13 Year-Old Jenny Schools 26 Year-Old Obama Girl (Video)

Will the real adult in the room please stand up.
College Obama Girl SCHOOLED by Thirteen-Year-Old Romney Supporter

A 13 year-old 8th grader and Romney supporter recently scored the candidates in this insightful video.

Jenny is a 13-year-old 8th grader who’s been interested in politics for a couple of years. She was confused about the claims of the Democrats and the claims of the Republicans. So, she decided to look at the facts and do a report card for President Barack Obama and one for Governor Mitt Romney.

Now compare Jenny’s thoughtful words to silly 26 year-old Obama supporter Lena Dunham.

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  • Patty

    What an intelligent young lady. Very inspiring to hear that Teachers are doing their job in this school and he or she needs to be commended also.

  • Patty

    Cheers! JENNY! In a little over 6 mins. SHE SAID IT ALL.

  • Old Glazier

    Congratulations mom and dad. Lovely, intelligent and interesting. Great things ahead for her.

  • Granny

    Now there is a young lady to be proud of – and an excellent presentation. Quite some little bit of difference from the “children’s choir” serenading Obama.

  • Mekan

    Not a fan. If you list points on one side they need to be addressed on the other. Remember what happened to the last kid that was propped up as a conservative prodigy?

  • Patty


    The Destruction of America. Planned by Obama.

    Read more http://hillbuzz.org/the-destruction-of-america-planned-by-obama-14550

    watch this you tube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEhvF8b8Mrg

  • Oliver

    (finally — someone asking questions about this horrible woman!)


  • Patty

    This is for Jenny, she will love this:

    Gallup: Obama’s Early Vote Advantage Collapses 22-Points Over 2008


  • George

    Friggen’ awesome. There is hope for our youth. She nailed it.

    Mekan, she covered all the necessary points. Obama: failure. Romney: success.
    She mentioned Libya but didn’t even have to touch on the Obama administration cowardice in the face of an al Qaeda attack in Benghazi. That would have moved the Middle East from D- to F.

  • Hatey Hateman

    Beware sending your children out to espouse political beliefs. I had classmates her age that were politically aware during the Watergate scandal, and they never recovered from their leftwing nonsense.

  • Granny

    #11 –

    Isn’t it a wonderful thing, then , that this young woman is not espousing political beliefs, but presenting a reasoned and well thought out comparison.

  • Oliver

    Great points, but I still don’t like campaigns using children to sell their ideology. Apples & oranges between this ad and the singing robotic class of kids, but still … if you were angered by the robot ad ….

    (And does anyone really think Jenny came up with this on her own? She’s a very bright kid, but really??)

  • Sharon

    She’s got my vote. It would be nice if all voters took her approach and actually thought about why they should vote for a candidate.

  • Granny

    Actually, I would believe that she might very well have come up with this on her own. 8th graders doing video presentations is quite common these days and certainly a comparison of the two candidates would be exactly the kind of thing a responsible social studies teacher would assign to a class of that grade level.

  • dunce

    I am willing to bet that this smart girl will never be in a flash mob or part of a group like occupy wall street, but she might one day work there.

  • RB

    While I agree with what this young woman says, this strikes me as too polished a video to be the exclusive work of a 13-year-old, even one as intelligent as her. It seems to have too many of our “adult” talking points used vs. O.

  • Granny

    RB, kids have come a LONG way since you were in 8th grade. Some of them are pretty danged smart and at least as “adult” as most who qualify by age.

    As far as polished video goes, I’ll put my 16 year old granddaughter up against most adults on turning out video and the kid can make Photoshop turn cartwheels. Has done since she was down in the single digits. Like many of today’s kids, she learned to type before she could write and was running a computer before she learned to read – or count for that matter. There are a tremendous number of kids around that came out of the womb with a mouse in one hand LOL.

  • Hatey Hateman

    Isn’t it a wonderful thing, then , that this young woman is not espousing political beliefs, but presenting a reasoned and well thought out comparison.

    It’s a double-edged sword, Granny. She articulated her presentation well, unfortunately, most of the time children are just parroting their parents political agenda. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with her assessment, I just get uneasy when children are pushed out front in an election.

  • Bigkahuna

    She may have had help.. But she at least looked at both sides and uses common sense and reason. Nobody said she couldn’t do research and ask questions to reach her conclusions. She spoke intelligently and seemed to understand her rational points and while not pushing her conclusions its obvious her take.

    She is ten times smarter than Sandra fluke, and the other dimwit talking vaginas as if they have had their rights to abortion, birth control, right to vote.