It’s an Obama World.. Feds Arrest Anti-Islam Filmmaker (Video)

It’s an Obama world…
The man behind a crudely produced anti-Islamic video Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was arrested by federal authorities tonight.

The AP reported:

A federal judge on Thursday ordered the man behind a crudely produced anti-Islamic video that inflamed parts of the Middle East to be detained because he is a flight risk.

U.S. Central District Chief Magistrate Judge Suzanne Segal ordered Nakoula Basseley Nakoula held after authorities said he violated terms of his probation.

Nakoula, 55, was convicted in 2010 for federal check and sentenced to 21 months in prison. Under terms of his probation, he was not allowed to use computers or the Internet for five years without approval from his probation officer.

So maybe the Islamists will like us now. Ya think?

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  • GotFreedom

    My fellow citizens. . .our rights and liberties are blatantly being usurped by the fraud in chief in the WH. . .we must stand up, speak out and fight back against this tyranny NOW! How long before they start coming for you and me simply because we posted on a site like GP?

    Stand up and defend the Constitution now before it’s too week to defend you!

  • donh

    ITS A 3 STOOGES MOVIE…!…..In Obama’s world the future belongs to Bilal…>

  • aprilnovember811

    One Anti-Muhammad Film, a Terrorist Financier, and FBI Failures

    by Admin on SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 in BLOG, GENERAL

  • bg


    don’t be fooled, this is faux MO part deux double intendre..

    1) to protect him,
    2) to protect themselves,
    (not necessarily in that order)..

    Producer Of Anti-Islam Film Was Fed Snitch

    [SEPTEMBER 14–In remarks stressing that the U.S. government had
    “absolutely nothing to do with” the anti-Islam film that has touched off
    violence in the Middle East, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday
    sought to quash Arab concerns that the “disgusting and reprehensible”
    movie was somehow produced or condoned by American officials.

    However, Clinton’s attempt to distance the U.S. from “Innocence
    of Muslims” –and, by extension, its felonious producer –may be
    complicated by the revelation that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula
    became a government informant after his 2009 arrest for bank
    fraud, The Smoking Gun has learned.

    Though many key documents from the U.S. District Court case
    remain sealed, a June 2010 sentencing transcript provides an
    account of Nakoula’s cooperation with federal investigators in
    Los Angeles (and how his prison sentence was reduced as a


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  • Adi

    A voluntary arrest, I assume.

  • aprilnovember811

    Innocence of Muslims Filmmaker Arrested – