Figures. Unhinged Loon Booted 3 Times From Hating Breitbart Premier Works For Media Matters

HuffPo contributor and Media Matters employee booted from Hating Breitbart premier.

At the premier of Hating Breitbart in Washington DC on Friday night, FOX News contributor and Huffington Post writer Ryan Clayton was escorted from the theater.

Reader Scott M., a libertarian attorney in northern Virginia, was at the theater and gave this account of the disruption.

Yeah, a buddy and I went to the opening night of Hating Breitbart in Arlington. We sat on the same row as Clayton and his lady friend but quickly moved to a different area because he was being snarky out loud. Apparently the snark continued because some guy went out to complain to the theater staff. He came back in with a couple of theater staff. The “snitch” sat down on the front row while the security people walked Clayton and his lady friend out. People cheered. On his way out Clayton stopped in front of the “snitch” and stood over him. The poor guy asked Clayton to move and Clayton kept cupping his hand to his ear and saying “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you”. By about the third request the guy was telling Clayton “get out of my f*cking way”. Clayton then left. A few minutes later Clayton and his lady friend returned and resumed watching the movie. Instead of making snarky comments, he made snarky laughs. Security came back in and gave him another warning.

After the movie Clayton was in place to greet people as they exited and interview them. His lady friend was acting as camera woman. Security asked him to stop and to move. They repeated this request again in the main lobby and then walked him outside of the mall (the theater was in the mall). I don’t think they ever touched him.

Sure enough, outside of the theater Clayton was booted again after harassing moviegoers leaving the theater.

But Ryan Clayton is not only a Huffington Post contributor. He also works for Media Matters radio. And, get this… This week he’s going to deliver the latest in “progressive messaging.”
Why is this not surprising?

Ryan Clayton actually appears in the Hating Breitbart documentary where he talks about the need for civil discourse in society… And then is seen viciously attacking Andrew Breitbart.
Ryan is a perfect example of today’s liberal establishment.

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  • Ragspierre

    This puke is lower than slug slime.

    Breitbart’s last tweet is available to anyone, and its meaning is clear.

  • Edward Treadway
  • Limousine Barry

    Ah, crap! Another of my Huffpo Cronies got busted!

    I am stunned… that Ryan Clayton could not even get arrested for verbal assault. He must have lost his nerve!

    Let me be clear, unless you – my rent a mob – can cause property damage or assault my campaign will not reimburse your legal fees!

    You are not helping my stinking campaign! Thus, you will not be paid! I refuse to throw cash away on a crappy crony! Good riddance!

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  • dwdude

    typical whining male leftist hiding behind the skirt of the camera operator…take the camera from her, then take him out in the alley and beat him down…coward puke, people don’t do that in florida, they get shot

  • valerie

    The same people keep popping up here, and there.

  • JohnInMA

    That explains why this guy is not concerned about his behavior. He’s an adult whose life is committed to activism where acting as an adult isn’t respected, necessarily. No doubt his main goal was NOT to communicate, inform, or debate. He’s probably gotten all the MMfA material – clips and notes – he needs. If he were my child, or even my brother for that matter, I would be embarrassed.

  • even steven

    The guy deserves a good old fashioned American beat down. These pukes have no clue how much they’re angering people. They are going to reap what they’ve sown, and so will the leftist lickspittles posing as journalists in the biased media.

  • Winston Wolfe

    It’s long past time to start beating the sh!t out of people like this.

    Crack a few skulls, and they’ll stop. Guaranteed.

  • I am Legion

    I’m glad I wasn’t there as it has become very difficult to behave properly. I verbally abused a supposed firefighter today w/ his ’08 & ’12 bumper stickers proudly displayed. Same thing for some dumb union s.o.b. @ the grocery store last week. Can’t wait for it to be over.

  • Michael

    I wish conservatives would stop being crybabies and taking this nonsense. Grow a set and learn how to take it back to these people The so-called “high road” was invented by libs so you know it doesn’t really exist. If some libtard stands in front of you at the movies, kick him in his little balls, grab his hair and drag his bitch ass out of the theater.

    I had 3 OWS guys get in my face in NY. I grabbed one and threw him into the street. I turned to look at his goon friends and they ran quickly. If these cowards smell fear, they will prey upon it. Be strong!

  • Ali

    They see the false messiah crumbling and don’t understand why. They now can only lash out. Should be interesting to see them melt down on Election night……..