Hah-Hah!… Obama Camp Blames John Kerry For Debate Loss (Video)

Too funny.
Team Obama blamed Lurch for the embarrassing debate loss in front of 67 million Americans on Wednesday night.
CBS reported:

Alex Marlow at Breitbart has the transcript:

Norah O’Donnell: “Some Democrats say [Obama’s] campaign needs a wake-up call. Bill Plante is here with that part of the story. Bill, you’ve been talking to your sources; what are they saying?

Correspondent Bill Plante: “Well Norah, they’re simply upset and really outraged. They blame the President’s team, first of all, for not preparing him to meet the challenge of an aggressive Mitt Romney. They say that nobody in the room challenged him, including the guy that he was debating with, John Kerry, because, as they say, he wants to be Secretary of State so he’s not going to get in the President’s face. And Presidents are used to deference; they’re not used to people challenging them like that. So they think that the debate prep was terrible, but they also fault the President himself for not understanding that Romney was going to be more aggressive.”

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  • tom63010

    How in the world could Paul Ryan make VP Joe Biden seem out of touch? Tongue firmly planted in cheek.

  • susanm


  • jony101

    at least lurch is man enough to admit he made a mistake in not helping obama more. He will throw himself under the bus to save obama the trouble of throwing him under the bus, he is one heck of a guy.

  • Alana


  • Granny

    Presidents are used to deference

    President Bush surely didn’t get any deference . . . .

  • Patty

    Liberals Blame Racism, Environmentalism for Obama’s Debate Loss

    Michael Moore


    For the past 2 days, the Right has been pounding their “Obama is an angry black man video.” Did this affect O, that he had to appear timid?


    or this: 2007 Daily Caller video of Obama praising Rev. Wright and in Obama style dialect.
    But the truth is:

    Obama’s losing debate performance may be more devastating to his re-election chances than most members of the chattering class realize. Here’s why.

    For the past few years, the Obama folks have been riding what they think is the political equivalent of famed Triple Crown winner Secretariat. Every move they have made and every word they have uttered has been filtered through that lens. And of course the sympathetic media has been complicit.

    The problem for Team Obama is that it was never true. Barack Obama was elected in 2008 in large part because of his personality — he was cool — and as a consequence of historical factors that no longer apply.

    Nor was Team Obama’s caricature of Mitt Romney as a weird, profoundly out-of-touch plutocrat accurate, as Romney proved Wednesday night.

    Once these realities dawn on the Obama folks — and I’m sure they are by now — the Obama campaign will fall apart. There will be a lot of second-guessing at their headquarters in Chicago. Staples will be used as projectiles. It’ll be ugly.

    As they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/10/04/why-obamas-weak-debate-performance-is-so-devastating-for-his-campaign/#ixzz28eQGXIwi

  • Patty

    But, so far no one as Blamed Bush for Obama’s poor performance.

  • Clafoutis

    I wish John Kerry would decide he’s not going to take this abuse.

    I wish he’d speak out — and reveal what REALLY happened trying to prep Bathhouse Barry for the debate.

    C’mon, John — grow a pair.

  • not a single one of them realize The One is nothing more than an empty suit. A con man. Not one of them realize there’s a very good reason his academic records are sealed. I cringe every time I hear someone say how “intelligent” Obama is.

    the best part is that all this time, his adoring media puppets thought they were helping by “protecting” him from tough questions. Turns out that may be his undoing. Gotta’ love the irony.

  • The best comment I read about this was that John Kerry was going to be sent back to Easter Island with all the other long faced Moai! Bwhahahahaha!

  • JenBee

    Always blaming everyone and everything for his own failings… Obama is a textbook pathological narcissist.

  • Patty

    Hilarious: Obama’s Friends Explain Why He Lost The Debate
    (Hint: It Might Involve Him Being Too Smart, Too Kind, Too High-Minded, and Too Cool)

    Mockery on Twitter, compiled by Twitchy.

    Here’s the original article.

    Here are the Top Ten reasons Obama lost the debate, per Obama’s friends, as sympathetically reported by The New Yorker:

    1. He’s Just Too Interested In Finding Common Ground and Rising Above Petty Disputes To Lower Himself To Being An Effective Debater.

    He did not go out of his way to defeat someone in argument; instead he tried, always with a certain decorous courtesy, to try to persuade, to reframe his interlocutor’s view, to signal his understanding while disagreeing. Obama became president of the law review—the first African-American to do so—but he won as a voice of conciliation. He avoided the Ames Moot Court Competition, where near contemporaries like Cass Sunstein, Deval Patrick, and Kathleen Sullivan made their names.

    When Obama avoids competition, it’s always because he could win — if he wanted to. But he’s too good for that.

    It’s never because he’s just not good at it.

    http://ace.mu.nu/archives/333564.php READ THE REST HERE.

