Paul Ryan: “We’re Seeing the Ugly Fruits of Obama’s Foreign Policy Unravel on Our TV Screens” (Video)

Paul Ryan slammed Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy this week on FOX News Sunday.
The Republican VP nominee told Chris Wallace the “ugly fruits” of a foreign policy of weakness is unraveling before our eyes on our TV screens.

“The Obama foreign policy is unraveling literally before our eyes on our TV screens. And so what Mitt Romney is going to do is lay out a very different vision for foreign policy. One that is a policy of strength where I would articulate or claim the president’s policy is one of weakness. We’re seeing the ugly fruits of the Obama foreign policy unravel around the world on our TV screens.

It looks like Obama’s policy of leading from behind wasn’t such a good idea, huh?

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  • End Domcratic Slavery

    Matt Drudge is a homosexual and a parasite on the internet.

    Message to Matt drudge from JEWS.

  • TLiebling

    “Leading from behind” sound a lot like “kissing ass”.

    Fick dich, Obama!

  • http://na DJJ

    Right Wing Selective Amnesia.

    I remember when The Arab Spring was in full bloom, and all the Neo-Cons were claiming ownership of it for George W.Bush and telling us that it was happening because of President Bush’s “Freedom Agenda” for the region.

    Now they are suddenly trying to return Bush’s baby to the orphanage.

    Of course now that a number of Libyans have started to fight back against The extremists in their midst; should they be successful, all those Neo-Cons will start to rush to the orphanage to retrieve Bush’s baby once more.

  • freeB
  • Larry Croft

    As I have posted many times at many online sites, I’m probably the only card-carrying fiscal conservative in the country who is becoming more and more convinced that keeping President Obama in office ’til 2017 is the best solution for getting us back to a land of the free and home of the brave with a government of, by and for the people.

    The anti-American misfit of a president himself isn’t the answer for our nation, a fading nation in distress. Instead he is the catalyst for if he is in the Oval Office another four years there will be real Hell to pay when the sleeping giant – read voters – awakens

  • Jennie Maroney

    What people need to realize is that Mitt Romney is fighting against two opponents, not one. One is Barack Obama, and the other is the mainstream media. Never in my lifetime have I seen a media so biased. We just might as well call them a branch of the Obama administration. No matter what Romney does, either right or wrong the media will trash him.

    Americans need to be made aware of this. The media has become corrupt and simply will not tell the truth about Obama. They are the reason he was elected in the first place. Can you imagine any conservative being treated the way Obama was when it was discovered that he had attended a Black Liberation Theology church for 20 years, whose pastor asked God to damn our country? Or that he was associated with a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers?

    It should have been obvious then that the media was going to protect him right from the beginning. Americans are not being told the truth and as a result cannot possibly know just who Obama is. By now it should be obvious that it is his policies that are destroying our country. But what is the media doing? Trashing Romney every day, either in the papers, or on radio or television. Even when Obama refused to meet with Bibi Netanyahu, the press focused instead on how Romney had made a speech about the international crisis before Obama did. They made nothing of the fact that he continued his fundraising in Las Vegas, while the Middle East was in flames.

    Does the name Nero come to mind?

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  • Patty


    Obama Poll Surge Doesn’t Jibe With Democrats’ Registration Decline

    Many Republicans are not buying the numbers produced by national polls in the last few weeks that show President Obama padding his lead over Mitt Romney. Some of this sentiment can be put down to wishful thinking by conservatives who can’t fathom why so many Americans want to re-elect Obama.

    It is only human nature that we tend to think polls that verify our views of the way things should be are credible while dismissing those that contradict as bogus. Indeed, with the president taking the lead in so many national as well as swing state polls recently it is difficult to argue that the race hasn’t shifted in his direction. However, there are those, such as former Bill Clinton advisor/pollster and current pundit Dick Morris, who have consistently argued that the polls are wrong because their turnout model is incorrect.

    Morris believes that all of their numbers reflect a belief that the Democrats will be able to match their historic turnout they achieved in 2008, something he argues is not remotely likely to happen.

