Barack Obama is the first US president in history to run four straight years of trillion dollar deficits.
No one has come close to that record.

(J. Hoft Chart)

Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.
Barack Obama owns the largest four deficits in history.
Barack Obama added $5 trillion to the US debt in just over three years – another record.
The GDP is sliding each quarter – this last quarter the GDP slid to 1.5%.

And the state-run media couldn’t care less. They’re too busy talking about Mitt Romney’s magic hankerchief tricks.
The Washington Times reported:

The federal government notched a $1.1 trillion deficit in fiscal year 2012 — the fourth straight year over $1 trillion — according to a preliminary estimate that the Congressional Budget Office released Friday.

That’s still an improvement over 2011, when the deficit reached $1.3 trillion, and it marks the lowest deficit of President Obama’s four years in office.

The CBO report said the better picture was due to higher revenue from taxes. Spending was about the same in 2012 as it was a year earlier.

The government ended the fiscal year on a very positive note, posting a $75 billion surplus for the month of September — just the second monthly surplus since the Wall Street collapse in September 2008, when President George W. Bush was still in office.




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  1. [The best news anywhere in the U.S. economy over the past three months has been in the government sector, where unemployment has dropped dramatically from 5.7 percent in July to 5.1 percent in August to 4.3 percent in September, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics..]

  2. OT

    AFL-CIO Union Announces Results of Massive Election Push: Registered Nearly Half a Million New Voters

    Trickle-Down Government: Jobs Numbers Inflated by Public Sector Hires

  3. California Gas Stations Shut as Oil Refiners Ration Supplies

    Obama record.

  4. Me? Run-up the deficit?

    How could you think of such a thing!

    In my crappy debate I told you exactly the opposite! I lied!

    Unfortunately, Mitt caught me lying. He said I should hire a better accountant! I was insulted!

    Is this any way to talk to Barky the Carnival barker?

    Let me be clear, I only lie on days of the week that end in Y.

    [Giggle… snort]

    If you like the way I have run up your credit card, caused unemployment to sky rocket and gas prices to go through the roof then vote for me!

    Go ahead and Get on Food Stamps! Get dependent on government hand outs! You may not like it but do it for Barky!

    As you have noticed, I have now started to wear a miniscule flag pin. This tiny little pin is just for the rubes. Bill Ayers is trampling the flag as I speak.

    And, this is very important! Send me $3,666.99 before midnight. The cost of Bus fuel for my AstroTurf crowd is breaking the bank. My campaign is almost bankrupt! Jay-Z wants his 0bama campaign donation returned! My donors are drying up!

    With your help and wall-to-wall 0bama BS from my Hollywood Talking Heads we can put lipstick on this pig of a campaign and make the pig fly!

    Send me more money! Send in you absentee ballot! Vote early and often. Axelrod has plenty of pre-filled-out absentee ballots! Good day.

  5. The U.S.A. is all 1% if you think about it ,Obama is a globalist, the majority of the world lives on about $2.50 aday. If he is re-elected look out America, High taxes on everyone,they will tell you how much you need to live , you don’t need that boat, 1 car per family,one rides the bus,coupons for food,Oh wait that is happening right now. Take,take,take,(but don’t look at us) It just baffles me as to 23% percent of the people are progressive trying to place their agenda on the rest of us. Just board the plane (SOLENT GREEN)!!

  6. This is why I joined the Tea Party Patriots, and co-chair the Seattle chapter. We need to stop the insanity, and soon, or we’ll pay a huge price. Our debt is $16 trillion. Inflation will hit sooner or later… Can you imagine paying just, say, 7% on that? That would be $1.1 trillion a year- or about 1/3 of our budget!! Totally unsustainable, and yes, Obama was right in 2008 when he said it’s unpatriotic to add so much to the debt!

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