Huckabee: “Joe Biden Came Across Like Obnoxious Drunk… Loud and Boisterous” (Video)

Proverbs 29:9
Governor Mike Huckabee was on America’s Newsroom this morning to discuss last night’s debate. The governor said,

“I thought Joe Biden came across like a guy that you meet at a cocktail party for some political event, an obnoxious drunk who’s loud and boisterous and iterrupts every conversation. He’s just the kind of guy you want to get away from as quickly as you can and go find someone else to talk to. It was just boorish behavior for the first half. I think somewhere during the debate he took Ridelin and he started calming down by the end. But it was not the kind of thing that was very helpful to Joe Biden.”


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  • Tom63010

    Proverbs 29:9
    When a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man, The foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest.

  • Tom63010

    I agree with Huckabee but stated it this way:
    I have heard Joe Biden described as a lovable uncle. Well last night Joe Biden seemed to be the lovable uncle who came to your family get together then had too much to drink and became the obnoxious uncle that everyone wished would just leave!

  • donh

    America wanted a balanced fair debate on issues…We got a Ryan appearance on an MSNBC style Chris Matthews Hardball show.

  • That’s because Biden has had a lot of practice at being an obnoxious drunk.

  • wtd

    Biden’s debate prep was taken over by Axelrod yesterday during which Biden was likely reminded of Alinsky tactic:

    “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
    “…you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral arguments.”- Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

    Ryan was likely keenly mindful of the age and stature gap between Biden and himself so as not to appear disrespectful…hence, tempered his responses.

    My middle schooler was assigned to watch this debate. He was negatively impressed with Biden’s pompous snickering and repeated disrespectful interruptions. Having no idea about the inaccuracies Biden threw into the mix, given the hour, it wasn’t appropriate to focus yet . .. attempting to keep an open and fair mind about this election, this child left the room disgusted with the moderator’s bias and Biden’s immature behavior.

  • iamsaved

    Biden seemed to me to be like the smark-aleck, immature, jerks you encounter in a movie theater who kick the backs of seats, laugh when laughter isn’t necessary, talk loudly, throw popcorn at the people around them, and pretty much distract everyone from watching the movie.

    Also, Uncle Joe needs some remedial training from the liberal, nanny-state, anti-bullying campaign on proper behavior. Instead of becoming the statesman he should have become after 30 years in the legislative branch, he took the office of Vice President to an extremely new low.

    I guess it could be said his objective was to draw Paul Ryan out into making a serious mistake by rattling his cage and having a “maccaca” moment. He didn’t succeed.

    It was obvious he was trying to demean, marginalize, and portray Ryan as out of touch and too young for the position. He failed at that too.

  • anti-bho

    Twitter frowns on Joe Biden’s laugh (video) –

    Maybe Joe had just watched this clip backstage.

    Well, Hell ! That’s a better explanation than they have for wtf was wrong with the man….

  • When Biden said “we didn’t know about the requests for added security in Libya”, I was reminded of the fact that the President doesn’t attend his daily security briefings! This administration is both incompetent and obnoxious, not to mention dishonest.

    And as one of the pundits pointed out last night — how ironic that the intelligence community Biden blamed last night for dropping the ball in Libya is the same one they’re relying on to let them know when Iran is ready to complete its nukes!

  • briscuit

    That’s exactly what biden reminded me of~an obnoxious drunk.

  • squeaky

    this lady interupted Ryan 31 times? if i had a bs flag i’s throw it. and to think some sides think biden won. but then again what are the stats for the number of mentally incap adults in this country again.

  • valerie

    Joe could have gotten away with the smirks, but for the fact that Ryan was making credible points, and the audience knew it.

  • squeaky

    [When Biden said “we didn’t know about the requests for added security in Libya”, I was reminded…] that’s it joe. lift your leg on intelligence will ya’…….. i think they’re mad enough at you guys now but i wouldn’t mind them pumping up the volume a little more.

  • squeaky

    [What Biden said in his debate with Ryan is that Saudi Arabia and Turkey, both Islamist countries, and Jordan which is a pawn, determine which Syrian rebels get “other aid”, presumably weapons, and the training to use them.]

