People walk in and out of a Jewish community center in Malmo, southern Sweden, with its door damaged, September 28, 2012. (Photo by AFP)

Two men were arrested after the Jewish community center was bombed in Malmo, Sweden.
The Local reported, via Tundra Tabloids:

Police were called out early on Friday morning after loud bangs were heard near the Jewish community centre in Malmö, southern Sweden.

“There as been an explosion. Something has detonated – we are certain of that,” said police officer Erik Liljenström to local paper Sydsvenskan early on Friday morning.

The police received a call shortly after 1am. Witnesses said they had heard loud blasts near the centre some 15 minutes earlier.

When police arrived at the scene they soon established that there had been some sort of explosion and that someone had tried to smash in the door.

There were loose paving stones lying among shards of shattered glass in front of the entrance, according to the paper.

While damage had been done to the front door, the building had not been damaged in any other way as far as the police could see, but according to witness statements the blasts were heard a few blocks away.

“I’m shocked that it’s happened now; that it’s happened at all. Jewish institutions are under constant threat, but we haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary recently,” Fred Kahn, head of the Jewish community in Malmö, told the TT news agency on Friday morning.

Shortly after 4am, police announced that they had identified one of the vehicles and brought two men in for questioning.

Both of the suspects are 18-year-old, according to Malmö police, who nevertheless believe that more people were involved in carrying out the attack.

No one was reportedly injured in the attack. According to the police, the men are under suspicion of destruction constituting a public danger.



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  1. Shocked. Uh huh.

  2. Loved to read that, “two men brought in for questioning.”

    This of course is PC-speak for you-know-who. “Asians” in the UK. “Youths” in France. “Immigrants” in German (despite many of them having been born in Ger. and are NOT immigrants at all).

    We all KNOW who is doing what.

    Muslims, Muslims, Muslims.

  3. it must have been “the video” made by the Coptic Christian whose people are routinely slaughtered in Egypt. at least that’s what UN Ambassador Rice and Hilarity Clinton told me.

  4. I guess we have two choices: a reaction to yet another YouTube video or blatant anti-Semitism. Chances are that neither reason spurred a Nordic 18 year old to bomb the building…

  5. another country where the leftist politicans have brought in the colonists to take the country over.

  6. Moslem barbarians + Swedish dhimmis = totalitarian takeover.

  7. Might as well start counting. The Islamists are playing “dogpile-on-the-wabbit.”

  8. Communist Fascist or their allies the Islamofascist?

  9. I checked swedish forums that are frequently used by people that want to know information that’s not in the papers. Since there’s people from all over the country on the forum, there’s a few that lives close to the event.
    Taking it for what it’s worth (people are anonymous, and there’s no guarantee they are who they say they are) this forum is generally reliable with information like this.

    The consensus right now seem to be that the two guys came in a car, broke a window someway (using a rock or a tool), and then tossed a firecracker. There was no apparent damage from the explosion itself this time.

    Oh, and according to a swedish newspaper, both 18 year olds already have drugrelated convictions.

  10. Google “Fjordman.”

    Sweden is a mess. Their liberal policies have resulted in massive rapes by Muslims- plus they have ‘no go’ areas for police Think Malmo is a huge Muslim city. True mess. Liberalism in action.

    /but hey there Swedish rape victims, you should feel good about your “tolerance.”

  11. I think this is a good time for Jewish Americans to get further behind the great Obama Foreign Policy of weakness and “leading from behind”!

  12. Can you imagine if the Christians or Jews started using the crude violent methods of the Islamic radicals every time the government or someone “offended” them?

    HHS demands Catholics pay for contraceptives. Suddenly a HHS building is attacked by a thousand pissed off Catholics and burnt to the ground. While the crowd chants “there is no Savior but Jesus!”

    Imagine the FBI agents looking at each other and saying. “AAHH come on! Now what?” Especially when one of them reviews the video and there is his mom waving at him from the crowd.

    Just saying…

    If it works for them.

  13. Today the Jerusalem Post states 65% of American Jews support Obama. WTF????

  14. #15

    Liberals first
    Democrats second
    Jews last

  15. Obviously we need to ban Jewish Community centers since they provide violence just like posters in NY

  16. google Malmo Sweden muslim population

    tick . . .tick . . .tick . . .

  17. #11 eric…if you read those sights you must know of the dramatic rise in anti-semitism in swedish cities, especially malmo. you must know of the dramatic rise in crime, people on the dole, the enormous increase in rape, the attacks of police and firemen that have occurred since the start of the muslim colonization in sweden. you can try to minimize this incident all you want but given what you must know that is completely disingenuous.

  18. If the perps were white Swedish Odinists, we’d have known that from the news story.

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