Barack Obama Plays Race Card Against Whitey – Praises Rev. Wright in 2007 Speech

Drudge reported:
2007: ‘We don’t need to build more highways out in the suburbs. We should be investing in minority-owned businesses, in our neighborhoods’…

The Daily Caller released video tonight of Barack Obama lashing out at a racist federal government and praising his wacky mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism.

“The people down in New Orleans they don’t care about as much!” Obama shouts in the video, which was shot in June of 2007 at Hampton University in Virginia. By contrast, survivors of Sept. 11 and Hurricane Andrew received generous amounts of aid, Obama explains. The reason? Unlike residents of majority-black New Orleans, the federal government considers those victims “part of the American family.”

The racially charged and at times angry speech undermines Obama’s carefully-crafted image as a leader eager to build bridges between ethnic groups. For nearly 40 minutes, using an accent he almost never adopts in public, Obama describes a racist, zero-sum society, in which the white majority profits by exploiting black America. The mostly black audience shouts in agreement. The effect is closer to an Al Sharpton rally than a conventional campaign event.

Here’s a segment of the 40 minute speech posted at The Daily Caller.

Hannity ran segments of the speech tonight on his show.

National Review has the most offensive comments from Obama’s 2007 Hampton University speech.

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  • shibumi

    Meh. Have heard the same thing from a cadre of politicos/ activists/ preachers in the Detroit area for years now.

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  • tom63010

    Not sure this is going to make that much of difference.

  • Zachary Chandler

    What Obama said in 2007 is no where near as insane as what he has done to this country the last four years! Check out this hilarious YouTube clip to see what he has been up to the last four terrible years!

  • El Guapo could be caught on world-wide live television personally murdering hundreds of Jewish babies with a Kahnjar, while screaming ‘Tally-Ho Snackbar™ – nobody would care.

    Tool up.

    It’s coming.

  • David

    There is no point to any of this. Someone could obtain a video of Obama shooting 20 people and the mainstream media would ignore it

  • Bob

    i wish this were the smoking gun, but alas, it is a big yawn. Not going to change anyone’s mind. you need the college transcripts and/or the Kahlidi tape from the LA Times

  • bg


    and that’s supposed to what??

    aah, all of a sudden this makes quite a lot of sense to me.. 🙁

    it will hopefully be made quite clear that Mitt Romney
    had absolutely nothing to so with this “shocker”.. /s/



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  • Mad Hatter

    I found it. For whatever reason The Daily Caller put it on page 3.

    It’s not 40 minutes, but it’s 36:22 minutes, here it is.

    At the six minute mark in the video, he starts going into racial envy. His disdain for this country really comes out.

  • Folks, all the conservative talking heads are tweezing apart an old video of Obama. You know, I no longer care. The guy is a dangerous, incompetent imbecile and I don’t need to know it in 150 different ways; 60 is just fine. Deeds matter far more than words. I just need to figure out how to convince the ‘low information’ voter- more interested in watching ‘The Voice’ than anything political- to get off their butts and at least VOTE to save this country from this guy.
    This video won’t do that; but a dispassionate presentation of his failures will. They will use this video as a distraction from the discussion to work on widening the racial divide. Which drives the low-information independents, normally in our camp, to stay home. I don’t doubt for one minute the Obama camp fed out this video for this purpose. Bluntly, it would be grat of Romney to stand p and say; “I don’t care a nearly as much about what he has said as what he has done.”

  • donh

    BE CAREFULL….I don’t think it helps us win by relitigating the disappointments of the 2008 campaign …. dredging up Rev. Wright in a big way when there are CURRENT issues not being covered. ….. I hope its just a move by Romney to show he’s not weak on the attack like McCain….However…

    I am also suspicious of the Tucker Carlsen / Ann Coulter tag team releasing this self serving news on the same week Coulter is peddling her racially provoking book ” Mugged “.

    They could be back door race baiting for the left by fanning issues that give the MSNBC crowd a dog wistle racism narrative they drool over to energize black voter enthusiasm. Romney is making gains …Why change the subject to RACE now ? …the day before the debate…? I don’t think we should bite and chew too hard on this one.

