Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri also threatened the United State. (Press TV)

Zionist Entity to Die as Soon as It Fires First Bullet at Iran

Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri promised a “swift death” to Israel if Iran is attacked.
Press TV reported:

A senior commander of Iran’s Armed Forces says the Israeli regime will spell its own “swift death” by firing the first shot at Iran.

“The [Israeli] regime occupying al-Quds (Jerusalem) not only lacks the capability to make a military move against the Islamic Republic, but is also well aware that it will spell its own swift death by firing the first shot [at Iran],” Deputy Chairman of Iranian Armed Forces’ Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said Monday.

He also said that the occupied lands as well as the ‘illegitimate US interests’ in the region are all within the reach of Iranian missiles.

Jazayeri stressed that Iran will never initiate a war, but added that any aggression against the country will meet the Islamic Republic’s “resolute and extensive” response.

Israel has recently stepped up threats of carrying out a strike against Iran’s nuclear energy facilities.




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  1. Sticks and stones.

  2. Kats that powerfull huh?

  3. Yawn! Can you say 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 baby!

  4. Don’t worry General. Persia’s date with the God of Israel will come.

    You won’t like it.

  5. Wow, what an ugly man. Yikes.
    Blah blah blah.

  6. Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense commented:

    Yawn! Can you say 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 baby!

    There is one huge difference. All other times that the entire Arab world has tried to overrun Israel, the only trained military has been the Jordan Legion. The rest of them have been a bunch of illiterate peasant fedayeen. This time is different. The United States military has been training most of them and providing most of them with military hardware since the 80s.

  7. Granny, nothing that an instant 3 million degrees can’t take care of.

  8. TeamObama responds:
    “Those Iranians, such a sense of humor”

  9. #7 Granny

    Unfortunately, for them, they won’t be going up against the ‘Zionists’.

    They’ll be going up against the God who established Zion.

    Quite a different state of affairs. If the American military itself went up against the God of Israel, well, let me just say my money would be on the God of Israel.

  10. A senior commander of Iran’s Armed Forces says the Israeli regime will spell its own “swift death” by firing the first shot at Iran.

    Cashing that check is going to be a rather difficult undertaking.

  11. This guy is Bagdad Bob’s cousin, no? What a charming spokesman for Mr. Member’s only, Akmadinejihad.

  12. somehow i don’t think this man will live to see it…magnet bomb on the side of his car from a passing motorcycle in his future.

  13. what else can he say… *yawn*

  14. #7 granny, we’ve embargoed spare parts for the Iranians’ equipment since decades ago. So how is it that they are getting fresh equipment from us? From the frogs… probably. From the krauts… probably. As for the rest of them, they have little tiny air wings of a couple dozen aircraft and the ones we sell them have inferior electronics to our current combat versions. We don’t sell them M1A2 Abrahms tanks or stealth and stragetic bombers.

    We saw during the various recent desert wars just how effective the arabs are at modern warfare – not very. The IDF is highly trained and well equiped and their tanks can take down T72s just as fast as we can. In addition the IDF trains their warriors the way we do – improvise, adapt, overcome. The arabs are trained like the Russians – follow orders. Running a battle by micromanaging the units works as well as it does for the economy.

    I would expect the casualties to be higher this time due to more efficient armaments. The arabs proved that in the last conflict. However, I think the IDF has taken its lessons learned and turned it into effective strategies and tactics. The arabs, not so much.

  15. Call his bluff, Bibi. These generals are just like the Chinese generals-only the Chinese ones want any excuse to declare war on us!

  16. This dude sounds like he’s channeling Baghdad Bob……….

    That worked out well……keep talking dude….Mossad will be right with you…….

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