Christian Children Arrested in Egypt for Insulting Islam


Two Christian Coptic children, aged 10 and 9, were arrested for Insulting Islam this week. The two children were accused of tearing out pages from the holy Koran.
Israel National News reported:

Two Coptic Christian children, aged 10 and 9, have been arrested for insulting religion in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Beni Suef, Ahram Online reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the two children were arrested on Tuesday after the imam of their local mosque filed a complaint against them.

By order of the prosecution the two boys, Nabil Nagy Rizk and Mina Nady Farag, are now being held in the Beni Suef juvenile detention pending further investigation on Sunday, said the report.

Ibrahim Mohamed Ali, the village imam, has accused the children of tearing up pages of the Koran. An Ahram Online reporter in the area said Ali initially took the children to the church and requested that the priest punish them.

Unsatisfied with the church’s decision not to castigate the two boys, Ali, together with three other villagers, turned to the courts.

Nabil’s father Nagy Rizk defended the action of the boys in a public statement, explaining that they are illiterate and therefore did not know the content of the papers which they found in a small white bag, as they were playing near a pile of rubbish in the street.

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  • This story smells to high heaven of ‘entrapment’. What were ‘pages’ of the koran doing in a bag anyway?

  • donh

    They will release the Christian boys just as soon as we release the Blind Sheik.

  • lynno

    Well let’s see how peaceful Islam will be to these children, illiterate at 10 & 9 Egypt should be ashamed of their country, We see from the west that most of these people are just plain dumb and follow Islam ,look at Afganistan living in conditions of ancient Afganistan no change Just dumb but follow Islam. I don’t see progress of teaching these people, they are just killing them selves. Syria who knows, again just killing each other. We in west will wait , Islam keep killing each other than we won’t have kill you.

  • Granny

    Why was a koran in a small white bag near a pile of rubbish? If the koran is so all-fired holy, why would anyone leave it near a rubbish pile?

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  • FedUp

    Dollars to donuts those boys have been raped, beaten, and pressured into converting to Islam in jail. What Muslims can’t get by free and open consent, they will force by lies and blood.

  • The Real Jeff

    The Koran was right where it belongs… IN the rubbish! Come and get ME A..HOLES

  • lethargic

    Another setup like that Downs Syndrome girl … probably the so-called imam himself set these precious kids up hoping for a human sacrifice … Religion of Peace … my ass.

  • bg


    only one of these:

    October 4, 2012

    Egypt court frees Christian children over Islam insult

    vs tons of these:

    Two Coptic children arrested in Egypt for ‘insulting Islam’

    they never should have been arrested in the first place, *sigh*

    also coming to America, what do you think
    the faux film crap was about?? MO? hah!!

    it was designed to tamp down on FREE SPEECH..

    something Obama, Egyptm and his Muslim Bro
    have been working on for several years now..

    Obama’s UN Resolution to Stifle Free Speech on Islam

    On October 1, 2009, the Obama administration in conjunction
    with the Egyptian government, introduced an anti-free speech
    measure to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council (HRC).
    It was adopted the next day without a vote.

    bit more of much more here & here..


  • That rag belongs in the trash. Islam is a sick evil ideology. These boys could end up being stoned to death if the crowd got their hands on them. Savages all of them. And they want us to respect them. LOL

  • SierraBear

    These poor children are far too young to understand the dynamics in play here. The reality is that they were most likely using the torn pages for hygienic purposes. I am of the opinion the Islam in general here is about to jump the shark. We shall see.

  • bg
  • Patty

    Disgusting, they are CHILDREN. But I will never understand this faith.

  • Nelle

    What a callous, brutal, festering pustule of a religion.

  • The future does not belong to children accused of slandering Islam, said Hussein bin Obama at the UN.

  • Related.

    ‘The United States is at war with radical Islam. We hold Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan, Guatanamo Bay, and various prisons in America. Recently, Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan were caught passing notes using their Korans. American military forces confiscated the Korans in question, as well as other Islamic religious materials, and burned them. Muslims rioted in the streets in reaction to the burning of their holy book. American soldiers were brutally murdered in response. Tens of thousands of Muslims now are protesting in the Afghan streets shouting, “Death to America.” Our American President went on public television and apologized ‘profusely’ for the ‘inadvertant’ burning.

    Why is our President and military apologizing for the burning of the Koran? We are at war. If radical Muslim prisoners are passing notes using their religious materials, then those materials should be burned, even if it is the Koran, the Bible, the Book of Mormon, or any other religious holy book. I know what radical Muslims believe about the Koran. I also know what radical Muslims believe about murder. The Taliban said of American soldiers two days ago, “Kill them, beat them, take them as prisoners and teach them such a lesson that they never summon the courage to abuse the holy Quran again.” When dealing with religious fanatics who believe murder is an appropriate response for the burning of their religious material–ONE SHOULD NEVER APOLOGIZE.

    The President should order the military to do what United States General John J. “Blackjack” Pershing did in the Philippines in 1911 when his troops were faced with terrorism from radical Muslims. Documentation is scarce, and Snopes is unsure whether Pershing simply threatened a particular course of action, or actually did what he threatened. Either way, Pershing definitely NEVER APOLOGIZED for anything. Faced with increasing terrorist attacks by Islamic fundamentalists, Pershing threatened the Mullahs by saying, “(If you don’t stop) we will splatter your houses and your families with pig’s blood. If you attack us and are killed, we will bury you in pig-skins.” Pershing knew that radical Muslims believe no person enters heaven who dies with pigs’ blood on him or is buried among pig carcasses, and he used their beliefs against them.’

    The Absolute Absurdity of Apologizing for Burning the Koran

  • squeaky

    the back and forth for this girl. it should be impossible to not see the sinister side of this religion. it isn’t a religion that will go quietly after the uninqueness wears off. sidelining Christianity [and others] to placate a religion that interprets things differently than we do. if peace can only be achieved by one side admitting defeat.

  • Finncrisp

    This is change we can count on… Egypt is so much better having this new enlightened leadership.
    The plight of Coptic Christians is going to worsen. Hundreds of thousands have already fled. When their numbers are diminished, then their homes and businesses will be destroyed in mass, just as they were in Turkey in the infamous ten days of rage.

    Barry is a foreign policy genius!

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  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    I call B.S. on the “deface the Koran” story.

    This is the type of thing the [email protected] f&%king imams do when they want to gin up local riots and (not so incidentally) reinforce their power of life-and-death over whatever Christians are unfortunate enough to live within their sphere of influence. If the Christians flee, then obviously somebody gets to take possession of whatever property they leave behind. Considering that this *IS*, after all, the religion of Mohammed-the-Plundering-Terrorist, I’ll assume that the imam gets at least 1/5 of the spoils of his Holy Terrorism.

    Islam: the Religion of Pure Evil.

  • nena sullins

    my grandma use to have a outdoor john the quran is what she used for toiletpaper