Together, Obama and Pelosi Destroyed the Godless Democrat Party

Together, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi destroyed the Democrat Party.
Today this collection of far left loons and baby killers have become a godless mob. How fitting that the most memorable moment from their Charlotte convention was their vote to banish God from the platform.

Kim Strassel at The Wall Street Journal reported:

Julian Castro is no Barack Obama. And for that, Democrats have themselves to blame.

The focus of this week’s Democratic convention was President Obama. Lost in the adulation was the diminished state to which he has brought his broader party. Today’s Democrats are a shadow of 2008—struggling for re-election, isolated to a handful of states, lacking reform ideas, bereft of a future political bench. It has been a stunning slide.

The speech by Mr. Castro, the young and charismatic mayor of San Antonio, was the Democrats’ attempt to recapture the party optimism that then-Senate candidate Obama sparked at the 2004 convention. John Kerry didn’t win, but that year marked the start of an ambitious Democratic plan to revitalize the party.

In 2006, Nancy Pelosi muzzled her liberal inclinations to recruit and elect her “Majority Makers”—a crop of moderate and conservative Democrats who won Republican districts and delivered control of the House for the first time in 14 years.

Democrats in 2006 also claimed the Senate, with savvy victories in states like Montana and Virginia. The party thumped Republicans in gubernatorial races, winning in the South (Arkansas), the Mountain West (Colorado), and in Ohio (for the first time since 1991). A vibrant candidate Obama further boosted Democratic ranks in 2008.

By 2009, President Obama presided over what could fairly be called a big-tent coalition. The Blue Dog caucus had swelled to 51 members, representing plenty of conservative America. Democrats held the majority of governorships. Mr. Obama had won historic victories in Virginia and North Carolina. The prediction of liberal demographers John Judis and Ruy Teixeira’s 2004 book, “The Emerging Democratic Majority”—lasting progressive dominance via a coalition of minorities, women, suburbanites and professionals—attracted greater attention among political analysts.

It took Mr. Obama two years to destroy this potential, with an agenda that forced his party to field vote after debilitating vote—stimulus, ObamaCare, spending, climate change. The public backlash, combined with the president’s mismanagement of the economy, has reversed Democrats’ electoral gains and left a party smaller than at any time since the mid-1990s…

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  • a former dem

    I was a conservative/centrist demonRat. There is no place for me in this new freak show of a undemocratic Party. They ram thru ObamaCare, which I opposed and hated, I opposed the stimulus, I oppose cap n trade, which I have no doubt Barry and his Obot demonrats will pass should they regain power.

    This is no longer the undemocratic party I was a member of for years. Its not a party of JFK or Truman, or heck even Bill Clinton, it is a party of radicals, marxists, its a party that is now of followers of Saul Allinksky and Karl Marx.

    What was seen at the DNC Convention was just a culmination of the freak show the party has now become. I am socially left leaning, but not that far left that I enjoyed the abortion celebration on the first night of the convention or the booing of God and Israel, and fiscally I’m very right, they were opposed to this as well.

    The party is now a 3 ring circus of a freak show. Everyone who opposes them is a racist, and all sorts of other names.

  • pink tie Republican

    Well, slick Willie was elected and had majorities in House and Senate and gave them all away. Then Bush did the same thing for Republicans. They each took eight years to do it, though. Looks like Choomboy will do it in four, if Soros can’t rig the vote counting.

  • valerie

    The Democratic Party will be back, provided it rids itself of the people that gave it the freak show, and develops some depth-of-field in the form of successful governors, and adds a few people who can actually do math.

    They need to become more like the present Republican party. Until that happens, we will continue to see the rude behavior, stupid quotes from hight party officials, and dwindling support for the party among the voters.

  • Picric

    I told a friend that it will be 16 years before another Dem sits in the Oval Office. In four years they (Hillary) will figure out it was the message not the messenger. After 8 years Paul Ryan will take over in the WH and he will bring new Ideas and more fiscal sanity. The Dems will be stuck with older members and no Ideas. There was a report that there are only 5 blue dog Dems left. Every person who voted for Obama care will be gone either through retirement (Pelosi) or through voting them out.

  • RKflorida

    I think we’re dreaming to think the Democratic party is destroyed, even a little. Satan will keep empowering them – I’m not kidding.

  • Indiana

    Must see viceo: The Dems chose a Muslim for a leader….that’s where they went wrong!

  • owl

    #1 I am a Republican that some would call RINO because of two issues. I favored SOMETHING being done under Bush about illegal immigration. Of course, I have been begging for help with the problem since Reagan opened the doors. I favor the exception clause for abortion, the same as Romney.

