HILLARY GIGGLES AT REPORTERS – Still Not Sure What to Call the Terrorist Attack (Video)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a press conference this morning and addressed the Benghazi Consulate attack and cover-up. The Secretary of State would not call the massacre a terrorist attack despite the fact that top officials at the State Department knew a Libyan terror group took credit for the attack two hours after the consulate was penetrated on 9-11. An email sent from Benghazi to top officials at the State Department, Pentagon and White House identified the terror group at 6:07 PM EST on 9-11.

Hillary refuses to take responsibility but the leaked emails went to the top officials at the State Department.

Hillary still will not call the planned attack and massacre a terrorist attack.
Hillary says, “Posting something on Facebook is not in and of itself evidence.”

Hillary must go.

An email sent at 6:07 PM EST on 9-11 blamed Al-Qaeda linked group Ansar al-Sharia for the attack on the US consulate. This was before the lifeless body of Ambassador Stevens was dragged from the consulate ruins.

The State Department blamed an obscure YouTube video for the Benghazi attack for weeks.

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  • billygoatpuke

    Confessions are not evidence? Since when?

  • Cheryl in CA

    …it depend on what “is not in and of itself evidence” means….

  • vonvervengarten

    So she doesn’t want to run in 2016?

    I guess it’s just a coincidence that the Facebook and twitter postings detailing the attack in real time, were just a random shot in the dark.

    Bye Hillary.

  • pink tie Republican

    Hillary! will be squeezed under the bus by Choomboi, along with Billy.

  • Granny

    Hillary should have been smart enough to continue to keep her mouth shut rather than reinsert herself. She’s only given Obama more opportunity to slither out from under any blame like a snake, pointing the whole time straight at Hillary.

  • mg4us

    Hillary says, “Posting something on Facebook IS not in and of itself evidence.”

    Depends on the definition of “IS” according to Bill!

    She Also should not be laughing or smirky. . .America will have last laugh, especially if she and Obama are booted out of office and/or tried for TREASON!

  • vonvervengarten

    Watch Hillary in the video. Then go to any random website that discusses facial/eye behaviour when lying, then come back and rewatch Hillary.


  • Larse

    I used to respect her and want her for President. I am so disappointed in her. I am finished with the Clintons. And then she has the nerve to smile. What is wrong with that White House and Administration?

  • Joisey

    OK. So, we have no evidence of the terrorists attacking since we can’t rely upon the evidence that exists. Got it.

    Now, can someone please detail for me the “evidence” that existed about the “crowd of protestors” and the “spontaneous” reaction of it to the video? Perhaps it was an Op Ed in the NY Times?

    Yup, their lips are moving so they must be lying.

  • cozy

    Hillary still will not call the planned attack and massacre a terrorist attack.
    Hillary says, “Posting something on Facebook is not in and of itself evidence.”

    But, I guess posting a video on YouTube is… where are the young Woodward and Bernstein of today… shameful press…

  • Amash

    Good thing she’s not interested in the presidency. She will be called exactly what she is: liar. She has contributes to this cove up from the very beginning.

  • vonvervengarten

    Hillary, as a woman, how does it feel to relinquish the dreams and aspirations you held to be president to a man that is not successful enough to get re elected. Is it worth it?

    Is this expected of Democrat women, to sacrifice for the men?

  • Art Ewing

    All liberals are lairs, does anyone really expect the truth from scum like her.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Hillary must go.

    I say leave her there.

    The more hits that members of Obie’s administration take for misdeeds, missteps, and general incompetence of not only their own but the administration as a whole, the less likely any of them will have any success later if they have aspirations to higher political offices.

    If there was any justice in this world, every single one of Obie’s flunkies would be penniless and panhandling out on the streets of New York by the end of 2013.

  • Zip

    They knew. They watched.
    Keywords: BOXCARS, SHACKLES & MODERN GUILLOTINE another ‘giggle’ story.

  • Dog lover

    #8 Larse…

    What is wrong with anyone who would/will still SUPPORT this administration, or the lying goons on that side????

    Biblically speaking…evil roams this earth, looking for whom it can devour…it is OUR job to FIGHT iT!

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    hillary like obama is not incompetent, everything that has happened during her tenure at the state dept. has been a deliberate strategy to take down this country. she has worked for the destruction of america as we know it like a master alinskyite.

  • Lars

    “Superb performance” says Alfred E. Nuemann….”Complete dominance of the facts” says Thomas E. Friedmann…..” Better acting than Hollywood” says CIA.

  • Buffalobob

    She also went on to say “Bill did not have sex with that woman” Monica.

  • mg4us

    #17 Tommy

    I agree . . .Wonder where all the money the Clintons got comes from. .
    bet it is not from “fellow Americans”

    They have been bought and putting their greed ahead of duty to Country.