Must See… Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel (Video)

Obama’s radical anti-Israel bias exposed–
This video is a comprehensive synopsis of President Obama’s anti-Israel posturing and policies.

If you wonder why Democrats are booing Jerusalem at their national convention, look no further than this video.

Obama built this.

The video has gone viral in Jewish circles.

From the video: Barack Obama ran for president as a pro-Israel candidate — but his record tells a different story. Follow @NoahPollak and @CmteForIsrael on Twitter, and visit for more.

Arutz Sheva has more on the video.

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  • bg


    The Muslim Brotherhood “Project” (Continued) (#15)


    To adopt the Palestinian cause as part of a worldwide Islamic plan,
    with the policy plan and by means of jihad, since it acts as the
    keystone of the renaissance of the Arab world today.


    To provide an Islamic view on all areas, problems and solutions
    relative to the Palestinian question, based on the precepts of

    To prepare the community of believers for jihad for the liberation
    of Palestine. [One can lead the Ummah to realize the plans of
    the Islamic movement above all if victory is ours], if God wills it.

    To create a modest nucleus of jihad in Palestine, and to nourish it in
    order to maintain the flame that will light the road toward the liberation
    of Palestine, and in order that the Palestinian cause will endure until
    the moment of liberation.


    To collect sufficient funds for the perpetuation of jihad.

    To conduct a study of the situation of Muslims
    and the enemy in occupied Palestine.

    c-Suggested Missions:

    To conduct studies on the Jews, enemies of Muslims, and on the
    oppression inflicted by these enemies on our brothers in occupied
    Palestine, in addition to preaching and publications.

    To fight against the sentiment of capitulation among the Ummah,
    to refuse defeatist solutions, and to show that conciliation with
    the Jews will undermine our Movement and its history.

    To conduct comparative studies on the Crusades and
    Israel, and [the victory that will be that of Islam].

    To create jihadi cells in Palestine, and support them
    in order that they cover all of occupied Palestine.

    To create a link between the moujahadin in
    Palestine and those throughout the Islamic world.

    To nourish a sentiment of rancor with respect
    to the Jews and refuse all coexistence.]

    more here (#6), here (#14), here (#10), in
    connecting links, and scroll threads for more..

    The world’s collective amnesia (#2)


  • Candy

    Outstanding, will pass it on.

    OT, I had no clue the censorship radio and other hosts went through at the DNC… Unreal.

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  • well now

    Any of my fellow Jews who vote for Obama, given all his actions toward BiBi and Isreal are voting to put themselves back in the ovens.
    I’m going to keep saying it and saying it and hopefully I get through to one of these reality denying moonbats

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  • bg


    re: #2 September 8, 2012 at 6:21 pm bg

    Imperial History of the Middle East (#36)


  • Mozzle

    The Jewish vote will still go to Obama…

  • Susie Q

    American Jews throw their political pearls before Democratic Party swine and are then stunned when the Democrats give up Israel. Yet when American Jews are confronted with voting for Israel or Marx, they will ALWAYS chose Marx. Go figure…

  • bg
  • Patty

    Why Obama Has Abandoned Israel and Why Jews Should Abandon Obama

    President to refuse to help Israel defend her citizens and national security. What is a major shock is his showing in no uncertain terms his bias against Israel’s right to defend herself BEFORE the election.

    The question is “Why?” Obviously, first is Obama’s true radical nature – he is no friend of Israel. Second, Obama had no choice, but to abandon Israel now. As I’ve predicted publicly for months now, Israel is assured of no help after the election (if Obama is reelected and no longer has to face Jewish voters ever again). Therefore Israel’s best option is to order the attack before the U.S. election, when Obama’s distaste for Israel may be overcome by his desperate need for Jewish votes and Jewish donors to remain in power. Netanayu undoubtedly told Obama that he has reached the same decision.

