WOW! Bill O’Reilly BLASTS Caroline Kennedy’s Rebelious DNC Speech Against Catholic Church Doctrine (Video)

Tonight at the DNC Convention Caroline Kennedy decided to speak out as a Catholic against the Church’s doctine.
Bill O’Reilly was stunned and slammed her for this gratuitous display:

Kennedy is the latest Catholic Democrat to speak out against Catholic Church doctrine in public.

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  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    the kennedy’s have always had their own branch of the catholic church.

    lady greenworld you don’t get to pick and choose what parts of the catholic religion you want to believe. either you are in 100% or your out. maybe you belong to the kennedy branch of the church.

  • owl

    When I think of Caroline, I see the sad little girl and boy following the casket.

    Each year it gets more difficult to have the same feelings for the woman. She just wiped them out.

  • JRTerrier5

    She’s a filthy rich woman, what does she know. Oh, wait, she’s a democrat. never mind.

  • Ace

    The Holy Catholic defines liberalism as a heresy. Heretics are de facto excommunicated from the Church.

    Caroline Kennedy isn’t even a Catholic.

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  • Jeannie

    Lady Mondegravitas: YOU said you were not in communion, they needn’t say anything and your bishop, if he accepts your view on abortion, is no bishop.

    Being in communion means you accept your faith. The Catholic church is not member ruled. We have a 2000 year leader who knew very well what was coming down the road when He made these rules. St. Peter was the STEWARD for Christ, who gave him the keys to the church, the provisions for which were never in question.

    Thou shalt not kill and ‘woe unto any who harm the most innocent’ are irrefutable.

    John leapt in Elizabeth’s womb as a pregnant Mary approached and if you haven’t figured out that there are NO gratuitous lines in the Bible you were improperly catechized.

    Actually I need not ask. You could not be properly catechized, call yourself a practicing Catholic and CHOOSE to reject a law that you have no say in. Catholicism is not a voter controlled movement.

    I’d recommend you find another bishop.

    Better yet, go to confession and urge him to as well.

    May God steer you away from the blindness and hard heartedness which feeds evil, not your soul.

  • Jeannie

    The Catholic church does not use excommunication to punish but to drive a sinner to repentance so that they can readjust their lives in order to submit to God’s will and find the only source of peace.

    Only Christianity believes that every single human being is of priceless worth and has talents that can taken them as far as they want, with faith in God.

    Caroline Kennedy is the product of a liberal elite education. Rich or not, anyone between 30 and 90 schooled these last 60 years in elite circles, will have a severely twisted view of reality.

  • Jeannie

    #39, she’s saying prayers for them from Heaven, God bless her.

  • obfuscatenot

    I weep for the children. The innocents that have been lost to the self-centered. I am really confused by the Democrats….One minute screaming seperate church and state, the next minute talking Catholic doctrine at the holy DNC…..color me confused. Hypocrisy and murder-the political party. Frightening.

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  • Theadora

    #6 if you agree with her you are not in full communion with the Church.

  • dwillmore

    They so know that abortion is evil and wrong that they dare not speak its name.

    I never understood why people who disagree with the rules of a club, and have no intention of following those rules remain in the club. At some point you may call your self part of the club, but you really aren’t. If the Catholic church is correct in the end there will be a Being that informs them that He knew them not.

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  • dwillmore

    @#23 September 6, 2012 at 8:24 pm
    Lady Mondegreen

    Lady, I say this with great love in my heart for you. This is not a matter of opinion, but of fact. Your view on the matter would be like Hitler saying the he and the Catholic church had a different opinion of the Jew being human, or cripples being allowed to live.

    Scientifically at the moment of conception the child is human. Metaphysically according to Christianity the child has a soul at the moment of conception. According to the Bible God knows the child as it is knitted in the womb.

    I don’t know if you have had an abortion or family that has had an abortion. If you have my heart goes out to you because of the deep pain that is involved. But abortion is what it is. It is not a matter of opinion. If you say that you are for abortion in regards to saving the life of a woman….that is a terrible choice that must be made. If you stand in defense of a pregnancy created through rape/rape incest I would champion the life of the individual baby, but I can understand. If the new mother is simply poor, decides she has too many children, or that the interruption of motherhood during this stage of her life is the reason to kill the child there is no understanding at all from me.

    Now let me ask you this…Is it ok to abort a baby because it is a girl and not a boy? If not why do you draw the line there?

  • Joanne S.

    It was Ted Kennedy who pushed abortion on the Democrat Party after several dissident priests reassured him at a special meeting in Hyannisport that it wouldn’t alienate Catholics. The blood money from the abortion industry was just too tempting. Besides, if men want to fool around it makes perfect sense to champion abortion so they can hide the fruits of their actions. If women are stupid enough to buy into it their own exploitation, then go for it. After all, Caroline Kennedy would have a bunch of half sisters and half brothers running around if JFK hadn’t had that mafia lady he was having an affair with get an abortion. (forgot her name, but she was also the girlfriend of Sam Giancanna and related the abortion in her book)

  • TrickyDick

    Screw the Kennedys. The familys all crooks who got rich off bootlegging during prohibition. The government should sieze all their assets under the RICO statute and let them all go live in a homeless shelter somewhere.

  • Limousine Barry

    I have been to Pakistan! I have prayed to Allah!

    I have worn thong panties. I have put my head to the ground and my butt int the air. I have gotten a wedgie!

    You will not find that in a Catholic Church!

  • Freddy

    Henry the VIII started the Protestant church because he did not believe in all the tenants of the Catholic church.

    The PROGRESSIVES of today think that they can usurp the Catholic church and remove it’s values to suit their personal desires.

    Why don’t these these Progressives simply start their own church? Even J Wright took a stand for what he believes in without trying to usurp other people’s beliefs.

  • Mia

    Lady Mondegreen,

    Obviously, none of the faithful Catholics commenting on your posts are going to convince you otherwise (bravo to those who have truly done their homework in citing both Sacred Scripture and irrefutable Church teachings).

    I pray that the Holy Spirit will open your mind and heart to the truth…there are none so blind as those who will not see!

  • EHF

    Damn it, how many ‘Catholics’ don’t know this, advising for, having, or approving an abortion is an AUTOMATIC excommunication, you have to see a bishop to undo it. And only if you actually are repentant.

    So she, and lady Mondegreen etc. are excommunicated, which is(the closest you can get to)being kicked out of the catholic church.

    If you think it’s O.K. to kill children, you are NOT in communion with Rome, God, or sanity.