CHAVEZ WINS RE-ELECTION – Red Marxist Beats Capriles by One Million Votes

FINAL UPDATE: Chavez wins re-election.
Chavez wins by over one million votes.

Hugo Chávez Frías 54.42%

Henrique Capriles Radonzky 44.97%

You know the saying…
It’s easy to vote a Marxist into office. It’s harder to vote him out.

* * * * *

Venezuelans lined up for hours in searing tropical heat on Sunday to vote in the biggest electoral test yet to President Hugo Chavez’s socialist rule.

Venezuela’s opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles waves to supporters after he voted in the presidential election pitting him against President Hugo Chavez, in Caracas October 7, 2012. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez faces the toughest election of his 14-year rule on Sunday in a vote pitting his charisma and oil-financed largesse against fresh-faced challenger Henrique Capriles’ promise of jobs, safer streets and an end to cronyism. (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views says the opposition is voting en masse.

Venezuelan residents in the United States traveled in planes, buses, cars and even convoys to take part in the presidential election.

UPDATE: Univision exit polling has Capriles with a 3 point lead.

UPDATE: Here’s video of Hugo Chavez dancing in the rain at his last rally before the election.

Hat Tip Billy

UPDATE: Daniel at Venezuela News and Views says the high turnout favors Chavez.

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  • Patty
  • Nosmo

    If HugeO loses…do you think Castro will let him return to Cuba for future cancer trearments?

  • Patty

    Venezuela presidential vote looks set for close finish (exit polls showing Chavez down)

  • Patty

    Obama is a lot like Chavez.

    Lockheed: Sure, we’ll keep our workers in the dark about layoffs

    These days, they’re pressuring companies to keep quiet about layoffs that will occur when sequestration kicks in, and Lockheed has buckled:

    Defense contractor Lockheed Martin heeded a request from the White House today – one with political overtones – and announced it will not issue layoff notices to thousands of employees just days before the November presidential election.

    Lockheed, one of the biggest employers in the key battleground state of Virginia, previously warned it would have to issue notices to employees, required by law, due to looming defense cuts set to begin to take effect after Jan. 2 because of the failure of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction – the so-called Super-committee, which was created to find a way to cut $1.5 trillion from the federal deficit over the next decade.

    The law requires any company with 100 or more employees to provide a 60-day warning ahead of planned layoffs. However, both the Department of Labor and OMB insisted that it didn’t apply to the sequestration issue, because no one really believes that Congress will allow the automatic cuts to go through. That can be said about other kinds of layoffs as well, including those that don’t hinge on the whim of elections and politicians.

    The kicker for Lockheed came when the Obama administration indemnified corporations for keeping workers in the dark:

    So the Office of Management and Budget went a step further in guidance issued late Friday afternoon. If an agency terminates or modifies a contract, and the contractor must close a plant or lay off workers en masse, the company could treat employee compensation costs for WARN Act liability, attorneys’ fees and other litigation costs as allowable costs to be covered by the contracting agency—so long as the contractor has followed a course of action consistent with the Labor Department’s guidance. The legal fees would be covered regardless of the outcome of the litigation, according to the OMB guidance issued by Daniel Werfel, controller of the Office of Federal Financial Management, and Joseph Jordan, the Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy. READ MORE HERE

  • Patty

    Encouraging News for Our Next President!!

    Princeton Economist: Romney Tax Plan Mathematically Sound

  • Patty


    Well, this is sad for the Garage sales and Yard sale groups!!

    Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril
    It could become illegal to resell your iPhone 4, car or family antiques

    Tucked into the U.S. Supreme Court’s agenda this fall is a little-known case that could upend your ability to resell everything from your grandmother’s antique furniture to your iPhone 4.

    At issue in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons is the first-sale doctrine in copyright law, which allows you to buy and then sell things like electronics, books, artwork and furniture, as well as CDs and DVDs, without getting permission from the copyright holder of those products.
    Enlarge Image
    A Supreme Court case could limit the resale of goods made overseas but sold in America.

    Under the doctrine, which the Supreme Court has recognized since 1908, you can resell your stuff without worry because the copyright holder only had control over the first sale.

    Put simply, though Apple Inc. AAPL -2.13% has the copyright on the iPhone and Mark Owen has it on the book “No Easy Day,” you can still sell your copies to whomever you please whenever you want without retribution.

    That’s being challenged now for products that are made abroad, and if the Supreme Court upholds an appellate court ruling, it would mean that the copyright holders of anything you own that has been made in China, Japan or Europe, for example, would have to give you permission to sell it.

    “It means that it’s harder for consumers to buy used products and harder for them to sell them,” said Jonathan Band, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center, who filed a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of the American Library Association, the Association of College and Research Libraries and the Association for Research Libraries. “This has huge consumer impact on all consumer groups.”

    Another likely result is that it would hit you financially because the copyright holder would now want a piece of that sale.

    It could be your personal electronic devices or the family jewels that have been passed down from your great-grandparents who immigrated from Spain. It could be a book that was written by an American writer but printed and bound overseas, or an Italian painter’s artwork. READ ON AT SITE.

