Good Grief… Obama Electioneers During Hurricane Press Conference – Tells Team to “Lean Forward” in Their Response (Video)

Really Barack?… Really?
Barack Obama told his hurricane support team to “lean forward” in their response to the hurricane cleanup.
That also happens to be his campaign slogan.

The Washington Times reported:

President Obama may have suspended his campaign rallies due to Hurricane Sandy, but he managed to squeeze in his campaign slogan — intentionally or not — during a briefing Tuesday with federal emergency officials.

“The president made clear that he expects his team to remain focused as the immediate impacts of Hurricane Sandy continue and lean forward in their response,” the White House said in a statement about Mr. Obama’s video-teleconference that he conducted from the White House Situation Room. “Forward” is the slogan of his re-election campaign.

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  • Buffalobob

    Lean forward? No bend over!

  • TXPatriot

    I thought his governing slogan was “Stand Down.” Just ask Commander Ham…

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  • Granny

    #2 October 30, 2012 at 3:26 pm
    TXPatriot commented:

    I thought his governing slogan was “Stand Down.” Just ask Commander Ham…

    It seems nobody has seen General Ham (he’s Army) or the Navy Admiral who has been “recalled.”

  • Texas_Treeroach

    A more notable quote from the same speech: “Nobody gets left behind.” I almost spit out my coffee.

  • Chris W.

    Was he promoting his campaign or promoting MSNBC?

  • Jim

    God has intervened. For some reason he is rewarding Obama. Maybe we are wrong on our positions on Gay Marriage, Abortion and religious freedom after all. He is in control and He is sending us a message that He wants Obama to stay as our leader. We have to accept that this is his will. Someday we might understand why. It is hard to understand right now.


  • Amash

    Forward or forward depending on how they choose to spell. Come the clown has absolutely no shame. He allowed 4 heroes to die. Can anyone get any lower?

  • Sasja

    This jackass needs to just get out of the way and let the people who actually know what they are doing, do their jobs. Stupid jerk. Hey numbnut, the power will be restored when it is restored. Instead of yammering, why don’t you climb up a pole and show everyone how it’s done since you’re so smart and all.

    Mercy. The sooner he’s out of here the better.

  • More specifically:

  • George

    “Lean forward” is a marketing expression which essentially means “exaggerate (lie about) your product to your potential customers.” Tell them what they want to hear. Promise them anything.

    Our biggest competitor has a reputation for “leaning forward.” They usually win the client the first time around but the client always ends up coming to us in the end.

    Boy, that sounds familiar!

  • AnnaS

    Every blog I go to says Romney might be losing as Obama can look good in helping with this hurricane (where was he for the other hurricanes?) (where was he for the men begging for help in Benghazi?). Please say you folks here still think we have a chance to win this election?!

  • Who in the world uses the term “lean forward” in their vernacular?

  • Sasja

    I doubt his grandstanding is going to give him much of a boost. People are still out of work and/or struggling to pay their bills, mortgages and rent. Barry is toast and we can kick his skinny butt out of DC. I have no doubt.

  • AnnaS

    Thanks, Sasja!

  • Oliver

    #13 AnnaS:

    anyone who tells you what effect the storm has on the election is blowing smoke. Absolutely no way to gauge that. A couple of things to consider:
    – people EXPECT the president to show leadership in these cases — so no added points for doing his job.
    – most of the storm damage is in blue states — may cause fewer Obamabots to turn out
    – GOP has been tweeting for 2 days about R/R gains in swing states
    – Oblahblah has had a fair amount of positive airtime on this — but just wait until people go without electricity for a week. Who do you think they’ll blame?

  • kato

    A subprime blowhard pretending to be a president.

  • Chris Light

    I’m still trying to figure out if Jim #7 is being serious or sarcastic. Hopefully you don’t really believe that crap.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Shameless. Absolutely shameless.

  • #7 Jim,
    Yeah that must be it. ha ha ha ha

    Not sure why you think this will insure his reelection.