    For some (who I call purists) that makes you a RINO. Nope and regardless of how hard some might try to chase out all the voters who feel this way, I’m not moving.

    “Today this collection of far left loons and baby killers have become a godless mob.”

    Jim summed it up. Obama voted to KILL a baby that survived abortion. Obama yaks about his ‘torture’, so instead he just KILLS them to solve the problem.

    Democrats had to vote. Either you are FOR God or you are AGAINST God.

    Never thought I would see someone walk on the moon, a phone that went everywhere, a computer in every home. Always knew I would see the end of racism because it was just plain wrong but never dreamed it would be recreated a half century later as a political tool.

    Democrats topped it when they required a GOD vote. Yep. What’s next? Hitler and FORWARD?

  • Lars

    Economy muzzlers are devious, satan-leaning losers. If you could hear what these dems really think you should be terrified.

  • carvo
  • Mad Hatter

    “Together, Obama and Pelosi Destroyed the Godless Democrat Party”

    We can only hope.

  • greenfairie

    The Democrats always overreach. That is their weakness. They try and trick people into thinking they’ve become moderate, then as soon as the tools are in office, the hard-left ideologues take over and get to business.

    The Democratic Party is run on abortion, unions, atheism, criminality, hatred for whites and Western Civilization, progressivism that wants to remake society from the top down, environmentalism that wants to take us back 25,000 years to save the earth, and dependency. “Moderates” and small-c conservatives are merely window-dressing.

  • Sandy

    Picrick #4 Unfortunately it won’t take 16 years before the Dems are competitive again. They will put a new face on Socialism, run another Rock Star and sanity will seem like stale beer as people rally round a new Messiah who promises everything without sacrifice to anyone.

    As long as we have a Lib media and a few billionaires who are willing to put tons of money toward the goal of withering American into a pale imitation of Cuba there will be no end of charasmatic people vying for the job. After all look how far Obama got in making that goal a reality — the outcome of which is still in doubt.

  • TinkerToy

    #5 RK Florida

    Agreed. Satin will always be here, in human form, as displayed in the afore mentioned people. Thing is, Pissy-losi claims herself to be a Catholic…last I heard, Catholicism is a religion, which purportedly follows the Bible. You can open the Bible to ANY page, any chapter and verse, which gives humanity direction on being decent people, direct our lives, and treat others. These would be EXACTLY contrary to how Pissy-losi conducts herself or thinks. She apparently doesn’t know Luke 12:48 “To whom much is given, much will be required…”
    I believe God will have a few things to say in the end…

  • bg
  • Indiana

    To me the democratic party represents hell on earth. The gates were opened and satan’s spawn spewed out…..gypsies, tramps, theives, baby killers, and freaks. All united behind Mr. Evil himself. I know there are “good” democrats…..I pity them. They’re being shoved aside and embarassed by what’s representing them in politics today.

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  • the problem with the democratic like the republican party is the national committee.

  • Amash

    Romney needs to have an ad that relays that God vote over and over.

  • mg4us

    The Democrat Party of JFK, Robert Kennedy & Tip O’Neil is no more . . .

    Teddy was a leftist loon and nothing like his brothers. . he was a Loser.

    Clinton was also a loser, a manipulative, triangulating, Womanizing Loser

    Then there is Barack Hussein Obama mmm mmmm mmmmm
    The most Leftist and Radical of them all. . .(see 2016: Obama’s America)

    No wonder there are few Blue Dog Democrats left
    No wonder there is no room for Joe Sixpack and other hard working Blue Collar White Males
    No Wonder the DNC is a freakshow of Sluts, Abortionists, Welfare junkies, and Commies

    Don’t believe the poles. . .
    Don’t believe MSM. . .DemocRATs are demoralized after a downer of a speech
    So Demoralized that 15 min after Obama’s speech, over 80% of venue was vacated
    The RATs are jumping ship. . .

    Need to shine a light on these RATs and roaches.

    They are the Party that divides and spew envy and contempt
    They are the Party of reckless spending
    They are the Party of Dependency and BIG Government

    Time for some R&R from this Obamanation
    Time for real Leaders to Lead and Restore & Renew America
    Time for Romney/Ryan

  • mg4us

    Here is a link to an email that is going around. . .
    with an article on OBAMA from WSJ (Wall Street Journal)

    Amazing thing is this article ran Jan 2, 2010. . and only now surfacing. . .

    Please pass it on. .
    Along with p 47 of Dreams From My Father Where mommy dearest, when talking about Americans, shouts “These Are NOT MY PEOPLE”

    See 2016: Obama’s America. . .

    All of this is happening according to his plan. . .(and George Soros too)