The Media Lied… Bear Hugging Pizza Shop Owner Was Not Boycotted, He Was Praised

A five star rating?  Where’s the massive boycott?

Scott Van Duzer, the pizza shop owner who gained 15 minutes of fame by bear hugging Obama last weekend, complained to Politico that Republicans are boycotting his restaurant.  In an article posted on Monday by the Leftist Politico, Van Duzer accused a spiteful population of Republicans of boycotting his restaurant as punishment for his public display of Obama-affection.  But, interestingly, the content of the story behind the salacious headline was only a single-sentenced accusation that served as its entire opening paragraph.  Evidence?  Anecdotes?  None.  It was supported only by this quote

People are saying a lot of bad things and boycotting my restaurant,” Scott Van Duzer, 46, told POLITICO. “There’s no middle line anymore, and that’s exactly what’s wrong with our country right now.”

There it is.  The entire story.  At least as far as the sensational title of the article is concerned.  Inexplicably, after that first paragraph the rest of the article is just an off-topic, rambling Obama love fest.  There are 13 paragraphs oozing, dripping, and gushing with glorification of Obama’s superior physique, along with the pizza shop owner’s “humble” discussion of his own.  Readers expecting a story behind the scandalous headline are, instead, treated to a sycophant festival of musings over how triumphantly the cigarette chain-smoking Obama would physically trounce Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, in a workout battle.  This isn’t journalism.  This is calculated propaganda, Obama-style.

A continued search through the Internet revealed Van Duzer’s complaint was based on bad reviews he received on the Yelp restaurant review website.  But, fortunately for Van Duzer, the CEO/Founder of Yelp is a big Obama fan, himself.

According to HUFFPOST FUNDRACE, the CEO/Founder of Yelp, Jeremy Stoppelman, donated $138,200 to Barack Obama in 2011.

So, the negative reviews were removed and now Big Apple Pizza can enjoy 450 glowing comments (448 more than before the big hug) that leave his restaurant with a 5 star rating from people like Jenny in CA who think Republicans should “suck it”.  Maybe when she’s in Florida she’ll try the pizza.

This is just another scheme by the Liberal media to concoct a story where there is none.  In his conference call this morning, Paul Ryan said there’s a name for this dishonest tactic.  It’s called “narrativizing”, and since the Liberals can’t run on the truth, it’s their only weapon.  Beware.  It’s going to get worse.

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  • Granny

    Yeah – a quick look at the headlines on top of HotAir was quite some bit of narrativizing too – Romney giving up, Romney coming to accept he doesn’t have a chance, blah blah blah

  • AuntieMadder

    So, Van Doofster’s pizza place wasn’t boycotted by Republicans…but it should be. No one should hug a Commie without suffering negative consequences.

  • George

    So what you’re saying is that the reviews on yelp cannot be considered accurate. And the site which exists to help “help people find great local businesses” is, in essence, a fraud.

  • NYJack

    In months he will be out out business.
    Florida pizza sucks

  • Sasja

    He’s a liar. Anyone really surprised?

  • American Woman

    Seriously, who in their right mind, would hug Obama as fervently as this idiot did?


  • donh

    Yes and we now also learn from reports on Drudge that around the time Obama was staging his man crush hug …intelligance reports were coming in of a planned attack on the Libyan embassy.

  • Practical Jane

    This is the work one one man – the owner of Yelp.
    Solution? Boycott Yelp – an obviously fradulent enterprise.

  • Little David Puddy

    There is a little truth to the story. Although I would not push for an organized boycott, I would not give this guy or any other known Obama supporter one cent of my money, nor will I listen to Bruce Springsteen or Paul Macartney Records, buy Foo Fighter CD’s, or pay to see any movie with the likes of George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Scarlet Johanssen, etc, etc, etc……
    As far as I am concerned, if you support Obam you are an enemy of the United States and will not get a cent of my HARD EARNED money.

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  • donh

    I bet this ” Italian ” restaurant has a kitchen full of illegal mexican MEN cooking…

    I would not eat there because the establishment looks to be anything BUT a down home mom and pop Pizza parlor..What with all of Van Duzer’s bike racing , charitable foundationing, community organizing, political advocacies, Trips to DC…….the business is probably some shell front for a tax shelter .

    Every town has one pizza parlor that relies on shmoozing the local politicians and school board members to get a big order from the highschool sports teams ….They don’t compete by making the best pizza at the lowest price…..Parlors like Van Duzer’s are the ones with the cardboard crust ….canned sause… and fake cheese

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “People are saying a lot of bad things and boycotting my restaurant,” Scott Van Duzer, 46, told POLITICO.

    It’s a free country, ain’t it?

    Deal with it, you loser.

  • Little David Puddy


    Your post made me laugh. My mom works for a Car Wash where the owner is a big Obama guy, but almost everybody working for him is illegal and working for cash off the books. I guess Obama is great if you don’t have to play by his rules.

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  • Sam

    Too bad all the people who gave him good views don’t live his town…… The actually people who might eat there, I have feeling might think better of it.

  • Patty

    When the Middle East is on fire, Obama. When the media is working for, Obama and when this nation has been lost forever, thank OBAMA.

  • mg4us

    Van Duzer knew what he was doing. . The surrounding area is VERY REPUBLICAn except the college he is near and downtown Ft. pierce which is predominantly black.

    He did this to gain their patronage. .the students and blacks. . .

    Well when you pick one target market over another, sometimes you loose. . you cannot have both. . .Van Duzer lost.

    Worse – – – What Good Italian Restaurant has a Van Duzer as the owner?

    Me , I go with Vito or Joey’s. . .

    And then there is Obama yucking it up rather than be briefed on Middle East situation. . His image and campaign comes first. .

    Obama hugs a pizza guy (or is it a piece of guy)
    Americans In M.E. beaten and die. . .

    OK I am not a good poet but you get the point.

  • Melissa2

    Well, your headline is kind of a lie too. They did get a lot of negative comments on Yelp. I use Yelp and review there a lot.

    The reviews were removed is different from they didn’t happen. Oh yeah, the truth is just semantics to you guys. Enjoy your inferno.