  • Fred

    It won’t make much of a difference. The weak kneed white moderates afraid to look racist will still vote for Obama. I have some of these types in my family. One of them,a cousin,said he disagrees with Obamacare,Obama’s spending,and especially what he did with welfare. He’s till voting for him. Why? Well,he says Obama is “good for the country”and a “good man”.

  • greenfairie

    More evidence how the media covered up for Obama in 2008. We all knew it but some fence sitter out there may not.

    And it also reminds the people that Obama’s just a big old phony.

  • mrt

    Of course he does.

    Heck, look no further than his campaign organization,
    ‘Obama for America’, aka OFA, pronounced o-fay:

    o·fay /ˈōˌfā/ Noun: offensive. An offensive term for a white person, used by black people.

    More info » – – Merriam-Webster – The Free Dictionary

    Or code-word?

  • While it is interesting to finally see this man being vetted, it is old news. Anybody with half a brain already knows about him, and many of us, with in depth knowledge. The ones that are not informed, this new found vetting won’t matter to them anyway. This man has been the President for the past 4 years, that is what needs to be ‘vetted’, talked about and repeated over and over and over and over again until those out there that are not informed get the picture.

  • dwdude

    just make him talk about it on national t v…lead the debate questions right back at this sorry racist. sorry, jessie, black people are racist, it’s on videotape. where are you lately , back under your hi rise rock?

  • bg


    Mad Hatter #10 – page 1 October 2, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    thank you..

    what a rambling (also sounds drunk) story teller he is..

    Barry really needs to go back a lot further than that, like how did the
    people become so impoverished in the first place, as in what if Hurricane
    hadn’t hit, as was the newspapers headline the day before it did hit..

    he also has to know more whites died per capita than blacks..

    how does America’s MSM get away with all their constant
    lying, lies by omission, and outright propaganda?? *sigh*


  • GotFreedom

    We’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again. . .when you(Barack Hussein Obama) point a finger at us. . .you have 3 fingers pointing back at yourself. . .in other words, while you try to point the finger at us and claim that we are racist because we call you out on your background/policies/agenda. . .it is in fact you who has the problem with race (as evidenced by this video).

  • bigmike

    I suspect that THIS is what Obama is going to be like once he is out of The White House, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan can ALL retire, their work is done.

  • Flintstone F.

    Well he didn’t have clue back then and he doesn’t have a clue now. I just wonder if he’s going to find Jesus again.

    Just a reminder: Katrina hit and left. Blanco failed to act in time before the levee’s broke by not requesting federal aid (Bush implored her several times to do so). Nagan caused busses to be flooded and citizens to be stranded.

    Where’s your dollar for your ten? What about the federal money you got years prior (and probably more than once), to fix the levee’s?

  • Redwine

    Reparations through Agenda 21, open borders, egregious lawsuits (think Pigford), entitlements, overturning of law and order (through the non-prosecution of deliberate race-baiting and election ID laws), demonization and mischaracterization.

    He is quite the racist for someone who did not spend his childhood in the US and was raised in an alien, Muslim culture.

    As for the phony accent(s) – Comrade Barry is Zelig, the human chameleon.

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  • Sarah

    I’m reposting a comment made by Monkey Wrench on the other related thread because I think it’s very astute and worth re-exposure:

    “I’m curious what people think about the timing of the release of this video. It’s being released the day before the debate. Is that a good idea?

    I think I would have held on to it until after the debate. Then, if Romney has a bad debate performance, release the video right away to minimize the damage. If Romney scores a clear debate win, then let all the good press play out for a few days. Then release the video to get a one two punch which could change the arc of the election.

    Now, this story runs tomorrow morning and afternoon. By dinner (evening news) time, the subject changes to the big debate. Will this story be back in the news Thursday morning, or will all the talk be about the debate?

    Just wonder what others think about the timing.”

  • Sarah

    Allen West has a perspective on this that I think it absolutely right on the mark (as usual). Big picture here is that the “bombshell” is what’s going on every day with this administraation. The bombshell is that Obama is taking America down while the world burns. But the media doesn’t report it and our own team doesn’t really pack a punch with it.

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  • brian

    This man is very dangerous. He follows the pattern of the worst elected dicataors of modern history where the guy’s radical views can be uncovered with just a very small amount of research. There is murderous intent written all over him, another 4 years of this could be catastrophic.

