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  • Granny

    NEVER count the chickens before the eggs have hatched . . . but from your lips to God’s ears Dick Morris. (Pssst – I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mitt Romney take Vermont.)

  • Militant Conservative

    O.K. I was a little heavy handed a year ago. I said Romney by 10.

    America is pissed off to no end. There is no reason to put up with such

    sub standard offerings from ANY president, But especially Obama.

    He is a poser and a liar and thief. He has transfered monies via a “stimulus”

    to his cronies as a money laundering scheme. He has sold weapons to our

    southern agressors that kill our citizens. Obama is one evil SOB with no care in

    the world but keeping a big plane and paid vacations away from that man

    hulk of a wife. Course he is kinda a priss metrosexual with a lifetime membership

    to a gay bathhouse in Chicago. Not judging but why do that.

    Obama is going down, mmm bad choice of words but he is going down in a

    flaming worse than Carter defeat. You should see the polls in my state.

    Blacks are showing up in numbers, but they are only 12% of the population,

    boo hoo. Many of them hate the situation Obama has put them in.

    Obama is truely not so likeable, America see’s him for what he is. TRASH

    powder is dry

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  • bg


    Romney Will Win By a 4-8 Point Margin and over 300 Electoral Votes

    Dear Lord I Pray..


  • FurryGuy

    #1 October 23, 2012 at 9:02 pm
    Granny commented:

    NEVER count the chickens before the eggs have hatched . . . but from your lips to God’s ears Dick Morris. (Pssst – I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mitt Romney take Vermont.)

    I’d be absolutely ecstatic if Mitt were to win in Washington State, Seattle and King County Elections will have a hard time stealing the election.

    And I never hatchet my Counts before they chicken. 😉

  • Yep. It’s going to be ugly. Romney by 100 Electoral College votes, Senate flips, House increases Republican lead.

    I live in North Carolina. Until last election cycle the Republicans had not held both houses of the NC General Assembly for so long that they couldn’t say for sure how long it was. Best they could do was say “Since Reconstruction.” After this election I see veto proof majorities in both houses of the NCGA and a Republican Governor by double digit margins.

    I don’t think it will be 1980 Reagan vs. Carter bad, but only because California is unlikely to go Republican.

  • SM-WI

    I’m going to work at our local WI Romney victory center to help!! My 85 year old mother in law—rabid Dem—-says we need change because it’s not working… she’s listening to the adds!

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  • Maudie N Mandeville

    O’Really, I am certain, argued because he doesn’t like anyone saying anything with certitude except himself, with certainty in the middle yawn.

  • gastorgrab

    “300 electoral votes”


    I’ll bump my prediction to around 310.

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  • Blair

    Hey I’m up here in Canada, and maybe I’m wrong, but I hope to hell Romney takes it. The whole deal is pretty big news up here. We have our “Media parties” and our “Lefties” and plenty of both. Prove them wrong God bless the USA!

  • silentcalrox

    I believe Morris is correct . . .. but, take nothing for granted VOTE!!!!!!

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  • Texas Republican

    This prediction by Morris was made BEFORE the breaking news from ON THE RECORD by Greta Van Sustren. Emails from WH show that Obama knew that Al Qaeda was behind the Bengazi attack within two hours of the beginning of the operation. No action appears to have been taken to save Americans in their horrifying situation. It is crystal clear that Obama has played the American people for fools and truly believes that he can lie at will and not be called on it. Sarah Palin nailed it by saying that hundreds of Government officials received these emails. She mentioned that they stood by while the President and State Department lied. Many of these officials are friends with the media, some of whom doubtless knew about this. Did they break the story? Nope.

  • Katielee

    Ditto, Granny.

  • Flintstone F.


    Romney by 11. Could be more. Obama is all but throwing in the towel. He’s broke and only has 2008 rerun lines to bellow and usually to the sounds of crickets.

    Look at the crowd sizes. It won’t be close.

    Breaking news on Fox:

    Email proves Obama was aware of al qaida connection to Benghazi within the early stages of the attack. It was a planned attack. Our president planned it.

    It won’t be close.

  • Flintstone F.


    Got it. Thanks.