  • regularguy

    Sounds like God is watching over us in this campaign. I didn’t get to watch the debate, but if the consensus is accurate, the Obama campaign is actually continuing their self-immolation. Likeability is important to the undecided voter, because anyone armed with the facts, is already decided. Obama’s campaign cannot rely on defending the Obama record. That make them have to be likeable and credible, with a firm hand at the helm. Bengazigate destroys that, and Biden was advised to be unlikeable, or at least came across that way despite the strategy. Whoever advised Biden to play the role like he did means they are having to play to their base rather than convince the undecideds to stay the course. More and more, it looks like poor decisions on their advisors’ part, and even an even more poorly prepared President and and a Vice-President who can’t pull off the role(s) in both debates to date, not to mention colossal failures in every decision they’ve made in governing. God is definitely allowing them to shine their true selves.

  • robins111

    I have a committed, lefty lady friend, who I thought would support Joe. Her response to the debates was Joe was an obnoxious puke, who reminded her of every ignoramus she’s ever met.

  • mg4us

    Some think Biden Bombed. . .perhaps

    But Everything Obama and his team do, they do for a reason. . .
    Biden’s performance last night was to test the limits on how aggressive Barack can be next week towards Romney before being considered a jerk or worse. . an ANGRY BLACK MAN!

    They also wanted to see how well prepared Romney and Ryan are to rebut outright lies on Benghazi/Libya, Iran/Israel, GM bankruptcy, death panels and of course the 47% comment of Romney.

    Ryan did well but gets a B-

    He should have called Benghazi a failure of intelligence, not of the intelligence community, but of the people in the oval office – President, VP, Secretary of State and Advisors. . after all, How stupid does one need to be to see that an Ambassador in US consulate a war zone needs protection. . .

    He should have called Biden on the Palin comment that OBAMAcare was not even conceived or discussed in his debate with Palin. That came in 2009/2010.

    He should have called Biden’s GM comment what it was . .a government orchestrated, tax-payer paid for bankruptcy to give control to union. . . just ask the bondholders and pension funds and those that lost their jobs or dealerships with NO BENEFITS!.

    Ryan should have mentioned their Failure to produce a budget in three years and when they finally did was voted down in Senate 98-0 with two abstaining!

    Ryan needed to push harder of jobs and a strong economy as the basis for a strong military and defense. . .

    But Most of all, Ryan should have called Biden on the carpet for his antics last night
    (Vice President Biden, if my children were behaving like you I would tell them to grow up, but then you are very old, instead try to act in a manner that respects your office).

    Then turn to camera and look American people square on and say:
    My fellow Americans, No surprise here people, Biden’s total disrespect and contempt for the office is just like his Boss Obama who put his feet up on the Resolute desk when not playing golf. . .

    Biden and Obama have lowered the dignity of their offices just like they lowered the US Triple AA debt rating down. . .this is an utter disgrace and come November, you can vote to change.

    Or when Biden told a lie say
    Vice President Biden, like the president, in the immortal words of Joe Wilson – – “You Lie”

    Dems are getting desperate when the truth about their failures coming into the open. . .
    Keep shinning the light on them

    Lastly , whether looking at the economy, or job creation or foreign affairs spinning out of control, or the energy & the price of gas or the takeover of healthcare & destruction of Medicare, I would grade this administration an “F” for Failure not an incomplete like Obama did. . .

  • snewb

    Wait until next week. Candy Crawley (CNN major hack) is the moderator and Obama will have the soft ball questions handpicked in advance. Questions for Romney will be tricky on purpose like “You wrote off 47% of the voters can you elaborate on that?” Obama questions will be “The Unemployment rate has dropped steadily in the last few months. Do you feel the economy is improving?” Why can’t they find an impartial moderator from Univision?

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  • grandmaC

    After watching last night and seeing our so-called Vice President make a total ASS of himself I am so ashamed of the US. How could we as Americans elect a Chicago thug, Manchurian Candidate and his Buffoon side-kick Biden.

    We absolutely have to get them out of office. We are the laughingstock of the world.

    Whoever said “Send in the Clowns” didn’t mean them to be our President and Vice President.