The crowd was cheering “Allahu Akbar” as they dragged his lifeless body from the torched building. Although there is discussion that the ambassador was still alive at this point.
Via Breitbart:

From the video:

The translation is :-  the man inside shout there is a man and I think he is a live, then the man out side says: bring him here, and after they found that he is still alive they all saied (Allah Akbar) that mean they are happy that he is still alive, the last word ,one of them said comm on ( in my car ) he mean to send him to hospital




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  1. Ok! I am very confused! This does not look like the hospital Hillary and Obama were talking about when they described how brave men tried to help the ambassador but he died in a hospital bed… Maybe i am wrong.

  2. They were flagging a taxi down to take the Ambassador to the hospital after a WORKPLACE VIOLANCE incident.

  3. There’s a message from the current President of the United States coinciding with the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah – 5773.

    It’s on video and about a minute and a half long.

    There’s also a message from Mr. Romney around the same length.

    Please watch both videos, especially the President’s, in which he demands tolerance of Islam.

    Yes, demands.

    Not my words.

    — — —

    Kenny Solomon
    Oath Keeper
    Patriot Guard Rider

  4. Was thsi taken before or after they sodomized him?

  5. Savages. We need more snipers.

  6. Yeah, they were helping him. . .that’s why they were dragging his body instead of picking him up and carrying him!

    I hope these images haunt BHO/Hillary for the rest of their lives (only we know they won’t because they are both self serving/narcissistic imbeciles who have purposely endangered our country!

  7. What ever the truth is, it won’t come from the WH.

  8. I would like to see the same thing happen to the Obamanation….

  9. But—but—but—-

    Hillary told us that the noble, wonderful, compassionate Libyans, found the Ambasaddor injured, and tenderly carried him to the hospital!

    She wouldn’t lie about that, would she?


  10. Sorry to disappoint everyone.

    But these guys aren’t the attackers. They are regular Libyans who are trying to find survivors.

    If you look closely and understand this culture first-hand, it’s quite obvious.

    They are trying to lift Stevens out, and are happy because they believe him to be alive. These men aren’t the ones who torched the embassy or hurt Stevens. They’re trying to help. And they are finding it difficult to lift him through the window or doorway because his is unconscious or already dead).

    FOR CRYING OUT LOUD — GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT and don’t think Libya is Pakistan or Egypt for that matter.

    Now, a lesson.

    Even nominal Moslems will say ‘Y’allah’ for everything and ‘Allah Akbar’ to express more intense agreement. I know the really horrible ones do this, but so do the regulars.


    That said, even the basic Arabs who aren’t terribly Jew-rabid, female-rabid, and religion-rabid, can’t do much against the organized legions of the Iranian Hama, Hezbollah, Moslem Brotherhood, whom Obama has let get into these positions of power. Any opposition is reported to the higher ups (spies everywhere) and retribution follows.

    Just don’t lump everyone together. It’s easier to do that, but it’s not accurate.

    Remember, as an example, that Moslem Egyptian men and women helped protect Lara Logan from the mob, or she would be dead now.

    Just sayin’.

  11. What is unfortunate, is that faces are recognizable on the video and the Moslem Brotherhood/AQ guys will begin searching.

    But thanks to them for risking that to do what they could.

    Sadly, it was too late.


    Here is the Video Obama has reported telling Fox not to air on Hannity.

    It explains a great deal to those who may have doubts about Obama.

  13. Mama grizzly – I don’t think so.

    They DO have ambulances in Benghazi & They DO have cell phones. There is also such a thing as CPR.

    Glad we are not subjected to the rape .

  14. Hey Mama grizzly, we are not putting every muslims in the same bag, sadly they do it all by themselves. I do have friends who are muslims (we never talk politics, mostly tasty foods) but if you do not speak up the evil ones will swallow you up whole. I am sure times were very bad when many many women died accused of witchcraft during the middle ages in europe. Many women kept their mouth shut to survive. I get it. Still some did speak up and paid the ultimate price.
    The key words here : middle ages, dark ages.
    Time to speak up loud and clear or die trying!

  15. “What ever the truth is, it won’t come from the WH.” true. the video was too dark for me and busy for me.

  16. The msm must cover this up immediately. Obama’s Presidency depends upon it. Must-cover-up!

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