Paul Ryan: “We’re Seeing the Ugly Fruits of Obama’s Foreign Policy Unravel on Our TV Screens” (Video)

Paul Ryan slammed Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy this week on FOX News Sunday.
The Republican VP nominee told Chris Wallace the “ugly fruits” of a foreign policy of weakness is unraveling before our eyes on our TV screens.

“The Obama foreign policy is unraveling literally before our eyes on our TV screens. And so what Mitt Romney is going to do is lay out a very different vision for foreign policy. One that is a policy of strength where I would articulate or claim the president’s policy is one of weakness. We’re seeing the ugly fruits of the Obama foreign policy unravel around the world on our TV screens.

It looks like Obama’s policy of leading from behind wasn’t such a good idea, huh?

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  • Galutia

    Obama forgot Trumans Axiom ….”The BUCK Stops here at the presidents Desk” not at Bushes …not at the Movie clips maker …not at the Islamic sensitivities desk ….but Obama’s Desk

    Folks …this needs to be the ralling cry till the election …..

    “The BUCK stops at the presidents desk …while on his watch “

  • craig crawford

    (Scene from The Matrix: the blue pill or the red pill)
    Morpheus: All I’m offering you is the truth Neo- that the Matrix (the obama media’s world illusion), that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
    Neo: what truth?
    Morpheous: That you are a slave Neo. That Americans were once free and under direction from the NWO, the obama media, George soros and groups like Media Matters, Americans cannot be told what the Matrix is. You can only be shown .
    (enter – the blue pill and the red pill)
    If you take the blue pill(Blue= democrat/obama) the story ends and you wake up in bed and believe whatever you want to believe. If you take the Red pill (Republican) you see the obama wonderland as it really is and pursue the restoration of American freedom and independence, and fight the NWO social globalist conspiracy to restore our American sovereignty. Remember Neo, all I’m offering you as the truth.

  • Daniel

    First things Romney/Ryan do: drop taxes on the rich, raise taxes on the middle class to make up for the loss in revenue, decrease social spending (on Americans), increase spending to defense so they can take care of Israel’s Iranian problem.
    Alienate most of the countries in the world by having a “strong foreign policy”, leading up to a multi-nation concern that America is a danger to their well being.
    Continue the drone program, and expand it, creating new Taliban / Al-Qaeda groups in the world.
    Start enacting parts of the patriot act that have been ignored so far. There’s a lot more than you think.
    Get rid of medicare and social security by privatizing it, making corporations millions as they slash benefits for those who’ve actually earned it.
    Yep, that’s a good plan. Keep up the conservative “values”, especially those that will do the most damage to the people who actually supported Romney/Ryan ticket.
    Who will you blame then? You’ve given Bush a free pass on the damage he caused because “everyone” knows that the socialist/muslim/Kenyan/….. is responsible for all of America’s issues dating back to WW2.

  • Al Neuman

    Maybe we could get a president who doesn’t take 3 years to understand that negotiating with mullahs in Iran is a waste of time and that working with Islamists to overthrow an ally (Mubarak) is counterproductive. At the very least, when one of our ambassadors is abused then murdered,.we should expect a President to do something about it other than sending out one of his underlings to lie about what the administration knew in advance.

  • mg4us

    When Obama says he is Leading from Behind it is because Behind is all he knows. .

    Behind = A$$

    Guess it takes one to know one

  • ED Jr.

    It is sad that the country is so divided after the promise by Obama to bring everyone together. I am depressed knowing that I will live to see the end of the USA. We had a good thing and through laziness and selfishness we let it slip away. Sorry Mr Franklin, you and our founders gave us a republic (yes we were founded as a republic not a democracy for all who were educated in the government public school system) and we could not keep it sir.

  • LinguaFranca

    “…It looks like Obama’s policy of leading from behind wasn’t such a good idea, huh?”

    Hardly suprising…POTUS’s foreign policy takes the same position as his sexual proclivity.