  • squeaky

    “..worst elected dicataors of modern history where the guy’s radical views can be uncovered with..” and there is a history of past dictators so it would never be beyond the realm of possibilities.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    This is not new and it wasn’t shocking back what it was new.

  • MEDIA traitors! FIRE LEFT MEDIA!

    They are racists! Our soldiers are being raped, covered up, our border agents slaughtered, our economy, our healthcare destroyed, death panels, killing children (infatcide) gays in the military, and he just keeps sending money to the terrorists! The signs in my neighborhood should be replaced with I am a communist and racist!!! it makes me sick.

    Being a victim they are always a victim..always the victim..give me give me you owe you owe me..if we could only turn back the clocks of time..who is enabling them NOW?????? can you say 3 years of welfare???

  • squeaky

    “This is not new” to some it may be. does run counter to the image though

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  • USMC Thomas

    Doesn’t everybody from southern Hawaii have an accent like that?

  • snewb

    What the video showed is just another lie.
    Obama in 2008 said he “went to Wright’s church once in awhile but didn’t pay much attention.” The video shows otherwise…

  • kato

    As I’ve written before, the message in the churches was different from the one given to the white liberal dopes. That’s why we’ve got video of all those parasites gushing about Obama Money. They knew Subprime was going to be their sugar daddy, redistributing the wealth.

  • Patty

    Obama is an actor and a prevaricator. The speech sounded like something in the ’50’s.

    A hate speech, a speech that seems to incite evil. No one is going to tell you the truth about this speech. I will say it, IT WAS RACIST.

    It was filled with a real sadness that this nation has to go back to a day that none of us liked. But it seems OBAMA DOESN’T KNOW THAT.

  • Patty

    And as far as everyone saying, “WELL THIS IS WHAT GOES ON IN BLACK CHURCHES” I say, then I certainly don’t wish to attend nor should anyone else. IT IS HATE.

  • Kissmygrits

    After being elected, did those in the affected classes notice how their roads and minority business suddenly received all those investments from the empty chair? What are you telling me that the roads are just as bad now as before and the minority businesses have closed? Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll get right on those investments for you in his next four years just as soon as he finds amnesty for the illegals, the flexibility for the Russians and more funding for the green energy people.

  • Patty

    20 years, threw up under the bus. NO, NO, NO, March he threw him under the bus, JUNE HE PRAISES HIM.

    Wright has more about Obama but they have shut him up. This is the tip of the ICEBERG.


  • Patty

    oh, yes, we probably won’t hear the L.A. Tapes until after elections. Unless, just maybe someone will step forward, now.

  • Patty

    Top Ten Reasons the 2007 Obama Video Matters in 2012

    1. The video released by the Daily Caller last night does include footage the media never broadcast or reported on.

    2. Now we know the media and the Obama campaign “selectively edited” the video in 2007 in order to cover up Obama’s divisive racial rhetoric.

    3. Past is prologue. Always.

    4. Obama grew up in Hawaii and Chicago, so where in the world does that hilariously fake southern accent come from?

    5. In order to stoke racial division and resentment, Obama lied to his audience.

    6. Obama is prone to believing and spreading dishonest and wildly false conspiracy theories.

    7. At the 19:20 mark we learn that the Christian Obama doesn’t know the Lord’s Prayer.

    8. Obama’s “us vs. them” rhetoric and beliefs extends to his governance.

    9. At the 20:10 mark, Obama laments the social injustice that created 37 million Americans living in poverty and pledges to fight that injustice as president.

    10. When Obama gave this speech the Reverend Wright scandal had yet to break.

  • Patty

    Coulter on Obama’s urban accent: ‘He just turns it on and suddenly we’ve got Malcolm X speaking to us’ [VIDEO]

    Read more:

  • Say no to the dark side

    The insertion of “Jesus Christ” is just a check in the box to appease those Pastors in the audience; a way of tempering a speech that could, by some, be a little contentious. The same way he has done in the last 4 years…like we’re supposed to believe it.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Nothing more than a two-bit punk who needs an ass-kicking.

  • this man is the most incredible liar. congress voted to waived the stafford act for new orleans. there were 14 people that voted againist waiving it, one of them was barack obama.

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