    When George W. Bush went to Ground Zero and hugged the firefighter he did that out of sincere compassion. President Obama doesn’t have a sincere compassionate bone in his body and people instinctively know it. They have opened their eyes to the fact he is cold and calculating. The fact that MSNBC and other news agencies are excited at the prospect that this will help his reelection chances also will grate on people. The media has been polling almost as bad as Congress recently. Politicizing this weather disaster will lead to a disaster at the polls.

  • Hatey Hateman

    Hey, at least he didn’t give a shout out to one of his homies! Fo’ shizzle!!!

  • Hatey Hateman

    oh, and RACIST!!!

  • Hatey Hateman

    Who in the world uses the term “lean forward” in their vernacular?

    Think Castro district in San Francisco.

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  • bigL

    better “fprward ” which is on Obama ‘s Podium at every speech, than the USA “bending over forward” as we have done for the last almost four years…

  • owl

    What exactly can any president do except free up the money???????????

    Nada. Zip. Zero. It is the governors and their game plan. That’s it.

    I watched him say that and almost gagged.

    Get that Bengahzi coward off my screen. I have already heard and read that their failure to rescue is all bs and smoke. The very idea of him sitting in the situation room and pushing out pics of himself? This is a SICK bunch. SICK COWARDS.

    Why in holy heck would anyone with two brain cells think this makes him look tough when he was too chicken livered to help American boys pinned down???

  • valerie

    I heard a portion of his comments and thought he sounded like a paid advertisement for the Red Cross. Are we to assume the Red Cross is the ONLY relief agency active on the whole eastern seaboard?

    After Katrina, I sent money to a local VFW.

  • anti-bho

    I lean forward or to the right when I pass gas. Discreetly, of course.
    That’s all obama has done for the last four years only he leans way to the left and not as discreetly.
    As a matter of fact he’s sh*t in the nest too many times to count.

  • owl

    Now lets hear some brave Scooper corner him now that he has come out of hiding and ask a real question……………………

    Did you give a direct order to save those boys and if so, who can disobey you?

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  • notasheeple

    Dog whistle

  • Carbon Pootprint

    I thought his slogan was “Leave them for dead, I’m going to bed”?

  • bg



    October 30, 2012

    Protesters rally outside Obama campaign office

    [Conservative activists in Mason gathered outside the Obama
    re-election campaign office Tuesday to protest what they say
    is an Obama administration “cover-up” of the events in Benghazi
    during an attack on a U.S. consulate there last month.

    The group of about eight demonstrators, who call themselves Veterans
    for Truth and dub their campaign the Libya Truth Project, organized
    independently, but come as part of statewide effort taking place
    through Election Day.

    The Mason group will march again from 3-6 p.m. Tuesday and
    again on Wednesday outside the office at 108 West Main Street.

    In Cincinnati, tea party activists and others will gather at Fountain
    Square downtown Wednesday at 8:45 a.m. for a press conference,
    prayer and march to protest “the growing deception surrounding
    Benghazi and honor those killed in this terrorist attack,” according
    to a news release issued by organizers.

    “We’re veterans, we’re patriots and we think we deserve answers
    from the Commander in Chief,” said Don Prince, a Vietnam veteran
    who’s organizing the Mason demonstrations.]


  • Rmoney Voter

    Ironically he seemed to be issuing direction to the Red Cross to cut through the red tape – not a government agency.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Oz Hull!

  • Nelle

    When I hear lean forward, I picture lots of donkeys straining in harnesses, with Obama leading from behind, and a cliff right ahead. So the slogan works for me.

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  • [email protected]

    In the same snese that obathrturd slips giving the finger to people into his speeches and so forth, and gives snarky looks all the time and thinks he’s real funny with his sarcastic idiocies, I believe his “lean forward” is his tongue-in-cheek/laughing at all of us way of saying “bend over and take four more years of me right up your white, middle-class asses”.

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  • Amazed

    He was simply reading his speech from the teleprompter. The writer was giving him instructions on posturing. As soon as his many “handlers” saw this major blunder, they started spinning so fast that I am still dizzy.