Libyans Scream “Allahu Akbar” As They Drag US Ambassador’s Body From Torched Building (Video)

The crowd was cheering “Allahu Akbar” as they dragged his lifeless body from the torched building. Although there is discussion that the ambassador was still alive at this point.
Via Breitbart:

From the video:

The translation is :-  the man inside shout there is a man and I think he is a live, then the man out side says: bring him here, and after they found that he is still alive they all saied (Allah Akbar) that mean they are happy that he is still alive, the last word ,one of them said comm on ( in my car ) he mean to send him to hospital

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  • bronxdude

    Ok! I am very confused! This does not look like the hospital Hillary and Obama were talking about when they described how brave men tried to help the ambassador but he died in a hospital bed… Maybe i am wrong.

  • donh

    They were flagging a taxi down to take the Ambassador to the hospital after a WORKPLACE VIOLANCE incident.

  • There’s a message from the current President of the United States coinciding with the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah – 5773.

    It’s on video and about a minute and a half long.

    There’s also a message from Mr. Romney around the same length.

    Please watch both videos, especially the President’s, in which he demands tolerance of Islam.

    Yes, demands.

    Not my words.

    — — —

    Kenny Solomon
    Oath Keeper
    Patriot Guard Rider

  • Muzzi EMS.


    Was thsi taken before or after they sodomized him?

  • SM-WI

    Savages. We need more snipers.

  • YouWorkForUs

    Yeah, they were helping him. . .that’s why they were dragging his body instead of picking him up and carrying him!

    I hope these images haunt BHO/Hillary for the rest of their lives (only we know they won’t because they are both self serving/narcissistic imbeciles who have purposely endangered our country!

  • USMC Thomas

    What ever the truth is, it won’t come from the WH.

  • Ian

    I would like to see the same thing happen to the Obamanation….

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  • Rhinestone Suderman


    Hillary told us that the noble, wonderful, compassionate Libyans, found the Ambasaddor injured, and tenderly carried him to the hospital!

    She wouldn’t lie about that, would she?


  • Mama Grizzly

    Sorry to disappoint everyone.

    But these guys aren’t the attackers. They are regular Libyans who are trying to find survivors.

    If you look closely and understand this culture first-hand, it’s quite obvious.

    They are trying to lift Stevens out, and are happy because they believe him to be alive. These men aren’t the ones who torched the embassy or hurt Stevens. They’re trying to help. And they are finding it difficult to lift him through the window or doorway because his is unconscious or already dead).

    FOR CRYING OUT LOUD — GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT and don’t think Libya is Pakistan or Egypt for that matter.

    Now, a lesson.

    Even nominal Moslems will say ‘Y’allah’ for everything and ‘Allah Akbar’ to express more intense agreement. I know the really horrible ones do this, but so do the regulars.


    That said, even the basic Arabs who aren’t terribly Jew-rabid, female-rabid, and religion-rabid, can’t do much against the organized legions of the Iranian Hama, Hezbollah, Moslem Brotherhood, whom Obama has let get into these positions of power. Any opposition is reported to the higher ups (spies everywhere) and retribution follows.

    Just don’t lump everyone together. It’s easier to do that, but it’s not accurate.

    Remember, as an example, that Moslem Egyptian men and women helped protect Lara Logan from the mob, or she would be dead now.

    Just sayin’.

  • Mama Grizzly

    What is unfortunate, is that faces are recognizable on the video and the Moslem Brotherhood/AQ guys will begin searching.

    But thanks to them for risking that to do what they could.

    Sadly, it was too late.

  • Patty

    Here is the Video Obama has reported telling Fox not to air on Hannity.

    It explains a great deal to those who may have doubts about Obama.

  • Summer Love

    Mama grizzly – I don’t think so.

    They DO have ambulances in Benghazi & They DO have cell phones. There is also such a thing as CPR.

    Glad we are not subjected to the rape .

  • bronxdude

    Hey Mama grizzly, we are not putting every muslims in the same bag, sadly they do it all by themselves. I do have friends who are muslims (we never talk politics, mostly tasty foods) but if you do not speak up the evil ones will swallow you up whole. I am sure times were very bad when many many women died accused of witchcraft during the middle ages in europe. Many women kept their mouth shut to survive. I get it. Still some did speak up and paid the ultimate price.
    The key words here : middle ages, dark ages.
    Time to speak up loud and clear or die trying!

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  • squeaky

    “What ever the truth is, it won’t come from the WH.” true. the video was too dark for me and busy for me.

  • crackermike

    The msm must cover this up immediately. Obama’s Presidency depends upon it. Must-cover-up!

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Mama Grizzly. You’re trying to separate out less aggressive bears from all the rest to draw some kind of distinction therebetween. In doing so, you ignore the simple truism that they’re all bears!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I dunno. . .

    The guy in that one picture, in the pink and black shirt, holding up the dead (Stunned? Dying?) ambassador, while others photograph him with their cell phones (and while he’s apparently holding his own, in his mouth) doesn’t look like he’s helping the ambassador.

    You don’t help an injured man by hoisting him up, and dragging him through the streets. And Stevens doesnt’ look too happy, in that pic. I mean, they do have stretchers, and ambulances, in Benghazi, yes?