  • Any normal person would be insulted if this number of excuses were made to cover their poor performance. It’s rather pathetic, but whatevs!

  • donh

    Blame LURCH ?……It was that Choom gang special blunt they passed around in Las Vegas….Obama could only remember the first couple steps of the Lurch Dance bending one knee and kicking the podium…… > http://youtu.be/Pr27Y1AddnQ

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  • Patty

    President Barack Obama will have to do some serious acting tonight.

    Obama returns to Hollywood for yet another star-studded fundraiser, but this time he’ll have to sell his minions on the notion that his disastrous debate performance Wednesday in Denver was a one-time only affair.

    President Barack Obama returns to Los Angeles Sunday for a star-bedecked celebrity concert and fundraising dinner. In the wake of his Denver debate troubles, however, the long scheduled visit has acquired another, equally urgent purpose—reassuring his Hollywood supporters that he’s fighting to win the race and he’s poised for a comeback in the next televised forum with former Gov. Mitt Romney….

    There’s also no doubt that the president’s Hollywood supporters were deeply shaken by his lackluster performance in this week’s debate with Republican nominee Romney….

    The cloud of anxious fallout from Denver has all but overshadowed what otherwise would be considered a particularly glittering and gala L.A. appearance for Obama. His Sunday evening will kick off with a concert at downtown L.A.’s Nokia Theater featuring Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Earth Wind and Fire, and Jon Bon Jovi. Presidential pal Clooney will make a special appearance to introduce Wonder. Afterward, Obama will head next door for a $25,000-per-plate dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s chic WP24.


  • Here’s the ad team Romney needs to run:

    you need to produce an ad ASAP along these lines:

    (clips of the lame excuses for Obama’s terrible debate performance)

    LEADERS CONFRONT THEIR ADVERSARIES HEAD ON, not a day later or two later.


  • RealMc

    True leaders seek and accept responsibility for their actions.

    This guy……. meh.

  • Bronson

    Rolling Stone will just a photoshopped cover of Biden with some hot young actress and nip that one right in the bud

  • pink tie Republican

    Roof hits are to blame.

  • bg


    seriously, how old is the president??

    oh yeah, that Norah O’Donnell is a “hater”..

    have fun watching her as she transfigures
    into Helen Thomas over the coming years..


  • Lay off Lurch, you disingenuous imbecile

  • Obama’s “Debate Coach” and Foreign Policy Expert…better not accept any “State Dinner” invitations from Obama the “dog lover”.

  • Ghost

    that excuse actually carries the ring of truth to me

    if debate prep presented the Narcissist Marxist with a true representation of what Romney would say, they might, might actually begin to see the sorry ass lameness of their own ideas and agenda

    Rush’s entire next day show was all about how they don’t understand us, don’t want to…

  • bg


    “remain low key”

    oh, like the fundraiser with Jay-Z ❓



  • anti-bho

    7.8% unemplyment, my a$$. Maybe in obama’s pollsters dreams.

    I hope this video will go viral.

    AFP Responds to September Jobs Report with Silence


  • Sandy

    Why doesn’t Obama blame the ones he really wants to blame — The American People? He did so much for us and we are ungrateful enough to want someone else as President. We are so baaaaad.

    Ok Obama have it your way. At the next debate jump up and down and act like a total lunatic and see how that plays with the public. Fact is Romney acts like a President and has the ability to become a good one. Kiss it goodbye baby — you just jumped the shark.

  • Sandy

    Obama never seems to run out of people to blame. If Roosevelt acted like this we would all be speaking German now.

  • why would anyone think the Obama gang would blame John Kerry.

    see my blog

  • Sarah

    Related to th debate, this short (less than one min) video is absolutely hysterical!!!! Well worth less than 60 seconds of your time. I guarantee it will give you a good laugh:
    (linked over at American Thinker)

  • Francesca

    Obama and his team are so quick to blame everyone else that soon, nobody on their side will want to help him. Who wants to be thrown under the bus trying to help a pitiful excuse for a president? Kerry had nothing to work with.

  • retired military

    Gee what would happen if Russia or China or NK or Iran decide to get into Obama’s face? WIll he fold up like the cheap suit he is?

    “after the election I will have more latitude” takes on a whole new meaning with the dems talking this way.

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  • bigL

    Maybe they will switch sides so Obama can get away with giving mitt the finger like he
    did to Hill and M’cain. He does it by rubbing his cheek and every schoolkid knows that trick. so the audience laughs and the oppoing ar throw of message as the look around.
    This is all Kabuki, All a distraction from Obama numbers and the gas,etc and the Exec orders and transforming our beauitful republic to a soviet-style eastern block collection of what? No tenth amendment any more…Maybe a collection of proto-gulags.