    Boxed into a corner, Obama is now doing all in his power to stop the air strike now, stalling it until after the election. And of course, we all know Obama loves to please Russian President Putin. Rumors from sources in both Washington and Moscow report that Putin has asked Obama to handcuff Israel. We all heard Obama tell the Russians “Sit tight and give me space, this is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Unfortunately, it’s now clear one of those “flexible items” is to abandon Israel.

    As a Jew and a lifelong supporter of Israel, I would ask my fellow Jews to think long and hard at the voting booth on November 6th. Perhaps it is time to consider whether the historic voting patterns of Jews on behalf of the Democratic Party are in the best interests of the Jewish people? Is a vote for Obama, a vote condemning Israel to become a sitting duck in the name of political correctness? Even more importantly, is voting for Obama over social issues, or a woman’s right to choose, worth risking another another Holocaust?

    My conclusion: It’s time for Jews to abandon Obama, the same way Obama has abandoned Israel.

    This column originally appeared on

  • Freedom! Keep our FREEDOM!

    Obama has been letting them build their armies all around the US. He is the enemy. He is a muslim. Its not just the JEWS that were attacked at the DNC but it was the Christians–he is rebuiding America into a Sharia LAw country—letting them in they run the DOJ. The demon rats put a Muslim leader in the white house and they are so dumb they think he is a BLACK American he is not black he is a BLACK Islamic big difference—how sad…they thre America away. When he stopped the NASA apce program for muslim outreach and took all words out of our longest most prized artifacts–and took the word GOD out-that was a sure sign he was a mole.

  • Patty

    For the Love of Russia?

  • Patty


    Choir Director Murdered To Conceal Obama’s Homosexuality?

    Video on site and

  • EXPat

    I am about to scream! I am not Jewish, but this is horrible.
    When you put it all together it just makes you sick!
    What is wrong with the jewish community?
    Can we get this around to all the rabbi’s? How?
    There is also another one that has obama talking to the muslims and telling them how wonderful islam is.
    I can’t get over all of this. I knew he was anti Israel, but I never had put it all together.


  • Patty

    President Obama and Israel: The Facts

    Listed in: Israel, Fact Sheets, NJDC News

    Throughout his presidency, President Barack Obama has made strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship a top foreign policy priority. His work to strengthen that relationship places him among Israel’s strongest supporters ever; the facts, with citations, follow below and can be downloaded here as a pdf.

    ”We stand with Israel as a Jewish democratic state because we know that Israel is born of firmly held values that we, as Americans, share: a culture committed to justice, a land that welcomes the weary, a people devoted to tikkun olam…. So America’s commitment … and my commitment to Israel and Israel’s security is unshakeable. It is unshakeable…. I am proud to say that no U.S. administration has done more in support of Israel’s security than ours. None. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. It is a fact.” [Obama, December 16, 2011

    Obama provided Israel with the largest amount of American military aid in U.S. history, including:

    * Over $3 billion per year to assist Israel’s military to ensure it has the latest and most efficient technologies and weapons available; and

    * $275 million in supplemental funding to develop the Iron Dome missile system, praised by Israel’s defense leaders for its “exceptional” success at saving the lives of Israelis who live under threat from Hamas’ rockets.

    * Additional funding for the Arrow and David’s Sling missile systems, bringing the total funding for missile defense to $650 million—double the amount spent by the Bush Administration.

    Obama restored Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge (QME) with advanced weaponry by:

    * Signing the U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Act;

    * Selling Israel bunker busting bombs and F-35 fighter planes while fast-tracking arms sales;

    * Committing American troops to the 2009 Juniper Cobra and 2012 Austere Challenge joint military exercises—the largest and most extensive exercises ever with Israel;

    * Authorizing Israel to use American weapons stored in Israel during an emergency; and

    * Working with Israel to combat smuggling into Gaza. THIS FROM THE NATIONAL JEWISH DEMOCRATIC COUNSEL


    So, what is it. It is disturbing that the Jewish Democratic party HERE IN AMERICA, would actually believe Obama is doing them a favor. Now, what facts are true and which are false. Obama never helped the Iranians when the needed him to in 2009. What is the Truth and who can explain the truth.

