Justin Bieber opened his latest tour by blowing chunks on stage.

Pop 2 It reported, via Free Republic:

Justin Bieber played the sold-out first show of his “Believe” tour Saturday night (Sept. 29), and fans got a little something extra as well — though probably not what Bieber was hoping to give them.

The 18-year-old pop star vomited on stage midway through his set in Phoenix. As you can see in the video below, during his performance of “Out of Town Girl,” he turns away from the crowd, doubles over and lets fly before running off stage.

He returned a few minutes later but then had to leave the stage again during “Beauty and a Beat,” USA Today reports. The show stopped completely for a few minutes until he returned and confessed his illness. “Will you love me even though I’m throwing up on stage?” he asked the crowd, which of course responded in the affirmative.



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  1. credit the boy for going on with the show. Most of them these days just postpone

  2. Maybe he’s got morning sickness.

  3. No big deal, just get a wet nap and hand him back to his mom. That’s what I always do.

  4. Now we know why so many performers eventually do drugs. I’ll give him credit for handling an awful situation well.

    And no, I refuse to watch the clip. It’s ok to post it, but it’s just not something I need to see.

  5. It appears someone mentioned Obama to Bieber and he lost his cookies. . .

  6. ++


    September 30, 2012

    Police stop prayers outside White House

    Obama Administration Arrests Praying
    Pastor and Priest Outside White House

    not the first time.. :-(

    obviously not the second time either, bet there’s been
    more we don’ t know about, but who’s counting?? /s/


  7. This is good for Selena Gomez…Her agent can now renegotiate the contract with Disney to pay out an additional $200,000 to go out on those staged publicity dates with Beiber for the Teen magazines photographs.

  8. now we know why Spinal Tap was so demanding backstage

  9. Now he knows how the rest of us feel.

  10. OT

    BHO’s got control of internet. It’s too late. We’re screwed.

  11. Why was this event posted? The poor guy tried to deliver for his paying fans despite being ill and I can’t imagine many more embarrassing situations. He seems to have handled it with humor and grace. Why do you have to ridicule him?

  12. Same thing happens to me whenever I hear his music.

  13. Am I the only one that notices that the lead vocal, Bieber’s part, continues as he’s puking and running off stage? This is his Milli Vanilli moment.

  14. ++


    somebody sick??

    July 24, 2012

    Army Gen. allegedly delayed probe into abuse
    at U.S.-funded Afghan military hospital..
    :-( :mad:

    [Army Colonel Mark Fassl was NATO’s Training Mission Afghanistan
    Command Inspector General in 2010. He says when he requested
    the inspector general to investigate the hospital, he was
    admonished by the three-star general in charge, Lt. General William

    “His first response to me was ‘how could we make that request
    with elections coming?'” Fassl told a House oversight subcommittee

    Another advisor in Afghanistan, Col. Gerald Carozza, says Caldwell’s
    deputy delivered a similar message: that the general was upset that
    Fassl had asked for an independent investigation “so close to the
    (2010 midterm) election.”

    “We were to consider postponing it until afterwards,”
    Carozza testified. “It was a stunning moment for me.”


    Col. Schuyler Geller, the former Command Surgeon of the NATO Training
    Mission in Afghanistan, told Congress there’s still a lack of accountability
    at Dawood Hospital. Doctors and nurses who committed “unspeakable”
    acts still “walk the halls of the hospital, unrepentant, unscathed and
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  15. Didn’t watch the video, but I burst out laughing when I read the commentary about “blowing chunks”.

  16. It sure takes talent to sing and puke at the same time without skipping a beat… Milli Vanilli level talent!

  17. he needs more injection of testosrone, he is lacking in that area. He is from canada and not use to drinking the water in the US.

  18. #12 LadyMondegreen

    Because it’s friggin’ hilarious. Did you see the pic on the video link?

    I hardly think Beiber is going to get angry at people laughing at his mishap. It’s all about emotion with you libs, isn’t it?

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