  • Militant Conservative

    I have been hearing the same thing, The Dems are not jazzed nor wanting to vote

    for a negative such as Obama. My questions are two. What has he done that you

    want two more years of? What has Obama done that is in the best interest of

    America? Devistating questions, even the blacks cannot defend this.

    powder is dry

  • RedStateGal

    It is the Romney Super Pac buying ad time in Maine, not the Obama. Maine allocates electoral votes by county so Romney looking to pick up an extra electoral vote. That says, he doesn’t want to lose by one vote (no counting his chickens early!), and he has the money to pursue one vote. Alternatively, it also says Romney needs every vote.

    We live in interesting times.

  • coolidgerules


    The level of cowardice is simply astonishing. This may be the straw that could brake the camel’s back. And they can’t cover this up anymore.

    Wait for the books and the articles about this administration. We’re only scratching the surface.

  • Jesusland

    Hey Bill, why don’t you shut your hole for all of two seconds so someone a hell of a lot smarter and more interesting than you can get a word in edgewise.

  • spotted reptile

    If this gets the traction it should, then nobody’s going to give a crap about Gloria and her first-wife divorce-money-Mormon-whatever scandal.

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  • We’re working our little tails off here in deep blue WA to make it purple, maybe even red. Hold on to your seats! (And keep up your hard work until it’s over!!)

  • Militant Conservative

    Allready voted and working for the machine as a TEAparty activist.

    Obama has no idea of the $hit storm he has stirred up.

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  • Lewis Colby

    Gloria Allred? Is there another full moon already?

  • traitors! cowards!

    Amen, I agree with #2 100%. He is the WORST ever in History they are all SICK SICK SICK disguisting WH Carney Jones Axelrod Obama –President IRANIAN red diaper baby Jarrett! This is horrible! And how they treat our soldiers! I am outraged over this! Who would vote for those who ALLOWED our Americans to be killed while he goes on JayZ, Leno, VIEW and MTV as they WATCHED in live time our Ambassador being raped, tortured and KILLED! He should be thrown out in the street! This is an outrage! The NAvy Seals KILLED! FT Hood massacare! SICK and this wasnt called terrorism? Are you kiddin me??????? And Fast &Furious. Seal SIX Team! Our children our boys daughters being slauthered by our own adminstration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How much more do Americans have to take before we get rid of these traitors?? He defends the Islamists over Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go CLINT EASTWOOD!! I stand by the military and our soldiers!! GOD BLESS them! Screw Morgan Freeman, Hanks, Clooney, Sarah Parker –Hollywood LIBS! sick traitors!! Send them ALL to bengazi with a copy of their miranda rights! let them see what its like put them in a safe house and then they can get a tip off where they are!!! See how they like it! When I see people showing up to support him I feel sick or see signs of this I feel sick…Anyone who supports this WH is a traitor!

  • Militant Conservative

    Nothing that Obama does from now till his removal will prevale.

    His time has passed, he has played his part, for now.

    He will be back, and more terrible than ever.

  • PlymouthMom

    I do worry about what the Chicago machine has in store for us the next two weeks. I am continually surprised at the lack of intelligence in our electorate… it scares the ^&*%$ out of me… voting red in the union-run state of Michigan.

  • Gary


    I also said Romney by 10 and I’m sticking by it.

  • mg4us

    Though we do not count our chickens before they are hatched, one cannot help but sense 2012 for OBAMA is not like 2008. . .

    The sleeping giant of the right-of-center Americans have awaken. . . awaken to the sinister elements trying to control our lives and livelihood and trampling OUR CONSTITUTION. Elements that have stolen our resources and squandered them leaving us and OUR CHILDREN worse off than we were four years ago. . .a diminished Country and power in the world.


    The TEA PARTY Patriots are alive and active. . . working the grass roots. . .like no other. . . with friends, family and neighbors. BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS is a CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN.

    Traveling around Milwaukee the other day, barely see any Obama signs on laws, storefronts or on car bumpers. . .saw more Romney Ryan. .in MILWAUKEE COUNTY. . .

    Same HERE in NJ. NJ is in Play. Do not be surprised if Romney wins NJ by 5 points! Chris Christie did similar to Corzine who had a bigger machine in the state. . .and whom polls showed was clearly in the lead. . .