    Obama doesn’t want Israel to Strike Iran before Elections. Now, doesn’t that call to question who Obama really favors here, HIMSELF AND HIS REELECTION OR ISRAEL.


  • Patty

    Jewish people are strong people but they are being used and abused by everyone else around them.

    It is like the Cheese stands alone. They except more from us then promises. If Obama can break promises to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, then why NOT ISRAEL.

  • Patty

    ot how about some good news???

    Partisan Trends
    Number of Republicans in America Reaches Record High

    After falling for two straight months, the number of Americans who consider themselves Republicans jumped nearly three points in August.

    During August, 37.6% of Americans considered themselves Republicans. That’s up from 34.9% in July and 35.4% in June. It’s also the largest number of Republicans ever recorded by Rasmussen Report since monthly tracking began in November 2002. The previous peak for the GOP was 37.3% in September 2004.

  • on israel like everything else with obama you have to ignore what he says and pay attention to what he does.

    jews in the united states support obama and his policies toward israel. do they think their treatment here in the united states by muslims will be any different then it is anywhere else in the world?

  • Tom63010

    Why do people laugh at those of us that believe at his core Barack Obama is a Muslim?

  • David

    The democrats could give the Jews another holocaust and they would still vote democrat

  • Tom63010

    And another example that was not in the video is the vote during the DNC convention. I still believe that the strong reaction to the two additions to the DNC platform was not because of the God wording but that they had added that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. When I watched the DNC convention I saw a lot of people who appeared to be from the Middle East. I believe that the Democratic Party has made an effort to recruit them.

  • Sandy

    This video is brilliant and for those who have no idea what’s been going on — it makes it clear what Obama’s agenda really is and always has been. Obama would like Israel to just disappear off the face of the Earth while he sits back and watches. But the whole world is watching as well and what they see is that the US is a leaderless nation which stands for nothing. Many nations may quietly cheer Israel’s fate but how do they trust our nation not to do the same to them?

    I pray what Obama wants never takes place and that on November 6th we elect Mitt Romney so that the agenda can change and that the USA will once again be a beacon of light in a dark world.

  • neverends

    Obama is evil beyond belief — there is no doubt about it. But…will the Jewish voters in America change? I doubt it. Remember that many, many Jewish residents of Germany thought that if they “went along” with Hitler, they would be spared. How did that work out for them?

    George Soros is a perfect example. His father, and he from the age of 14, turned in fellow Jews to the Nazis in Hungary to save their own skin.

    Have things really changed? I wonder!

  • Redwine

    Patty @#16 – The NJDC is a left-wing, Jewish organization in the tank for Comrade Hussein at all costs. Their “facts” are based on distortion and outright lies. They produced a video that manipulates content to show how Israelis purportedly support Hussein – debunked here:

  • Patty

    #25 September 8, 2012 at 8:11 pm
    Redwine commented:

    I am aware. The Jews who live here are very different from those in the homeland.

    Still, Obama doesn’t care about anything at this point but his reelection. He really fears an Israeli strike on Iran before he gets a second term. I do believe they are redecorating the White House as we speak for a second term.

  • Sandy

    Mitt and Bibi are great friends. If as speculated the Internal Romney polls show that Mitt and Paul will win in a landslide maybe Bibi will wait until after the election to attack Iran when he will have a friend in the White House.

    I fear that if there is a war between Israel and Iran there will be no election. Hang on Israel help is on the way.

  • Sandy

    If you guys believe that a majority of American Jews will not see the light and vote against Obama and I have good reason to believe you’re right. Then the rest of us will have to vote against Obama in massive numbers to protect them from themselves.

  • ‘”I don’t want to be complicit if they (Israelis) choose to do it (attack Iran’s nuclear program),” said Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey.