  • Sandy

    If The Republicans win big the Dem Party will form a circular firing squad with everyone blaming everyone else for the loss. The conclusion they will finally come to is that Obama really did win after all but Romney and The Republican Party have conspired to keep Obama from the Presidency.

  • calrox

    should have picked hugo, or fidel! the lurch couldn’t win a debate with a fire hydrantT

  • Lewis Colby

    Peter Principle Presidency.

  • Mitch Rapp

    Poor old Obama – when your serially inept and incompetent all you can blame is your mirror, your teleprompter, George Bush or someone else. If anyone argues – toss a tantrum!

  • Flintstone F.

    Democrat loser retreads as a solution to your shortcomings will always come up a loser. It’s Obama’s fault.

    No more mulligan’s, Romney/Ryan 2012.

  • Yrral Dleifsarb

    So, we’ve got somebody who proposes to be the chief executive, somebody who will select people to whom responsibility will be delegated, who is to spell out their charter and duties, and make sure they are carrying them out. Now, one of the candidates let’s his flunkees admit that he failed to adequately select and control a delagatee whose performance was immediately apparent. And, as if that is not damning enough, he let’s that admission become his position by letting it stand.

    Zero demonstrates daily why he is unfit to lead. Let’s hope he offs himself when he loses by a landslide.

  • Patty

    **SHOCK** Obama Nearly Matches 2008 Monthly Fundraising Record

    me: I would say that when a president has been absent as a president and during his uninspiring Senate time, going on campaigns, dinners with Hollywood, favors received or what I call payola. Well, then, Rocket Man Money man and he just doesn’t want to be out done. PERIOD.

    Here is what article says:

    Amidst reports President Barack Obama’s campaign has tried to block national outlets from publishing stories about a potential campaign finance scandal, the Obama campaign announced on Twitter Saturday it raised $181 million in September in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee.

    According to the campaign’s tweets, 1,825,813 people donated to the campaign in September and, despite the sluggish economy and less enthusiasm for Obama than in 2008, 567,000 of those donors were new, meaning they had not donated to the campaign before in 2008 or 2012.

    In addition, 98% contributions to the Obama campaign in September were $250 or less, and the average contribution was $53.

    Under Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations, campaigns have to make their “best efforts” to collect information about contributors who donate $50-$200, but those who donate less than $200 do not have to be publicly disclosed.

    Further, all donations less than $50 fall under the “Pass-the-Hat” rule, which means campaigns do not have to make their “best efforts” to collect identifying information on these donors and can actually report all such donations under a lump sum.

    This means that the Obama campaign must legally disclose only about half of its September donors.

    David Plouffe, the campaign’s senior adviser who was Obama’s campaign manager in 2008, in his 2009 book, The Audacity to Win, compared the campaign’s online fundraising performance in 2008 to an erupting volcano.

    “There were times when we were raising $250,000, $300,000, even $500,000 an hour,” Plouffe wrote. “It was remarkable, and critical.”{………..}



    Oh, that says it, another Cover up, gee, I should have known.

  • Patty

    Debate: What Romney Did, What Obama Didn’t, What Ryan Should–And How Romney Can Take It All


    Psychological theories abound as to why Obama failed to attack Romney last week, but left-wing comedian Bill Maher–who donated $1 million to the Obama campaign–might have said it best in a tweet: “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter.” Summing up the liberal-left disappointment with Obama in a single sight gag, the New Yorker magazine, on its latest cover, showed the President as invisible–just an empty chair onstage with Romney, a belated vindication of Clint Eastwood’s August 30 “speech” at the Tampa convention.

    But the problem for Obama is that his onstage failure of nerve was more than a missed opportunity to slug Romney in front of 67 million TV viewers. The real problem is that Obama effectively undercut the validity of his whole campaign. That is, if the President himself doesn’t think that all those negative attacks on Romney are worth mentioning in person, why should voters pay attention to them as they appear in commercials? If the White House in Washington isn’t heeding the message of Axelrod & Co. in Chicago, why should the rest of us? In other words, what exactly is the Chicago gang doing with that anticipated billion dollars in campaign funds? Are they a rogue operation of political hit men? Does Obama keep tabs on his own campaigners?

    Once again: If the Obama campaign attacks on Romney are true, why didn’t Obama himself repeat them in Denver, man to man? And if attacks are not true, then why should the American people heed them?

    Meanwhile, the result for Romney has been seismic. It’s not that Romney was superman; he was good, but not great–more on that later. Instead, the earthquake from Denver was Obama’s own fecklessness, thereby shaking the foundations of his own political support.[………………….]

    read on


  • Look-Out

    More about all that new money BHO’s getting. He’s at it again —

    One last thing, I’m listening to Bob Woodward on Hannity (night of 10-5-12) who is saying that there is a major, looming campaign donation scandal, involving overseas contributions and Obama’s campaign. Remember the name DooDadPro from the Powerline story above.