  • Patty

    Report: Exit polls show Hugo Chavez lost Venezuelan election
    Surveys outside polling places show opposition candidate Henrique Capriles with 51.3 percent

    Read more:

  • Bill Mitchell

    Wow, Obama down to 62.5 on Intrade. That’s almost 5 points just today. Could this be due to the rumors the HUGE donor scandal is breaking tomorrow?

  • Patty

    Sean Penn will have to be hospitalized if Chavez and the Dear Leader lose. He will absolutely lose it. lol!

  • Patty

    #3 October 7, 2012 at 8:04 pm
    Bill Mitchell commented:

    We can only hope!

  • Patty View this

    “I hope this doesn’t hurt Obama,” Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on state television over the weekend, acknowledging that with elections coming up in the US, his words could be jumped upon by the Republicans. “But if I was from the US, I’d vote for him.”

    Those words may haunt the US president in the coming days, though Chavez’s foreknowledge of this is more interesting than the throwaway rhetoric.

    Chavez is a populist of rock-star proportions, floating with his ideology atop the world’s largest oil reserves, and it is ultimately that oil wealth that’s made him such an important global power.

    Facing his toughest elections yet on Sunday, Oct. 7, Chavez may well be on his way out after 13 years at the helm of all that oil. But even if he does win, as opinion polls have predicted, is Chavez still as relevant as he believes in a Latin America that’s moving on and to a US government that is far from the policies of former presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush?[……………….]

    A loss for Chavez has the potential to plunge Cuba back to the so-called Special Period following the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the island suffered a chronic economic crisis as Havana was no longer able to offset the US embargo. The economy contracted 35 percent between 1989 and 1993, and oil imports decreased nearly 90 percent in that same period. The Cuban people suffered food shortages, some losing up to a quarter of their body weight.

    However, Havana is this time somewhat more prepared, especially as President Raul Castro has begun to open up the economy slightly. Oil investment from China and other projects show that the government there is willing to diversify, as are many across the region.[……………]

    Washington’s relationship with Caracas has been a tough on ever since Chavez came to power in 1999, though it has peaked and troughed. The trough took place in 2006 when Chavez called then US President George W. Bush the “devil” as he stood at the United Nations lectern. Today, the relationship is at a slight peak given Chavez’s seeming olive branch to Obama over the weekend.

    But olive branches and rhetoric do nothing to cloud the fundamental issue. “The US and Venezuela are in a deadlock,” said Roett. “He needs our money. We need his oil … All the anti-imperialist rhetoric means nothing. Chavez has no other guaranteed source of income. Unfortunately the US needs his oil.”

    The loss of the loudest voice in Latin America against Washington could improve relations in the entire region. “The tone of US-Latin America relations would be decidedly less strident and confrontational,” said Shifter. “This is not to say that relations would suddenly become harmonious, far from it. But for the last 14 years Chavez’s voice has been the loudest and most disruptive, and he has aggressively sought adherents to his cause. Without him in power, the temperature would presumably drop.”

  • Oliver

    Sean Penn’s dad was one of the Hollywood types targeted by Joe McCarthy as a communist sympathizer in the 1950s.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Opaobie

    Meanwhile, only a heartbeat away from the U.S. Presidency, Joe Biden takes SIX DAYS OFF from campaigning to prepare for his debate with Pumped-up Paul Ryan.

    “C’mon, toss me that nuclear Football!

  • bigL

    is this a venezuela thread or a WARN therad?

  • Opaobie

    Venezuelan WARNing thread.

  • Whistleblower

    Help spread this story, it is a problem for Obama and his pals.

    As Obama’s cover story comes down, the curtain goes up on the USAO’s cover-up of J.J., Jr.’s role in the Blago story

  • GotFreedom
  • Opaobie

    AP reporting that Chavez won. I’m sure Jimmah Cahtahr will “validate” the results.

  • db

    The AP is now reporting:

    “Venezuela’s electoral council says President Hugo Chavez has won re-election…”.

  • Look-Out

    Chavez declared winner though it looked like he’d lose…what we’ll see in a few weeks? BHO’s in trouble even in Illinois. But the Dems can cheat with the best of them:

    Now comes a new poll from WeAskAmerica that finds Obama with just a 2-point lead over Romney, 47-45, in a suburban Chicago congressional district that Obama won in 2008 by 23 points.

    Illinois’ 10th Congressional District, which includes parts of Cook County, is an affluent district chock full of the same independent voters that will decide the presidential contest nationally. In 2008, Obama won 61% of the vote there. Al Gore and John Kerry comfortably carried the district in 200 and 2004 respectively.

    “For Mr. Obama to be in a statistical tie in an area that he won by around 20 points in 2008 truly reveals the failure of his presidency,” said Illinois-based political consultant Paul Miller. “The economy is undoubtedly the key factor, but in suburbs with a large Jewish population, his treatment of Israel is also taking its toll.”

    Read More At IBD: