Charles Krauthammer on Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech:

“She told the story of a Gandhi. And considering the way he’s conducted himself in the presidency and particularly in the campaign, with ruthlessness and determination and drive, it’s not quite a plausible story…. I’m sure it was a great speech but I didn’t buy a line of it.”




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  1. Her delivery was good, but she sounded like the female version of Eddie Haskel, acting like the astute, clean cut neighbor in front of the adults, and the real side comes out when only the friends are around.

  2. Ugh. Just watching Rahm Emmanuel. What a toad.
    Now Paul Ryan, taking about the 16 T debt. No leadership on this issue. The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in three years.

  3. I thought she did a fine Candidate’s Wife’s speech. Too bad her husband’s policies are disasters with respect to both the local economy and foreign policy. To be brutally honest, I do not care whether he’s a good husband, if his policies are as naiive and ineffective as those of this shambling wreck of an administration.

    And he’s still got Eric Holder as Attorney General (And he is an attorney, himself). This guy is a f’n incompetent.

  4. I would agree to taxpayer funded( 2 / year)vacation for life if they would just go the hell away.

    That sob story was so full of BS. Now they tell us Barack was a dumpster diver. Isnt that racist ?

  5. Does Mrs. Obama have some sort of speech impediment? She used the word so many times, you would think she would learn to pronounce “struggling.” It’s NOT “SCHTRUGGLING”!

    I really felt like she was over the top with her dramatics. It felt fake and forced to me. I cannot believe that the pundits are saying she was “masterful.” She seemed like a bad actress auditioning for a part in some B movie. Maybe I just didn’t like it because it was all a pack of lies, telling us how much Barack cares for us. If he cared for us, he’d be working on creating jobs instead of playing golf and vacationing on our dime.

  6. Why is it that a woman is supposed to be able to choose to kill her baby ( instead of keeping her panties on or buying her own birth control) but I cant Choose not to buy a product or service ?????

    I cant choose to send my kid to a different public school of my choice ?????

    Why is it only murder of the innocent is a choice ?

  7. The empty chair concept was demonstrated well in her speech as she spoke of Obama saving the auto industry (cash for clunkers, dealerships suddenly out of business after decades of success, the Chevy Volt) and creating jobs (while losing jobs at a much faster rate he’s created government bureaucracy) and bringing our economy from the brink of disaster (much closer to the brink now than before).

    I’m seeing a woman modeling an empty showcase on the Price Is Right. Apparently he’s done all the things that haven’t been done.

    Every speech at the convention will be the same. In order for Obama to look mildly successful they have to tell complete bald faced lies. Krauthammer is bidding one dollar Bob (Drew).

  8. They claim Romney is out of touch…How is the president who flies around on a private taxpayer funded 747 with maybe 20 other people and eats the finest meals every day with private staff cooking and cleaning ebverything.She doesnt do her laundry, sweep a floor, shop for squat, pay for anything and she thinks they are able.

    Dummycrat party is a party of

    Gypsies , tyramps and thieves!

  9. All Gummint, all the time.

  10. Btw…my jaw nearly hit the floor tonite when CNN of all networks completely demolished the 4.5 milion jobs added claim.

  11. What a horrible sight…..that huge stadium filled with gypsies, tramps, thieves, and freaks! Everyone of them hysterical….emotional….not one lick of common sense or ability to rationalize. They all want something for nothing…..gimme, gimme, gimme. Disgusting little minds.

  12. I’m sure it was a subprime speech, but I didn’t listen to a word of it.

  13. My take: “She told the story of a Gandhi. And considering the way he’s conducted himself in the presidency, he was actually a Chavez.”

  14. Couldn’t watch it. Can’t stand either of the Obamas. Flipping through stations with the mute button on, looking at her, she looks so freakin’ ANGRY all the time… could only think two things the whole time watching her: 1) I wonder if she’s no longer proud of this country since her husband and Romney are polling neck-and-neck, and 2) *CUE THE WOOKIE ROAR!!!*

  15. At least the President doesn’t have any bank accounts in Cayman Islands and Switzerland like Mr. Romney.

  16. obama is a goner, folks. We can do it, yes we can!!

  17. At least Mr. Romney knows how to balance the books and not add 5.3 Trillion dollars to a debt.

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