    Even neighboring NY, in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island show a similar dearth of Obama signs and stickers. . . while they do not show Romney signs, being a NYer by birth, I sense that lifelong Dems are ready to do another Reagan. Even Jewish voters are ready to vote Romney.

    This is the CHANGE we Hope for!

    Until all ballots are cast, it is back to “pedal to the metal” and “all hands on deck” in working to RESTORE & RENEW


  • Gary

    Sean Sorrentino

    I was born and raised in NC.
    It really is an interesting phenomenon. There are so many conservative-minded people there calling themselves Democrat. If people could clear out the cobwebs and get a grasp of what the ideological divide is, and not what they’re told it is, we’d have a lot more R’s in NC than we do.
    But at least that awful governor is out.

  • mg4us

    Another interesting phenomena is how the Right & Conservatives are using new media and internet. . .

    Besides Conservative blogs, just look at comments to posted articles (like AP propaganda) now in CNN and Yahoo. .more right-of-center comments than ever. . .and in many cases out-numbering liberal trolls. . .even NYT columns have seen a drop on comments by libs. . .

    This is even MORE AMAZING when viewed through the prism of reality. . .
    Most Conservatives work or have other responsibilities (like running a home or raising kids) so that to take time to surf and blog is a EXTRA effort that they do voluntarily
    unlike Leftist kooks who are paid to troll in their pajamas or have time on their hands since they live at home in the basement. . .

    Not only is the tide turning. . but the WAVE is building. . .
    Here is an excellent read from AT that came out today

    Please share this article. . .
    Help awaken those in a slumber
    Help your friends and family ride the wave of History
    It will be historic and a thrill. . so catch a wave and Lets go surfing!!

    As it says in the song:
    I tell you, surfing’s mighty wild
    It’s getting Bigger every Day
    From Hawaii to the shores of Peru. . .

    . . .so Let’s go surfin’ now, Everybody’s learning how
    Come on a safari with me!

  • Look-Out

    NORTH CAROLINA Romney vote was recorded for Obama, TWICE.

  • Look-Out

    Voter Sher Coromalis told the station she cast her ballot for Romney, but the machine entered a vote for Obama on two straight occasions.

    “I was so upset that this could happen,” Coromalis said, noting the machine correctly recorded her vote on the third attempt.

  • Where’s the MF money Jon?

    The level of vote fraud in Wisconsin will be unprecedented. In those counties where there will be the highest level of vote fraud, do not expect the District Attorneys or Clerks to care. They will literally ignore irregularities. This is a place where leftists openly threaten to kill republicans and nothing happens. Leftists swear and scream at children. They vandalize our state capitol and nothing happens. We have a Supreme Court justice that lies about being assaulted by a fellow justice in order to advance a political agenda. “By any means necessary” is not just a slogan here. It is reality.

  • radioone

    Has anyone noticed “Everybody that is Anybody” has been saying Romney “wasn’t running his campaign correctly”. Maybe this guy that made himself a multi-millionaire, plus millions of dollars for his investors might actually know what the he** his is doing. He has a Bundle of cash to spend these next 2 weeks. His crowds are Huge (see the Red Rocks pics on Drudge), and all Obama can do is “snark” in the final debate and during appearances at College campuses.

  • Votemout2012

    Thank you for cutting off wind bag O’Reilly.

  • Male Silverback

    I’m with you GreginSeattle. I live in Sammamish and I have been seeing more and more R&R bumper stickers around lately. I also get a few thumbs up for my sticker.

    One thing I have noticed – and it’s really funny – I make a point of looking at any driver who has an Obama 2012 sticker on their car. Normally the cars are foreign made (almost always a Volvo) and the drivers are older folks that look like old hippies or women that have a = sign or some other form of Gay pride identity on thier car.

  • Gary



    That’s something I pointed out the other day.
    Pro-Romney/Anti-Obama comments to Yahoo are running 90/10 right now. It’s almost a full reversal from the norm.

    Obama’s done.

  • greenfairie

    Morris is usually the most optimistic one about Republican chances but I just don’t see the enthusiasm for Obama there was in 2008 and I live in a deep blue state.

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  • EdInDenver

    Yo, Dog, we heard you like Mitt Romney. So we put denial on your denial so you can vote while you vote.