Hurricane Sandy to Cost $40 Billion… Or, About Half as Much as Obama Blew on Green Energy Boondoggles

It’s going to cost billions.

Hurricane Sandy was so devastating it will cost American taxpayers about half as much as Barack Obama blew on his green energy boondoggles.

The devastation of Hurricane Sandy may cost from $30 billion to $50 billion.
The Huffington Post reported:

On Tuesday, one estimate from IHS Global Insight put total costs at somewhere between $30 billion and $50 billion, including $20 billion in infrastructure damages. Hurricane Irene, which struck the Northeast in August of 2011, cost about $13 billion in economic damages, according to data compiled by Moody’s Analytics.

As high as the numbers seem, economists say the overall impact on the economy will be minor — some costs from the hurricane will be paid by insurers, and others will be offset with rebuilding and recovery efforts.

The cost of the historic hurricane is about one-half as much as Barack Obama blew on green energy boondoggles in one year.
In 2009 Barack Obama blew $90 billion on green energy projects.
Green Tech Energy reported:

The Department of Energy has already given out nearly $17 billion in stimulus package funding, and that’s set to nearly double by year’s end, said Matt Rogers, the senior advisor to Energy Secretary Steven Chu who’s in charge of keeping track of those billions of dollars.

Eager would-be recipients should stay tuned, as “we’ve got a very exciting fall,” he said Tuesday at the Renewable Energy Finance Forum-WEST conference in San Francisco.

Still, some DOE stimulus funding sources are flowing faster than others, as was noted by observers of the slow progress for a $6 billion DOE loan guarantee program for clean energy generation and transmission projects.

With a host of upcoming announcements, the DOE should boost its stimulus handouts to nearly $30 billion in the coming months, Rogers said. That’s out of about $90 billion the department has responsibility for giving out under the stimulus package signed into law in February.

So far 34 companies that were offered federal support from taxpayers are faltering — either having gone bankrupt or laying off workers or heading for bankruptcy.

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  • What is amazing is the Global Warming crowd pointing to Sandy as proof.

    Well, if Global Warming means less major hurricanes, then I guess it is Global Warming.

    2012 produced one major hurricane, and it was Sandy. The last time there was only one major hurricane was 1997.

    Everything in a WarmestNut’s mind points to Global Warming. From more snow to more ice caps. Now we can add in less major hurricanes.

  • Bubba

    One week to go. One week until what will be the most unbelievably entertaining night in television history…hopefully. Will anything come close? Will anything come close to touching the comedy GOLD of watching MSNBC on election night as Romney blasts to a surprisingly easy victory of Obama?

    I don’t think so. The disgust, shock, sadness and inability to grasp what they are watching unfold will be the icing on the cake of flushing that four coiler down the WH toilet.

    It’ll be gut busting fun watching them report the riots on the south side as the expected repeat of Obama’s victory speech crashes and burn. Who will be the loudest and most forceful in blaming Romney for the rioting? Can’t wait to see it all ufold.

  • Oliver

    And speaking of boondoggles:

    Obama Pays Off Chicago and County $100 Million a Year Federal Waiver

    In the best Chicago-style politics, the White House quietly awarded Cook County a $100,000 per year pay off via new Medicaid “waivers.”

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  • Averagemelon

    It’s been a long, four years hasn’t it folks?

    I had never been remotely interested in politics until the election of 2008 and now I’m a self-professed junkie. I remember the first foolish things our president did when he hit the White House and how many of us groaned. I remember Glenn Beck calling for support from us for the new president. I was one of those Americans that woke up.

    As the election night draws near, I find myself in a kind of euphoric state of mind. On November 6th, (after I’ve voted) I am going to enjoy a bucket of my favorite popcorn smothered in real melted butter and sea salt and a few of the richest amber-colored cold ones. I’m going to enjoy them with a kind of pleasure that rivals orgasm as I watch the numbers come in. We’re going to put the Teleprompter King and his minions through the final shredder. Four years we have endured for this moment. Now, I finally understand what old Tingles meant.

  • cecil dildine

    Aaaaaaaaaaghhhhh!!!!!! “Costs to be borne by insurers” From whom do they think insurance premiums are paid? RATE PAYERS….US….the INSURED…..the bastardization of our language (a lib past time) has taken insurance (pooled risk) and made it into a direct payment for what ever feels good (e.g. an annual mammogram) This is how we got to the point where people expect “evil insurance companies” to cover UNINSURABLE events….and then complain when the actuaries add real cost into the premium….oh well we get what we deserve

  • Oliver

    #6 Cecil – silly man, insurance companies get their money from the Money Fairy, who also pays for “FREE” medical coverage, “FREE” cell phones, “FREE” housing, etc. So of course they’re evil when they’re not willing to redistribute all that FREE money from the Money Fairy! /s

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  • donh

    Now you know why Obama is suddenly overnight such a great guy in the eye’s of Chris Christie…Amazing how quickly buddy buddy Christie gets with Obama when it gets you a 30 billion dollar FEMA check…. I know ..that’s politics…snookie needs a new home…you gotta do what you gotta do get some relief…but what a suck up.
    This isn’t the end of the world . Summer beach season is already closed so its not hitting the tourist economy for some time. A lot of the damage is amusement parks, beach erosion, board walks, and Christie’s favorite ice cream stand where he got into this fight….>

  • Sasja
  • Monkey Wrench


    A great deal of the damage will be considered as flood damage. Very few private insurers offer flood insurance. It’s too hard to spread the risk premiums, since the risk of flooding is not spread evenly. Since very, very few private insurers offer it, most flood insurance is purchased from the Federal Government.

    This is simply not an area that the private insurance companies want to get involved in. They can’t make money.

  • dwd

    To reverse the title, we could have paid for TWO Hurricane Sandys with what Obama has flushed down the toilet on green energy failures.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    It’s going to cost billions.

    No problem. Helicopter Ben will simply print more money.

  • They will force insurance companies to allow homeowners to by Hurricane Insurance. Also, they will force insurance companies to cover aborted houses.

    I hear Obama and the dems will come out Friday and proclaim Sandy created or saved 1,000,000 jobs and change the unemployment figures to add the cleanup jobs and construction jobs that will be added.

  • Need the edit button to fix my by to buy.

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  • Patty

    Earlier today I told a friend that Obama blew through that much in green.

    And sure enough here is another person or two or three, who thought the exact same thing.

  • Patty

    Obama has blown through a few Trillion or Two. Or nearly six.

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  • Danielle


    There are a lot more lost than summer homes. Long ISLAND. Staten ISLAND. Manhattan ISLAND. Islands are urrounded by water. These islands are places where real live human beings live and work. Water made it MILES to homes that will not BE covered by insurance. Flood damage is NOT covered. People died, cannot return to their homes, schools are closed. In Manhattan and the boroughs, there is little to no public transportation. No Chemo for some, no food for others due to not being able to get around.

    You have to be some deluded ignoramuses to believe that we are not experiencing a major climate change, maybe not caused by…but hastened by us humans….

    Get with program. Most of you sound like a bunch of in-human haters of humanity. Funny thing how so many of you use Religion in your anti-liberal, anti-Obama, anti-democrat sentiment. “Liberal,” love thy neighbor policy is as christian as it comes, no matter what you call it.

  • It’s clever how you dismiss climate change, but if you’re wrong we’re all screwed.

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