    After 9-11, Americans instinctively understood that we had been hammered by something with which the Israelis were familiar. “We Are All Israelis Now” was the headline in a major American paper. The Israelis “opened their closets” to help the US deal with Islamic terrorism, urban warfare and counter-terror operations. Israel taught members of the U.S. Army to train bomb-sniffing dogs. While the work was going on, Israel loaned IDF dogs to the Americans – Hebrew-commanded dogs were in Baghdad.

    As the U.S. has become more adept in the ways of Middle East ground warfare, it is the Americans who have technology, tips and training to share with Israel.

    “Complicity” is the wrong word for a relationship between countries that was grounded in the most fundamental agreement on democratic governance, civil liberties, minority rights, rule of law, and what constituted the enemy – at least until now.

    Obama’s Cairo Speech showed only a superficial understanding of the Jewish relationship with the Land of Israel. He called Israel’s independence a response to the Holocaust and not the establishment of the third Jewish Commonwealth after a 1,900-year interregnum. So doing, he fed into the Arab complaint that Israel was foisted on the region by guilty Europeans rather than as a legitimate and permanent part of the region.

    He dispatched NASA administrator (and retired Marine LTG) Charles Bolden to find space exploration partners in the Muslim world (visual evidence of his discomfort can be seen here). The administration accepted the 2010 Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Review that singled out Israel for condemnation – despite public statements that it would never do that. The U.S. rejoined the UN Human Rights Commission and the UN Alliance of Civilizations, an openly anti-Israel body that claimed in 2006 that global tensions were driven primarily by the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and referred to the September 11th attacks as resulting from “a perception among Muslim societies of unjust aggression stemming from the West.”

    The US declined to support Canada’s traditional, once-a-decade bid for a Security Council seat. Canada, an outspoken supporter of Israel, lost to Portugal, a stalwart representative of EU ambivalence. The U.S. voted against the infamous “Goldstone Report,” but declined to use its influence to encourage others to do the same. Israel’s housing policy was debated by some of Israel’s fiercest critics in the Security Council before the US exercised its veto, and the U.S. drove a Security Council “compromise” that allowed Israel to be criticized along with Syria. The administration heaped emergency aid on Gaza – an allocation of $27 million in its earliest days in office and another $400 million in 2010 – aside from the $100 million+ given to the Palestinian Authority, including $115 million this year over the protestations of Congress.

    Too bad he doesn’t understand that we are not safe from the Iranians and that dumping Israel will not make Islamist and Islamist-leaning countries — from Turkey to Egypt to Pakistan to Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan — our friends.

    The United States is trading a long-standing, mutually beneficial security relationship for relations that will be less solid (is anything less solid than the US-Egypt relationship AFTER we’ve spend $1.5 billion on it annually since the early 1980s and welcomed its Muslim Brotherhood revolution?); less technologically advantageous to the U.S. (the technology relationship with the Arab/Muslim world flows only one way); and less protective of minority and civil rights (as the Egyptians discover we have no leverage).

    General Dempsey is the fall guy for an administration that increasingly holds Israel in contempt before Arab and Muslim countries — which increasingly hold us in contempt.’

    The End of US-Israel Strategic Cooperation?

    Hussein prefers Muslims to Israel.

  • workingclass artist

    Send this video to everyone you know because our pravda media skews Obama’s actions to protect him.

  • Ian

    We may very well be living in the end times, either Biblical or Mayan prophesies appear to be coming true…

