According to Iranian Fars News the US Consulate in Kirkuk came under attack today.
Fars News reported:

The US consulate in Iraq’s Northern city of Kirkuk was targeted by rocket attacks, a source in Kirkuk police announced on Tuesday.

Alsumaria news agency quoted informed source in Kirkuk police department as saying that two Katyusha rockets struck the US consulate in the province.

The source said on the condition of anonymity that insurgents fired two Katyusha rockets at Kirkuk airport, host to US consulate in the city, on Monday evening.

The source added that security forces immediately identified the place from which the rockets had been launched and found the rocket-launcher.

There are yet no reports on the number of possible casualties or damage to properties by the attacks.

So far there are no other reports on this attack.

UPDATE: The US Consulate in Kirkuk has no reports on an attack at the website.




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  1. How long musty we be at war with radical Islam before we untie our hands and minds and fight back?

  2. Here’s who made the anti Muslim movie: Read the article, watch all the videos (even when they are blacked out) and then go to the Wikipedia link; It was the Obama govt with John Brennan and the CIA:

  3. 1 Sam – we need to get rid of the number 1 muslim here first. That is right now our absolute top priority.

  4. But why. I thought Obama was going to protect us with his powers of bowing and scraping.

  5. Kurds are muzzles too?

  6. EyeCandy and HillaryMonster are too busy goofing off and laughing about in New York to worry about this bump in the road.

  7. So the deaths in the Middle East are just bumps in the road and Israel’s plea for help with Iran threatening to Nuke them is just noise. I think this bit of Eye Candy has passed its sell by date.

  8. All of the posters that shout WAR should just stop. War is F in HELL!!! STOP!!! there is no glory. Just the mission. We cant wait until its over. We will follow this President because he is not a coward, but make no mistake. All Military personnel wants to complete the mission and come home and have sex withour wives and girlfreinds.

    THERE IS NO GLORY ONLY DEATH. The Ambassador was a part of the war. Do you people think it just stop? at the borders? he knew the risk. There is no difference in the death of the Ambassador and any other of my brothers and sisters. And BTW the Video gave the AQ cover. It was responsible for Death. AQ saw the riot, used it for cover and executed. The video HELPED THE ENEMY. That is a fact. Are you so stupid that you cant see that?

    Listen People I understand Free Speach, but DONT HURT US!!!!! COME ON!!! We are on the front line not you. and you make a incitefull Video that is sure to inflame the mideast, WHILE WE ARE THERE!!! WHAT THE HEL* ARE YOU THINKING? And what is this I hear about voting down our assistance once we get out? who is responsible for that? You should be shot for Sedition. Stop saying you support the troops and then vote against us. DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS call your people. That aint right and you know it. I serve with some good ol boys and some cool brothers. figure it out over there. Vote and then work with the results. QUIT COMPLAINING

  9. Jim Holt, this person claiming to be a soldier is not. Our proud men and women value freedom of speech.

    This person is besmirching them and has shut down dialogue today at many of your posts with the same cut and paste comment.

    All our soldiers know Obama is part of the problem.

    Progressives have no shame. They hate the military and dare to post as part of it to shut down debate, so they can dismantle the principles that make America great.

  10. America Traitor Female, you know nothing about me. Shut your know nothing piehole. Put your money where your unless mouth is and SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND QUIT COMPLAINING

  11. #10-13: When I was a soldier, we were all hoping to serve our country and get home safely. We hoped the same thing for our comrades. And I would be annoyed at anyone who gratuitously made our lives more dangerous, e.g. urinating on enemy corpses or murdering an Iraqi family to rape the daughter. THere are questions of judgment when a pastor burns the Koran publicly or someone releases a video that insults Islam.
    That said, the point to our armed forces is to preserve our nation and our rights are part of that point.
    Although I would love to see war end, I agree that the tone of 10 and 13 does not sound like an American soldier. Of course American soldiers run a wide gamut. I’ll say that, if the author of 10 and 13 is a soldier, the voice is one I’m not proud of.

  12. On the point of the thread, it sounds like the Iranians were following the lead of the NY Times and making this up.

  13. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK…..9/11/12 began the Jihad version of the Tet Offensive…..NEWS over the last week is being supressed to protect Obama…..America remains non responsive to acts of war.


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