    According to knowlegable sources, a national magazine and a national web site are preparing a blockbuster donor scandal story.

    Sources told Secrets that the Obama campaign has been trying to block the story. But a key source said it plans to publish the story Friday or, more likely, Monday. Source: Hot Air

    Why would a campaign turn-off credit card verification systems?

    Before the 2008 election, I spent hours at the Federal Election Commission website, documenting the donations to Obama from Arabic/sounding/seeming names, and linked back to them.

    Never had so much hate mail in all my 5+ years of blogging.


  • Patty

    Romney TV ad: Obama ‘not telling the truth’ about tax reform plans


  • Patty

    #18 October 7, 2012 at 8:25 pm
    Look-Out commented:

    Jarrett!!! Thanks Look-Out

  • Patty

    In other words, what exactly is the Chicago gang doing with that anticipated billion dollars in campaign funds? Are they a rogue operation of political hit men? Does Obama keep tabs on his own campaigners?

    This is the million dollar question. OOPSS! Billion dollar question(s).

  • Patty

    When Romney does what he does best and speak directly and from the heart he has got this thing.

    As I see it, Clint had it so very right, Obama is an Empty Suit.

    Everyone involved or around him, the Chicago Gang are pulling the strings. And all Obama thinks he needs is a working teleprompter. Too bad he was on his on during the debates, Biggest Loser!!

  • L.E. Liesner

    Wonder if John Kerry realizes he ain’t nothing but another bump in Obama’s road. The blame belongs to everybody but the “Anointed One”. The more of these fools we get rid of this election the better off the country will be.

  • vamoose

    ” They say that nobody in the room challenged him, including the guy that he was debating with, John Kerry, because, as they say, he wants to be Secretary of State so he’s not going to get in the President’s face. ”

    Here’s why this is BS. The president won the coin flip and went first. There was nobody in in his face (although Romney may have been in his head) and he still gave a pathetic response to an open-ended question about jobs. The president had a chance to take control of the debate from the get-go and botched it badly. That’s no one’s fault but his own.

    Normally success has a thousand fathers and failure is an orphan. With Obama failure ends up having a thousand fathers as he blames hundreds and throws dozens under the bus.

  • Patty

    #23 October 7, 2012 at 8:36 pm
    L.E. Liesner commented:
    Isn’t that the truth?

  • Road Kill

    They’re afraid that Ryan will make Biden “LOOK” out of touch? LMAO Put a fork in Biden, he’s done! I bet the liberal media is polishing this turd right now: “Paul Ryan Mugged A Senior Citizen” ROFL

  • Militant Conservative

    AWWW, poor boy relying on skin color and others for his own failures.

    Man up boy, the spankin is just started. Your going to lose 3 for 3.

    The landslide is what I hope will cause you to overdose in dispare.

    powder is dry

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …he wants to be Secretary of State so he’s not going to get in the President’s face.

    Well how do you like that? Assuming there’s some truth to this, instead of doing what was necessary to give his Democrat compatriot the best chance of winning, he was more concerned with what he stood to possibly gain.

    The only scumbag worse than a politician is a Democrat politician.

  • bg



    October 7, 2012

    Columbia classmate: Obama using IRS to punish me

    [Root won a complete victory three months ago in tax court, which
    found no taxes owed in his 2007 and 2008 filings. But then, he said,
    something shocking happened – something his tax attorney has
    never heard of in his entire career. Root was hit with a new audit
    just five days later, for 2009 and 2010.

    “That order had to come from the highest
    levels of government,” he asserted.

    “Obama is using the power of the IRS and other government agencies
    to punish his political opposition and intimidate and silence his critics,”
    Root charged.]

    we know it”s true, i hope he can sue or something, if not, he’ll
    find himself a “political prisoner” if O wins (by crock and crook)
    the election .. *sigh*


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  • bg


    repeat 😀

    i’m so adored for my skin color and good looks, not to mention my oration skills, i can say anything i like even if i totally contradict myself whilst blaming someone else for it, i mean, aside from anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty who actually listens to what i’m saying, who’s going to notice, fact is my base is dumbed down and i can pump them up anytime i like, watch, i’ll be back on the View and make an Ellen pit stop before the election to prove my leadership qualities, and how my policies work!! oh yeah, the Views the ticket, and Ellen will be the squeaker that gets me into the landslide vote zone!! /Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama truth sarc/


  • squeaky

    one narcissistic putz calling out another narcissistic putz…how sweet.

  • squeaky

    [“Obama is using the power of the IRS and other government agencies
    to punish his political opposition and intimidate and silence his critics,”
    Root charged.]……..shades of the clintons. when the pot calls the kettle black as the clintons employed the same tactic as nixon wanted to do.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Just give me another chance!

    You will see.

    I’ll suck more the second time around!

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