  • ‘Barack Obama cares about Barack Obama far more than he does about either Israel or Iran. And as far as Barack Obama is concerned, delaying the coming war between Israel and Iran until after the election is what is best for Barack Obama. Just think about it. If Israel attacked Iran right now, who would that please? It would mostly please hardcore Republicans, and they are not going to vote for Obama anyway. To independents and liberals, Obama would look like a guy that couldn’t stop war from happening in the Middle East. If the U.S. showed support for the Israeli attack, that would greatly discourage his anti-war supporters from going to the polls. If the U.S. did not show support for the Israeli attack, Obama would potentially lose many of the Jewish voters that he desperately needs in swing states such as Florida. A war between Israel and Iran is a no-win situation for Obama right now, and as I wrote about yesterday, the Obama administration has been trying to discourage Israel from attacking Iran for weeks. Well, now it is being reported in major international news sources that a deal has been reached between Obama and Israel. Obama is going to publicly declare what the “red lines” are that will cause the U.S. to strike Iran’s nuclear program, and the U.S. military is going to send some of their most advanced bunker busting bombs to Israel. Those bombs will come in very handy in getting at the Iranian nuclear facilities that are hidden underground. In return, Israel has apparently agreed to delay the attack on Iran until after the election. So would Barack Obama really play politics with war in the Middle East? Of course he would. Barack Obama is obsessed with winning a second term and he would make a deal with just about anyone if it will get him closer to his goal.’…

    Did Obama Just Make A Deal With Israel To Delay The War With Iran Until After The Election?

    Of course Hussein will not keep a deal and Israel will be screwed.

  • Sandy

    S Wolf #32 — The only way Israel would delay the attack on Iran is if they believed Obama would lose. If Israel couldn’t trust Obama 3-1/2 years ago, 2 months ago or last week I doubt they will trust him now. Maybe American Jews buy into the Dem chit but the lives of all Israelis and their little Country depends on them making the right move. They will do what’s right for them — screw Obama.

  • squeaky

    “Barack Obama is obsessed with winning a second term and he would make a deal with just about…” given that he stated he would rather be a good one term president than a mediocre 2 termer…hmmm. the man’s word has no credibility and there’s no honor in his handshake so a deal with him is like a deal with the devil.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Ah crap!

    My donors are turning against me!

    Let me be clear, the Jews were once easy to swindle. I would tell them some lies, take their money and feed them to the dogs of death!

    Those were the good old Hope and Con-them days! I wish they were as easy go swindle!

    But, I still have some of their money. I can scam some of them. Look, at Jewish George Soros! With his money I can still screw them!

    I have been to Pakistan. I have put my butt in the air and prayed to Allah! I even got a free wedgie!

    So, do you think I am going to change my ways? No! I say take the Jew’s money and push them into the meat grinder!

    If you like the way that I put the Jews in danger while taking their money then vote for me! And, this is super important. Send me $49,599.99 before midnight. My campaign is going bust. Good day.

  • Chris

    Obama’s contempt for Israel is dangerous.

  • Hy Feiber

    As a Jew, I am DISGUSTED! The American Jew loathes conservatives more than he loves Israel. The 2008 election proved it. By the way, Hillary, Ms Secretary of State, is a Vile Whore, doing the bidding of the Chief Israel Hater. As I watched the video I could not believe I live in America.

  • owl

    I only watched about half. Even the first few minutes is the best I have seen on this.

    Romney should be allowed to make an ad.

    I hate to break the news but IMHO it has to come out of Romney/Ryan mouths. Straight talk on every issue.

    #5 said it best. “Any of my fellow Jews who vote for Obama, given all his actions toward BiBi and Isreal are voting to put themselves back in the ovens.”

    Why would you vote to put yourself back into an oven?

    Yep. Sounds just like something that came from a Dem mouthpiece, doesn’t it? Sounds exactly like something Obama would say. It is time to fight.

  • Sandy #33

    According to the article Israel has been promised the latest U.S. ‘bunker buster’ bombs if they wait until after the election. There is no mention of exactly when after the election they will receive these bombs if ever. If Hussein loses the election will Israel still get the bombs? If Hussein wins? Either way I doubt Israel will get the bombs and/or U.S. support. I agree. Why should Israel trust Hussein now?

  • Vicky Hernandez

    I’m shocked. Shocked!!! to find the Preezy of the United Steezee is simply practicing a little dissimulation.

    Seriously. He did it to get to power, he’ll do it to stay in power. It’s not complicated. Those who want to play dumb are suffering from battered citizen syndrome.

  • squeaky #33

    Ah but Hussein now says hey forget what I said in 2008. Gimme a second chance.