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Actor Clint Eastwood stars in the latest American Crossroads ad “At Stake.”
The ad features writer-actor-director-producer Clint Eastwood telling voters: “In the last few years, America has been knocked down… We need someone who can turn it around fast, and that man is Mitt Romney. There’s not much time left, and the future of our country is at stake.”
The Eastwood ad runs in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio and Virginia.

Via Weekly Standard:



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  1. Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

    All predictions re: my 12 o’clock release are totally incorrect. Stay tuned!

    So the Obama Marriage Story is false as predicted. My guess is SS # story.

  2. Good ad, but it’s only half the equation…the other (more powerful) half is prayer!

  3. I am patriotic American and I approve of this message!

  4. Go Romney and Ryan, and you too Clint! Yes #2 I’ve been praying daily as I always do but harder for the people to turn away from the deceiver.

  5. #1 Bill Mitchell: My guess…..Obama’s “down low saga” and the mysterious deaths of ex-lovers.

  6. Obama is the Libtards false messiah!!
    HE is a fraud and that is becoming clearer day by day. .
    Hour by hour. . .only cheating and voter fraud will help him now.

    Many of my Jewish colleagues who are lifelong Democrats are voting for a change. . .
    They are angry. .angry for being duped by Obama in 2008
    Angry for believing the lie. . .
    Angry that their “messiah” didn’t deliver

    Reminds me of the scene with Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar
    Who gets angry when Jesus doesn’t perform miracles for him


    The difference is so obvious when it comes to miracles and promise:
    Obama would but couldn’t
    Jesus could but wouldn’t

    GOD works wonders in strange and mysterious ways. . .
    Because of Obama Conservatives have awaken
    TEA PARTY Patriots made themselves known
    2010 Election Landslide
    Pray. .and continue to WORK in Making CHANGE HAPPEN

    IN GOD WE TRUST! May GOD bless these UNITED States!

  7. Bill #1 & #5 Indiana . . .just curious . . .how coincidental was the timing of the near-divorce to exposure of the ‘down low saga’? Without having followed either story, the possibility that speculation in comment #1 could have been triggered by speculation in #5 . . .tantalizing .

  8. Pivot off the Bayonette cheap shot and set some Eastwood commercials to the ” Death Rides a Horse ” score….> http://youtu.be/Ff-kQ-UmflA

  9. I reckon so – Clint

  10. thank you, mr Eastwood, for lending a national public voice to tens of millions of frustrated citizens.

  11. Clint to Obama: “A man’s got to know his limitations!”

  12. That is a powerful 30 seconds!

    A second term is granted when the first was successful.

    How can any clear thinking American consider this first term anything but a disaster?

  13. Short and gets directly to matter at hand…….Gotta hand it to Carl Rove and his group Crossroads do a great job with these ads…..


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