UN Ambassador Rice Wrong Again… US Popularity in Arab World Plummeted Under Obama

Wrong again.
Yesterday US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice told Jake Tapper on This Week,
“We’re not impotent. We’re not even less popular to challenge that assessment.”

Rice was wrong about that, too.
US popularity in the Arab World has plummeted during the Obama years.
Newsmax reported on this Zogby poll last year:

Arab approval of the United States in the Middle East has plummeted so drastically that it now is lower than it was during the presidency of George W. Bush, according to a startling new survey.

The poll of over 4,000 citizens in six Arab nations — Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates — shows the favorability rating of the United States dropping precipitously in four of them.

U.S. favorability has increased by 2 points in Lebanon and 17 points in Saudi Arabia since the Bush era. But those were the only nations where U.S. favorability is now higher.!

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  • Adirondack Patriot

    The Arabs see an empty chair too.

  • Stella Baskomb

    “We’re not impotent.”

    “We’re not even less popular”

    Two more Instant Classics from this administration !

    They remind me of this one

    “I did not have sex with that woman Ms Lewinsky”

    Or this one

    “I am not a crook”.

    Or even this one:

    “GM is dying and bin Laden is coming back to life!”

  • owl

    I fell in love with Allen West, all over again, when he nailed this lying liar.

    This must be my year to be offended. This woman offends me. Big time. Every word out of her lying mouth offends me. I hate it. Yep. Said that hate word. I hate that I have now said the hate word.

    She is such a brownshirt in that line of brownshirts being lead by Obama against a citizen of the USA that did nothing but express an opinion.

    It had NOTHING TO DO WITH A STUPID VIDEO and we are not so dumb that you and your humping Scoopers can cram it down our throats and make us swallow. Yep. Offended.

  • Linda

    Isn’t a lower rating from these Muslim nations good for Obama? After all, they hate that the Obama administration-led Seals killed Bin Laden and US drones are killing top al-Qaida leaders left and right. Only the Saudis benefit the US out of all these nations so the more positive rating from them should be welcomed but as far as the other nations mentioned…their hatred is a positive sign.

  • jorgen

    She is not wrong. She is lying.

  • navyman

    Where do all these stupid people come from?

  • listingstarboard

    The Obama administration lies as easily as they breathe. Seems like the entire progressive party is comprised of femi-nazis or homosexuals that are hell bent on punishing SOMEBODY. Angry, ugly hideous people are in charge of this country.

  • Dummy Demmis

    We killed osama bin-sinking and we crow all day long about it.

  • S.S. Lietanic

    If we can project calm while the deck is deeply wet, all will be fine.

  • Tom Kubiak, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

    Doesn’t one have to pass a minimum IQ test to be an ambassador?

  • stonedome

    #6 asks “Where do all these stupid people come from?” source = radical leftists from Harvard. check their credentials…

  • MicahStone

    Reason #6,784,259,012 to ensure that OBOZO is NOT re-elected: rice is being considered as the replacement for Shrillary Rotten Clinton as Sec of State. Imagine, an even more political, clueless, hyper-partisan, incompetent twit as Sec of State !!!!! (Does anybody know if rice, like Shrillary, embarrasses decent Americans with drunk, dirty dancing displays on the taxpayer’s dime while overseas on “official” business? Or does she do even worse things?)

  • lonestar

    She’s not just wrong she is Lying!

  • jony101

    even the muslims liked Bush better. In islamic countries they hate cowards, Bush took the fight to the muslims and the muslims liked that, because they love jihad. Obama constant bowing reminds them of how slaves behave, bowing before the master, no one respect that.