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  • Kathleen3

    Having worked with the media most of my career I can only imagine how they are giving a high-five to each other celebrating how naive the majority of Americans are proving to be by accepting their propaganda as fact.

    Today’s voters truly do prove how effective the teachers unions, Soros, and Progressives have been in dumbing down an entire generation of Americans.

  • steve mcfadden

    What will happen to the people of America if Obama gets re-elected?

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  • Milt

    Obama-Epic Failure: Gasoline $3.80… up 107.6%
    Unemployment 8.3%… up 3.7%
    Democrats boo and try to evict God at DNC.
    Democrats pay tribute to Russian Navy at DNC.
    Food Stamp Recipients 46.7 million… up 31.7%
    More Americans Now Commit Suicide than Die in Car Crashes as Miserable Economy Takes Its Toll
    United States Ambassador to Libya and 3 staff KILLED BY MUSLIMS.
    Obama knew of terrorist attack but went to Las Vegas for a fund raiser
    Then Obama chooses ‘The View’ over private meetings at the UN
    Mob attacks US Embassy and burns flag in Egypt. Four More Years… Really?
    Benghazi-Gate: New Evidence White House Lied About Libya Terror Attack
    Voting for Obama again is like backing up the Titanic and taking another run at the iceberg. Do you really expect different results? Vote American This Time!

  • Proud Aryan

    Why did OBUMMER have to put is in that country and go to war with them in the first place? Way to go libtards, this is what happens when you let a muslim n1gg3r run the white house. He starts wars for no reason like this one. I’m so sick and tired of this MUSLIM pResident not taking any action and ruining our reputation by cowtowing to these TERRORISTS in PAKISTAN. Maybe if we talk to our congressmen they will find a way to show his REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE from KENYA (the one he submitted is a FAKE, true story). We need to have this tea party movement grow so that we can go back to the principles of our founding fathers. Allow slavery and segregation in certain states so that we can keep the minorities in line so they don’t cause too much trouble because it worked in the past. TEA PARTY ’12!

  • NaMoNai

    Ryan an Romney’s job at this point is to make it easy for those oddball “undecided”s and independents to see that Obama is screwing us. And if possible to remove the wool from the eyes of a few Democrat Obama supporters.

    Most of Obama’s hard base is impervious to reason. And pretty much everybody else is looking to get rid of the SOB except for the few remaining oddities in “the middle”.

    I have to admit, it’s hard for me to imagine what that middle might be. I mean, what is the middle between cyanide and peanut butter? But there it is and we have to deal with it.

    I hope, indeed I pray that the Romey team is studying the independents and undecideds like their lives depended on it.

    Ours certainly do.

  • ella claire

    REPLY TO DANIEL: Kudos, man. You didn’t miss a single talking point. Too bad your crazed screed has NOTHING to do with reality. Do you really think that Obama’s weakness has “made all the countries in the workld like us”? Even to be asking you this question illustrates that you operate at about the level of a fifth grader – you need to be liked. Well, the real world is not fifth grade. Nations have INTERESTS. NOT friends. Obama has done more than show weakness. He has practically licked the keisters of the crazy, medieval, insecure muslim world and THAT is what has the entire region in a downward spiral. These 7th century sexually repressed children only respond to force. If they fear you, they will leave you alone. Because Obama is a classic mentally ill narcisist, HE needs to be loved and adored. Screw the US if he can get that by selling us out to ANY tinpot, third world, second world or other world national sewer.
    You also appear to be an anti-semitic bigot, with a very rudimentary knowledge of how an economy works. By definition, if 47% PAY NO TAX, then 100% of the burden falls on the top half. How is that fair. DO you pay tax?

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  • rjm2238

    It is obvious from his comment, “Lead from behind” that Mr. Obama has never lead anything. I mean after all have you ever tried to push a chain? It works much better when pulled, from in front. However one would need some experience in these matters to know such things and that is one of many areas in which Mr. Obama is sorely lacking, experience.
    Rich in New Mexico.