Leading Coal Company Will Lay Off 1,200 Workers – Blames Obama EPA Regulations

A one man wrecking crew–
Barack Obama promised to bankrupt the coal industry during the 2008 campaign.

“So if someone wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

Now this…
Alpha Natural Resources announced today that it plans on closing eight mines in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The company will lay off 1,200 employees.
The New York Times reported:

Alpha Natural Resources, one of the nation’s largest coal producers, announced on Tuesday that it planned to idle eight mines in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, reducing its annual production by 16 million tons. The move will include laying off 1,200 of 13,000 employees. The company said that it was trying to meet the “evolving demands of a changing global coal market” and that it would continue selling coal in the United States while focusing new efforts on overseas markets.

The company blamed Obama’s EPA for the layoffs.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

The coal industry has been hit by competition from cheap natural gas, but Alpha made clear in its announcement that an equal problem is a Washington “regulatory environment that’s aggressively aimed at constraining the use of coal.” That’s a direct reference to the deluge of Obama Environmental Protection Agency regulations designed to force the closure of coal-fired power plants.

And yet Obama has the nerve to say he represents the middle class.

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  • JimR

    O-Bam! Promise kept!

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  • Robert

    Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.

  • Joanne

    Obama won’t allow off shore drilling for Americans, but gives monies to Mexico, Brazil, etc. to drill off their shores. Obama hates America, and he is taking the wealth from all Americans and giving it to other countries. I can’t believe this is happening to the U.S.

  • jony101

    are the union mine workers still voting for obama? will they overlook this minor setback in there lifes and vote republican? I don’t think so. They will go down with the ship before they turn against obama.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The move will include laying off 1,200 of 13,000 employees.

    Say people, did any of you vote for Obie in 2008? Well, vote for him again!

    I dare you.

  • Joanne

    Obama could have created jobs with the pipeline and off shore drilling, and kept coal miner jobs, but he doesn’t want the U.S. to be energy dependent and he doesn’t want to create jobs for Americans – he wants the U.S. to have no ability to provide her own energy.

  • Mari

    Told you this was happening. United Mine Workers Union said they plan to “sit out this election”—

  • http://BIGGOVERNMENT.COM ponderon

    Wait until O’s supporters have to choose between heat or food this winter….

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  • paul52

    Atta boy, Barry! Get those unemployment numbers up. Get those solar panels installed on Air Force One ASAP!

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  • http://adhoc.blogtownhall.com/ Larry E

    News Item #1: Obama’s USDA Offers Women, Hispanic Farmers Over $1.3 Billion in Pigford Payouts

    News Item #2: Leading Coal Company Will Lay Off 1,200 Workers – Blames Obama EPA Regulations

    Obama is in office to impose his own proclivities, prejudices and animosities. Whoever he personally doesn’t like, he insults and harms — Israel, England, white European nations, bankers, doctors, insurance companies, coal companies.

    Whoever he likes, he rewards — mortgages for poor blacks who can’t afford them, free medical care, a free pass for New Black panther thugs, money for pseudo-farmer minorities, appeasement for Muslim mobs.

    No other President has had such a puny, shrunken, shriveled view of a President’s role. This is truly a Lilliputian would-be autocrat. He’s Mussolini for Morons.

  • SeniorD

    In Dumbobama’s world, the “middle class” are those who have become dependent upon The State. Whereas, those of us who make our own way in life are The Enemy.

  • Rachelle

    Remember…he wants 4 more years so he can ‘finish’.

    It’s pretty clear what he wants to ‘finish’: America.

  • the wolf

    In a year or two, your electric bills will be at least triple what they are now. And the press will blame President Romney. Don’t let them get away with it.

  • Basil Duke

    And throughout the country – despite the hamstringing of Keystone, the smothering of off-shore drilling and the demolition derby act Obama has inflicted on the coal industry, many, many thousands of men who get dirty for a living (or who USED to get dirty for a living, back when they had a job) will vote for this Chicago thug in November, because “Democrats are for the working class.” They very much remind me of American Jews who insist that only government should have access to firearms.

  • Patty

    Despite Obama’s Best Efforts, “Coal Use Is Growing At A Staggering Pace Around The World.”

    Coal use is growing at a staggering pace around the world, particularly in countries such as China and India. That’s created a potentially vast market for coal exports. Currently, U.S. coal producers like Arch Coal and Alpha Natural Resources are hoping to build large export terminals in the Pacific Northwest to compensate for falling demand here. Environmental groups, by contrast, are trying to stop this from happening, arguing that the United States shouldn’t be shipping its climate pollution abroad.


    111 Coal Power Plants Closed From 2009-2012. “But in the past two years, an increasing number of coal-powered electricity plants across the country have announced closures. Estimates vary, but banking and industry analysis firm Credit Suisse put expected and known closures for 2009-2012 at 111 plants, that’s one-fifth of the nation’s nearly 500 coal plants.” (Lisa Desjardins, “The War Over Coal Is Personal,” CNN, 7/17/12)

    The Obama Administration Has Destroyed 2,868 Jobs In Eastern Ohio. “‘At its peak, OhioAmerican employed 239 local people in high-paying, well-benefited jobs,’ said Mr. Stanley T. Piasecki, General Manager and Superintendent. ‘University studies show that our Mines can create up to eleven (11) secondary jobs in our communities, for store clerks, teachers, etc., to serve our direct employees. Thus, if one uses the eleven (11) to one (1) multiplier, the Obama Administration has destroyed 2,868 jobs in eastern Ohio with this forced Mine closure,’ stated Mr. Piasecki.” (Press Release, “OhioAmerican Energy, Inc. Coal Mining Operation Closed In Eastern Ohio,” Murray Energy, 7/31/12)


    Democrats handing U.S. oil to China, destroying coal industry

    As communist China scrambles to buy up all the North American energy supplies that the left’s ideological environmentalist crusade against “Big Oil” endlessly denies us access to, a record number of coal-fired energy plants are now also being forced to shut down across the country.

    From the Daily Caller:

    Facing declining demand for electricity [due to the failing economy and the shale boom] and stiff federal environmental regulations, coal plant operators are planning to retire 175 coal-fired generators, or 8.5 percent of the total coal-fired capacity in the United States, according to an analysis by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

    A record-high 57 generators will shut down in 2012.
    read more:


    So, Ohio is in play for Romney and Obama. Coal means a lot to the people of Ohio, Kentucky and other coal producing states. Could be a big factor in this election. Among many of Obama’s failures.

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