimilating in this culture. I’ve learned to check the name of perpetrators or victims that are referred to as “American” citizens. Most of the time they’re from some Islamic country.

  4. Why isn’t the gunman’s name released in this “news” article?
    That’s confirmation of everything we suspect.
    We know how they think they can play us.

  5. #6 , i was thinking the same thing ,until i read the story over at Jerusalem Post ,seems the 23 was Jew from New York participating internship program that brings jews together from all across the world…..

  6. I got money that say his name is Mohamed..

  7. I’ll take that bet robins111. JPost is usually much better with facts than NYTimes or WaPo.

    “The 23-year-old shooter from New York, identified as William Hershkovitz, was in Israel as a part of the Israel Way program supported by the Jewish Agency, that brings Jews from around the world for volunteer work, study and internship.”

  8. Zionism must be crushed.

  9. ++


    October 5, 2012

    Taken To School

    [What happened last night is the reason Obama will not meet with
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–it’s because the Prime
    Minister “schooled” him publicly. Netanyahu spoke truth and facts
    and did not waver; in short, he confronted Obama’s penchant for
    saying a lot of nothing as just that.


  10. #2, #6 just click on the article and read it. The name of the assailant is included. You may be surprised.

    There will be more to this story.

  11. Unfortunate story, although the all-too-predictable comments from the brain trust here lightened my mood. Every time there is an act of violence somewhere, the folks here predict that the perpetrator was an Arab/Muslim, and nearly every time, they are wrong.


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