    Morris’s argument was widely dismissed as mere spin by a conservative-leaning analyst, but recent reports showing a huge decline in Democratic registration when compared to four years ago should give even the most sanguine liberals some food for thought. As Fox News reports, several studies have shown that the number of voters declaring themselves to be Democrats has dipped precipitately in swing states, particularly in Ohio. The same is true, as I noted back in July, in Pennsylvania. That leaves us with a conundrum. If, as even left-wing think tanks agree, Democratic voter registration is in decline, why are pollsters assuming that the electorate will largely resemble the messianic “hope and change” outpouring that elected Barack Obama? And if they are wrong about the turnout model, does that mean their forecasts showing the president cruising to re-election are also incorrect?[…………………………]

  • bg


    Daniel #18 September 30, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    rotf 😆 mbo!!

    where’d you get that laughable screed from??

    it doesn’t even sound like the koolaid drinking lefts talking points..


  • OK BUT

    So too prevent O’douche from instituting Obama care,making a weapons ban,and implementing gay marriage.I vote for Romney who instituted an Obama care prototype,signed an assault weapons ban,and was a pioneer of gay marriage even against the wishes of the voters.
    Very interesting,I guess I choose between Vanilla Obama and Chocolate Obama and still lose if “my team” gets in.

  • bg


    freeB #9 – page 4 September 30, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    [The 20th century became an American Century because we were steadfast in defense of freedom. We made the painful sacrifices necessary to defeat totalitarianism in all of its guises. To defend ourselves and our allies, we paid the price in treasure and in soldiers who never came home.

    Our challenges are different now, but if the 21st century is to be another American Century, we need leaders who understand that keeping the peace requires American strength in all of its dimensions.]


    thank you for sharing..


  • bg


    OK BUT #15 October 1, 2012 at 12:07 am


    there ya go Daniel..

    those are koolaid drinking left talking points..



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  • Limousine Barry

    I will admit that my foreign policy stinks!

    Let me be clear, I have tried, Gun 4 Mexican Gangs, Cash 4 Terrorists, Boot-licking 4 Appeasement, Bowing 4 Arabs and still our Embassies get burn, our Ambassadors get murdered, my picture gets stamped upon and I am burned in effigy!

    I have hired Davy Axelrod, Davy Plouffe, Chris Tingles, Jay Carney, Jay Carney’s wife Clair Shipman of Good Mourning American, the MSM, the Muslim Brotherhood and even the 0bama Boyz Gang – and I still suck!

    In retrospect, although American’s are being kill around the world, Christians are being slaughtered, and the Middle East is in flames, these are only “bumps in the road” to a 100% Muslim Middle East! At Harvard University we call that a solid B+

    Sure, American’s are dependent on Middle Eastern oil, Gas Prices are sky high and unemployment is through the roof but, I need four more years to exacerbate these problems!

    Before my time is up, I have one last thing to say. And, this is important! Send me $3.00 before midnight!

    My campaign is almost bankrupt! Jay-Z wants a free cell phone and his 0bama Campaign contribution refunded. Send me more money now. This pig can fly. Good day!

  • Bob Roberts

    Another lib troll? You be the judge:

    AnnaS commented:

    Only he is not being swept out. Conventional wisdom is that we have lost already. No need to have an election…..

    “Conventional wisdom” is nonsense. More voters are sure they will vote for Romney than are sure they will vote for Obama. The undecideds will tip Romney come election day. It may be close, but absent massive voter fraud it will go Romney.

  • wallace1303

    If leading from behind means being just close enough to jump out in front after it is all over to claim the credit then Obama is certainly the expert.

  • Edward Willneff

    God help Romney if he’s elected — and God help the rest of us if he’s not.

  • Vicki

    I will be voting for Romney/Ryan come November. I’m a senior conservative woman and I truly believe Romney and Ryan are the only ones that can turn our country back around. I don’t even listen to the rantings of the liberal trolls and liberal lamestream media. The silent majority of conservatism will prevail this November. God is not going to let America fail – way too many Christians praying. As God says in Matthew 18:20 King James Version (KJV) For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

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