Paul Ryan Blasts Obama’s Failed Record: “President Obama Has Placed Us On a Path on Decline” (Video)

Paul Ryan was on This Week this
Republican Paul Ryan blasted the president’s failed economic record today on This Week.

Paul Ryan this morning:

“I think President Obama has placed us on a path to decline. Four budgets, four trillion dollar deficits. Twenty three million people struggling to find work. The highest poverty rates in a generation. Nearly one out of six Americans in poverty, and we just learned on Friday that it’s the 43rd month of unemployment above 8 percent. For every person who got a job last month, nearly four stopped looking for work. That’s not a good direction. That’s the wrong direction. I mean, George, we have to create 150,000 jobs every month just to keep up with population growth, and we didn’t even do that. It’s on the wrong path.”

Man, he’s good!

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  • Grandma Perkins

    Oh dear!

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  • Oliver

    The Dems keep saying job numbers are improving because 750,000 jobs were being lost EVERY MONTH when Obama took office — so, in comparison to that, we’re making progress. I looked at the labor board stats for that period and could find nothing to support that 750,000 number.

    Does anyone on GP know where they’re getting that number, or is it just another liberal lie?

  • Bronson

    These liberal hacks pretending to be journalists always try to interrupt them when they are making good points. It’s so damn obvious and pathetic.

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  • Patty

    And Obama’s adviser said, and may I add, on job report, the same comment he made about it last month.

    Former Obama economic adviser on jobs report: What did you expect from our measly growth rate? VIDEO

    Truth, this has been repeated by Obama’s surrogates over and over again.


  • Radegunda

    Wow, Georgy-boy sounds really, really annoyed at being confronted with indisputable facts. He’s about to attack Ryan as a racist or something. I wonder what his shoot-the-messenger strategy was.

  • Patty

    Former Obama Advisor: Re-election Only 50/50 After Poor Jobs Report



  • SoLongSong

    I’m going to post this here again. Seems like this time around, obama’s lost the girls, Ryan’s got ’em.

    Hey, whatever gets the youth vote:


  • Patty

    I do believe the lame stream media has COTTON BALLS in their ears when it comes to the republican party. And while working for Obama it boils down to ONE thing, VOTERS AND WHO THEY WILL BELIEVE.

  • Patty

    #9 September 9, 2012 at 11:29 am
    SoLongSong commented:

    What a cutie pie. An infectious smile and intelligence. Just think what we have had to look at for 4 years alone.

    Prayers, we need a new administration and the visuals don’t hurt. :)

  • bg
  • raph

    Email I sent to the Mitt campaign:
    It looks like Romney wants to lose this election even when the atmosphere is ripe for him to win. Where is the fire? where is the press conference firing back at all the falsehood and Nazi comments made by the democrats? Hiding and prepping for debates will not help him if he can’t convince people that he can fight. People buy these falsehood because the media are happy to let them go. The only way to be on an offensive is to fire back at them and let the media deal with it every week. Make an add showing the unemployed in line waiting for interviews and food stamps and have a picture or a video of Obama pointing at them and laughing. Have the video of Obama saying that the “shovel ready job is not ready” while laughing. There are so many videos and words from Obama that can be used against him now that people have not seen and yet Mitt and his campaign have not even done anything to utilize them. Do they know something that the masses doesn’t know? Why the timidity? why the cowardice? Let it be known that the so called independents do not want to be identified as Republicans to avoid victimization at their work place. If they sense that Mitt cannot put up a good fight, they will switch their vote to Obama. To be fore warned is to be fore armed.
    Where are the women in the GOP? Why are they not campaigning for him? In fact why has he not moved to put them in the fore front of his campaign? This is getting absurd. This campaign is looking like McCains campaign everyday. The so called strategists will destroy him with their stupid ideas of not fighting back.
    Obama campaign is not fighting fair. They are fighting dirty. They will throw everything out there because they will not be challenged by the media and of course some people believe it. It is time to play their own game and keep them on the defensive every week till the day of the election.
    Why is he not going to the schools and colleges? Why has he not capitalized on the debacle of the DNC convention of excluding God and Jerusalem and flog it to death? Why has his campaign not pounced on the birther joke made by the president today to sight an example of media double standard and warn the country to pay attention to their blatant dishonesty to the fact. He is prepping for debate, right. The debate the main stream media will naturally call for Obama. It’s unbelievable the campaign trajectory we are seeing. He called his opponents during the primaries all sorts of name and innuendos but cannot muster any courage to address Obama? Because of fear of racism? He’s already been called that already. Does he live in an alternate world? Truth be told, most blacks will not vote for him. The ones that will vote for him will be happy to see him fight harder to justify the abuses they receive from their fellow blacks. But, Mitt is not showing that. He is hiding to prep for debates!!! Show leadership and fierceness or face the faith of McCain.

  • Mockingbird

    I’ll take Milton Friedman’s writings over Karl Marx’s any day.

  • Patrick M

    “I looked at the labor board stats for that period and could find nothing to support that 750,000 number. ”
    That’s true just for 1 months, the average loss in Q4 2008, right after the collapse of lehman, was around 580,000 per month. It’s easy to ‘look good’ on the ‘hey we arent losing job like that’ score when you take office at the nadir of a crisis. The idea that that would continue without Obama at the helm is absurd, in fact given how the stock market fell about 15% in the 10 trading days after Obama was elected, you could argue that Obama coming in to office was part of the panic.

    The real measure is not ‘are we better now than in the middle of a big financial crisis’, but ‘how good is the recovery?’ After all, the recovery was Obama’s doing. Obama had the stimulus, he had his policies in place, he had ‘recovery summer’ in 2010. How well were the last 4 years managed?

    we have had 43 months of a lousy recovery trend, some good months, some abysmal ones, but the growth and job creation numbers overall are bad – it adds up to the worst recovery in 70 years. Obama’s policies are to blame: jobs killed when Obama said no to the keystone pipeline. The jobs lost with the Obamaare medical device tax. The jobs lost because overregulating community banks in Frank-Dodd is making small business loans harder, even while the wall st TBTF banks get favored treatment under Frank-Dodd; jobs lost because Obamacare imposes huge burdens on hiring now, forcing massive health insurance rate increases.

  • Zip

    #13 Raph reminds me when I called the McCain headquarters in MN in ’08. The guy who answered the phone was bored, un-energetic and I told him so. I called for one reason and ended up telling him that if that’s the attitude he might as well go home, the deals already over. It’s as though it was set up for McCain to fail ~ *gosh, what a surprise that is!, since more of us didn’t want him to be the candidate anyway! Part of the problem.
    A link from site to keep in mind:

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  • donh

    #13 Ryan is doing his best in a bad situation. I see a lot more of Ryan in the media than I do Romney….and Ryan is reminding people of the record failure….but….we don’t need Ryan using his media appearances to read the obituary pages…. naming off all the deceased and pointing out Obama’s road kill carcasses. We need promises criminals in government will go to JAIL for embezzlement and loan fraud. Some signs of agression that this current failure will not stand. Some credible promises and plans that the private sector will be emancipated.

  • Patty


    At Some Point, You’ve Made Enough Money


    Banning or capping corporate profits wasn’t on the platform, but it was in the air. A video by free market economist Peter Schiff, who was posing as a lefty at the Democratic convention.

  • bg


    donh #17 September 9, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    re: Romney