Dick Morris predicted on The O’Reilly Factor tonight that Mitt Romney will win by 4-8 points and over 300 electoral votes. Morris also said Romney will likely take Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Related… Obama Super PAC buys time in Maine.




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  1. NEVER count the chickens before the eggs have hatched . . . but from your lips to God’s ears Dick Morris. (Pssst – I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mitt Romney take Vermont.)

  2. O.K. I was a little heavy handed a year ago. I said Romney by 10.

    America is pissed off to no end. There is no reason to put up with such

    sub standard offerings from ANY president, But especially Obama.

    He is a poser and a liar and thief. He has transfered monies via a “stimulus”

    to his cronies as a money laundering scheme. He has sold weapons to our

    southern agressors that kill our citizens. Obama is one evil SOB with no care in

    the world but keeping a big plane and paid vacations away from that man

    hulk of a wife. Course he is kinda a priss metrosexual with a lifetime membership

    to a gay bathhouse in Chicago. Not judging but why do that.

    Obama is going down, mmm bad choice of words but he is going down in a

    flaming worse than Carter defeat. You should see the polls in my state.

    Blacks are showing up in numbers, but they are only 12% of the population,

    boo hoo. Many of them hate the situation Obama has put them in.

    Obama is truely not so likeable, America see’s him for what he is. TRASH

    powder is dry

  3. ++

    Romney Will Win By a 4-8 Point Margin and over 300 Electoral Votes

    Dear Lord I Pray..


  4. #1 October 23, 2012 at 9:02 pm
    Granny commented:

    NEVER count the chickens before the eggs have hatched . . . but from your lips to God’s ears Dick Morris. (Pssst – I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mitt Romney take Vermont.)

    I’d be absolutely ecstatic if Mitt were to win in Washington State, Seattle and King County Elections will have a hard time stealing the election.

    And I never hatchet my Counts before they chicken. ;)

  5. Yep. It’s going to be ugly. Romney by 100 Electoral College votes, Senate flips, House increases Republican lead.

    I live in North Carolina. Until last election cycle the Republicans had not held both houses of the NC General Assembly for so long that they couldn’t say for sure how long it was. Best they could do was say “Since Reconstruction.” After this election I see veto proof majorities in both houses of the NCGA and a Republican Governor by double digit margins.


    I don’t think it will be 1980 Reagan vs. Carter bad, but only because California is unlikely to go Republican.

  6. I’m going to work at our local WI Romney victory center to help!! My 85 year old mother in law—rabid Dem—-says we need change because it’s not working…..so she’s listening to the adds!

  7. O’Really, I am certain, argued because he doesn’t like anyone saying anything with certitude except himself, with certainty in the middle yawn.

  8. “300 electoral votes”


    I’ll bump my prediction to around 310.

  9. Hey I’m up here in Canada, and maybe I’m wrong, but I hope to hell Romney takes it. The whole deal is pretty big news up here. We have our “Media parties” and our “Lefties” and plenty of both. Prove them wrong God bless the USA!

  10. I believe Morris is correct . . .. but, take nothing for granted VOTE!!!!!!

  11. This prediction by Morris was made BEFORE the breaking news from ON THE RECORD by Greta Van Sustren. Emails from WH show that Obama knew that Al Qaeda was behind the Bengazi attack within two hours of the beginning of the operation. No action appears to have been taken to save Americans in their horrifying situation. It is crystal clear that Obama has played the American people for fools and truly believes that he can lie at will and not be called on it. Sarah Palin nailed it by saying that hundreds of Government officials received these emails. She mentioned that they stood by while the President and State Department lied. Many of these officials are friends with the media, some of whom doubtless knew about this. Did they break the story? Nope.

  12. Ditto, Granny.

  13. 54%

    Romney by 11. Could be more. Obama is all but throwing in the towel. He’s broke and only has 2008 rerun lines to bellow and usually to the sounds of crickets.

    Look at the crowd sizes. It won’t be close.

    Breaking news on Fox:

    Email proves Obama was aware of al qaida connection to Benghazi within the early stages of the attack. It was a planned attack. Our president planned it.

    It won’t be close.

  14. #15

    Got it. Thanks.

  15. I have been hearing the same thing, The Dems are not jazzed nor wanting to vote

    for a negative such as Obama. My questions are two. What has he done that you

    want two more years of? What has Obama done that is in the best interest of

    America? Devistating questions, even the blacks cannot defend this.

    powder is dry

  16. It is the Romney Super Pac buying ad time in Maine, not the Obama. Maine allocates electoral votes by county so Romney looking to pick up an extra electoral vote. That says, he doesn’t want to lose by one vote (no counting his chickens early!), and he has the money to pursue one vote. Alternatively, it also says Romney needs every vote.

    We live in interesting times.

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