FINAL 2012 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE at Lynn University in Florida – Live Blog

Final 2012 Presidential Debate at Lynn University in Florida–

The pressure is on Barack Obama who failed to show up at the first debate and is trailing in the polls.

Guess who’s sitting with Michelle Obama tonight?

Yup. That’s former Florida Republican governor Charlie Crist. Gag.

First question is on Benghazi massacre–
Bob Schieffer asks Romney the first question…
Mitt Romney- We’ve seen in nation after nation a series of disturbing events. “Al-Qaeda is certainly not on the run.”

Obama- With respect to Libya we made sure we secured those Americans in harms way. (That’s why it took them 7 hours to reach the embassy.)

Barack Obama: The Cold War has been over for 30 years. “Every time you’ve had an opinion you’ve been wrong.”

Mitt Romney: Attacking me is not an answer.

Barack Obama: Here’s what I’ve learned since being the Commander in Chief – You gotta be clear (Benghazi anyone?)

Brad Thor added: The only thing clear about #Obama foreign policy is that he treats our friends like enemies and our enemies like friends.

Barack: I am confident Assad’s days are numbered.

Mitt Romney makes Obama look weak and small.

Obama says our alliance with Israel is stronger than ever… Really?

Obama reformed education – really?
Under Gov. Romney, 4th & 8th grade students in Massachusetts scored highest in the nation in English & math tests.

Obama talks down to Mitt Romney – “We got ships that go underwater called submarines.”
They’re called boats, Barack. Submarines are called boats.

Obama says Israel is our greatest ally in the region. Last month he said it was “one” of our greatest allies in the region.

Barack Obama: We would welcome Iran in the community of nations if they gave up nukes.

Mitt: Part of the problem with Iran is they have seen weakness where they were expecting to see strength.

Barack Obama lies about his non-support for Iranian Green Revolution. Tell that to Neda.

Pah-kistan… Drink!
Toillybon… Drink!

Obama is veering off into the ditch tonight. What the hell is he talking about?

Obama: We’ve created partnerships throughout the region – Somalia, Pah-kistan… Taliban?

Mitt Romney: On day one, I will call China a currency manipulator. It will allow us to put tariffs on goods where they’re stealing jobs.

Mitt is not scared of Barack Obama one-bit-whatsoever #TakeThatSmackBacktoChicago

Mitt closed the deal tonight. He held back and battered Obama on his failed economic policies in his closing statements. It’s over. Say goodnight, Barack.

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  • Ghost

    Slap Him for me, Rombo

  • Militant Conservative

    Ugly alert!

  • Look-Out

    Did I see Mooch wipe her eyes/cry as someone was talking to her?

  • Militant Conservative

    Obama is no Jack Kennedy.

    Obama has more in common with the terrorists than American values.

  • bill

    knob polisher on call.

  • Nobama42

    I hope Romney makes a reference tonight of I will have a “no bow” foreign policy. I promise the American people that the only individual I will bow to is God Almighty.

  • Spider

    Scheiffer hasn’t shared the questions with anybody!

    Why don’t I believe that?

  • Militant Conservative


  • Spider

    Scheffer already trying to be the center of attention….

  • bg
  • donh

    OBAMA already LOST this debate by that long opening camera shot of the empty chair.

  • TeachX3

    ‘Moderator’ making a speech.

  • lizzy84

    Go, Mitt……..nail him on Medvedev comment…goes to the heart of being presidential.

  • Militant Conservative

    Snarky evil Obama laugh.

  • TeachX3

    “greatest threat of all is Iran” … awesome Mitt!

  • Fionnagh

    Oh geez, it kills me the way BHO was affably nodding his head with complete understanding. Not. Romney is taking way too long to get his answer out.

  • Spider

    Obama staring Mitt down…. or is he asleep?

  • TeachX3

    America is NOT safer in the past four years!

  • Nobama42

    My first job is to keep Americans safe … that’s why 4 Americans are dead in Benghazi … ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME???!!!

  • bg


    buckle up Mitt..