WOW! Bill O’Reilly BLASTS Caroline Kennedy’s Rebelious DNC Speech Against Catholic Church Doctrine (Video)

Tonight at the DNC Convention Caroline Kennedy decided to speak out as a Catholic against the Church’s doctine.
Bill O’Reilly was stunned and slammed her for this gratuitous display:

Kennedy is the latest Catholic Democrat to speak out against Catholic Church doctrine in public.

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  • ponderon
  • Mike

    You are not a catholic if you believe in abortion, no debate needed.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    #8 and #11: Whether I am or am not in communion is not for you to say. It is a matter between myself and my bishop, whom I count among my dearest, closest friends and who does not consider a difference of opinion on this point grounds for denying me communion. If I were having or performing abortions it would be a different matter but, as he puts it “the Church is not the thought police.” If I wanted to live in a theocracy, I would move to Iran but I don’t and I thank God on my knees for the for both the freedom of expression and of religion (or lack thereof for those who do not believe) guaranteed in the First Amendment.

  • rhonda

    the Catholic Church won’t do anything. its really just a money making operation. They left Christ along time ago.

    Guess Caroline didn’t read the book the Obama’s and how much they hate white Irish Catholics.

  • Carbon Monoxide

    #23 – Wow. You ARE totally clueless. No, it is not for me to say but if a Bishop is telling you this, he is guilty of heresy as well.

  • Finncrisp

    The party of Death and Eugenics rolls on…

    There is no self respecting, Jesus loving Christian who should be anywhere near this gang of God haters.

  • Vince

    Believing in and protecting LIFE is one of the fundamental principles of the Roman Catholic Faith. To support abortion is completely counter to this faith. It would be akin to an Atheist saying “I am 100% an atheist, I don’t believe in any supreme being or force, with one exception, I believe in God” How stupid is that statement. It’s makes as much sense as Caroline Kennedy, or any other so-called “Pro-Choice” Catholic…sorry to break it to you Caroline, and Nancy Pelosi, and you others, but you are basically saying you a uncatholic Catholic. Please leave my church, you embarrass me and my fellow Roman Catholics, and you are no Catholic, don’t claim to be one.

  • Ghost

    #6 & #23

    No-Bo-Dy gives a rat’s ass about you.
    they only care about how you defame God.

    you want everything you want without consequence
    well, you can’t have it

    God Will Not Be Mocked.
    in this lifetime, or the next

    No-Bo-Dy cares enough about you to change you
    Only that you’ve been warned

    once you know, you can never again not know
    you and your bat—- crazy bishop will know for sure once your gig is up here

    we still advise you to stay away from Teddy

  • http://Gateway fightinggranny

    Those professing abortion and pro life are OK and they belong, supposedly in good standing, to the Catholic Church, you will burn in hell. Denounce the church now; you left a long time ago. To all those people who believe abortion is wonderful, it’s a shame your mother didn’t feel that way.

  • dnb

    #23, you are wrong; your bishop is wrong. I will pray for you. I also think last week’s Gospel was on the sin of thinking evil, which you and your bishop obviously seem to be doing. Thou shall not kill; abortion kills. Abortion is a sin; you and your bishop are advocating sin. You deserve each other. Come to think of it, maybe the two of you actually belong to a different church?

  • Joe College

    First of all, the commies have been against the Church since Lenin. They stepped up after the Polish revolt led by the Church. Every time I hear an attack on the Pope, especially coming from Europe and especially served up without details, I have to really wonder who is behind it.

    Secondly, It is vintage Obama to turn Americans against each other. He is especially fond of turning Catholic against Catholic, Jew against Jew, black against black.

    ** off topic. I’m sitting here listening to Biden: “One thing I knew of Barack is the enormity of his heart”.
    From Webster: “Definition of ENORMITY. 1. : an outrageous, improper, vicious, or immoral act “

  • Ginny

    Lady Mondegreen,
    If you receive the Eucharist and at the same time reject ANY of the Church’s teaching on faith and morals then you eat and drink to your own condemnation. Your Bishop is just wrong and you have been very poorly catechized.

  • Angelfire

    In my parish, we are told to not receive communion even if we miss a mass. Requires going to confession to again receive. Can you guess what our priest says about abortion?!

  • Redlite

    Sweet Caroline you can not call yourself a Roman Catholic unless you belive in the sanctity of human life. True Catholisism is not some ala carte religion where you can pick and choose what parts of the Bible you agree with. The Episcopal Church has done that and look at the results. They agree with abortion on demand and have a practicing lesbian Bishop as head of the American church!!

    The difference between repubs and dems is this: Republicans believe in the power of God and the Dems believe in the power of man.

    Watching this convension is a whole lot like watching the Gong Show from the 70’s. They keep sending one fruitcake after another out to convince the public that the Pres deserves another shot. Well we all get fruitcake at Christmas and after eating a slice or two it ends up in the fridge where it remains untill Super Bowl time and we thro it out to make room for beer.

    So we all hope and pray that Barry is not in office on Super Bowl time!!

  • Sean

    JFK would not support Obama. Neither would his father or an earlier version of Bobby Kennedy.

  • ohio

    As with the Kennedy’s wonder what drug she was spaced out on, or like most of them just drunk.

  • Warren Peece

    Caroline, I am under the impression that your father and your uncles believed in and promoted abortions. With the track record of rape and molestation in your family we can only guess how many half-brothers and sisters and cousins you would have, had they not all been aborted.

    No wonder you believe in it, your own faith be damned.

  • stonedome

    the kennedy’s are limousine catholics…they show up for photo ops. caroline is just another self serving kennedy brat that never did anything to deserve what she has been afforded in life with the exception of being born. they are flailing if joe biden, john kerry and (what a) dick durbin are the big guns.

  • l.barney

    Thank God I didn’t watch. My grandmother said her rosary three times a day and sometimes and I would too. She worshipped these people, if only she knew what they have become!
    She passed away 15 years ago.

  • stonedome

    #6 lady mondegreen
    you say you agree with Caroline and you disagree with Rome on one issue, so be it…i think you miss the fact that commandments come from God, not man. Abortion is killing life and I don’t know how you can vote for obama who supports actual infanticide. You should read II Timothy 3 to see where you and others like you are leading this world