    Hamas, Hizbollah and the Moslem Brotherhood all have tremendous support in the Islamic world, and always seem to do well when they have elections over there. It may be many Moslems don’t support them—but, if this is the case, they also seem pretty powerless against them. Hence, we can’t count on their help, or expect them to rise up against their oppressors—or even stop putting them in office, when they get the chance. Those mullahs, crazy imams and mujahadeen oppressing the people there didn’t land in flying saucers; the people themselves supported them, and put them in power.

    At this point, the “They’re not all the same” argument is as meaningless as arguing that all Germans, or all Japanese, weren’t all the same, during WWII. We’re at war, now. It’s also an argument I’m getting tired of, to be perfectly honest. It gets trotted out every time Islam commits an atrocity; our sympathy for alleged innocent Moslems is used against us, to keep us from seeing Islam as it actually is.

    If he was getting all this splendid help from the Libyans, how comes he wound up dead?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    At this point, the sympathy card is getting as overplayed as the race card. And it’s always used for specially protected, politically correct victims. We’re supposed to weep over the Okkupayshun, and suffering Palestine, but ignore those supposedly suffering Palestinians when they murder babies in their cribs, and fire rockets at schools. The murder and persecution of Christian Copts is mostly ingored, but we’re supposed to pity the tender religious feelings of the Mujahadeen, because they’ve been subjected to a badly made video. How can we be so heartless? How can we condemn them all?

    Always, always, always, we’re expected to feel sorry for those who attack us. And, now, we’re supposed to give up freedom of speech, in order to make our enemies feel better. But, of course, they’re not ALL bad—something I find pretty cold comfort, as our government prepares to enforce shari’a law against us.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Oh yes. After what Obama did in Libya ALL the emergency services are working fine–just like in America.

    Listen: You don’t know what “dragging through the streets” would look like. It would be very gruesome.

    These guys were trying to help. They don’t know CPR, probably have never heard of it. They son’t have EMT training. Sheesh. They’re happy to have found him and are about to try and load him into a car to go to the hospital.

    Deal with it.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I dunno, Grizzly Mama, the pics we’ve seen of the Ambassador look plenty gruesome to me.

    Why wouldn’t the ambulance services, etc., in Libya be working just fine? It’s Americans, and the American embassy, being attacked right now—not all of Libya in general, and they’ve had some time to recover, after our splendid little war against Khaddaffi—I mean, didn’t we rescue them from that narsty dictator? Weren’t they supposedly well on their way to setting up this wonderful, democratic society, and going all Arab Springtimey?

    And, considering that a lot of them have, supposedly, been through fighting—yeah, I’d say they probably have heard of CPR, and should know some basic first aid—better than many Americans, in fact.

    (They’ve got cell phones, but don’t know about CPR? Nice try, no cigar.)

    At least, they ought to know that if you’re taking someone to a hospital, the best thing to do is NOT to dump him on the ground, hoist him over your heads, and then take pictures. Wouldn’t speed be of the essence, if they were actually trying to help—and secrecy?

    If these really were rescuers, why would they bother taking pictures of him at all? Wouldn’t that be kinda awkward if some of the rampaging jihadis grabbed their cell phones, and saw pictures of them rescuing the ambassador, and realized they’d taken him to a hospital? Is anyone on that video saying, “Put the (*&&^% cell phone away, Ahmed, we don’t have time for this, and do you want to give us away?”)

    Maybe they were happy he was alive, because it’s just no fun, beating a dead body. . .

    Sorry, Mama, it just doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Some of us just aren’t gonna drink the Kool-aid, no matter how pretty the cup it’s served up in.

    Deal with it.

  • onbe

    #12 September 16, 2012 at 10:52 pm
    Mama Grizzly commented:

    That maybe but can you explain if they are helping him why is one guy standing on his chest ?

  • Sam

    Idiots, you here the words Allahu Akbar and you automatically assume they were happy he was dead?? If any of you knew Arabic you’d realize it’s actually the opposite, they thought he was alive, and they were screaming “He’s alive, Allahu Akbar”

    God how deluded you are!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    “That maybe but can you explain if they are helping him why is one guy standing on his chest ?” No one is standing on his chest, there are only people leaning over him trying to check his pulse or whatever.

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  • OldGloryForever

    I saw the first video of them raping Chris. I had just turned on the tv and my guy had it on Fox and the Bill ORiley show was on…Bill stated that Chris was sodomized for four hours before they left him and rocketed the building. So I googled it and got the video on u tube… I tried to upload it because I knew what I was seeing,was going to be covered up in this country. Guys, they had a room full of men…Chris was not beaten but was bracing,himself with both hands on the floor in front of him…white sheet and tee shirt pulled up to his shoulders a guy holding,him there… His pants on the floor…a man with his hands on the cheeks so his bum…he was looking into a,camera not three feet from his face…his legs were spread and he was being raped and filmed! Chris had no marks on him no soot around his mouth and he was clean except for some blood on the floor…you could see terror in his face and every American should be forced to watch that video! Now this president is over in Libya trying to cover his as with our FBI and troops and they only reason for the Libyians to make signs of we r sorry is because of the two war ships on their doorsteps…this was a blatant 911 attack and now it comes to light by CNN that Chris asked for protection and help and Obama was on letterman!!! These are the facts and I can! Pass a lie detector test on this!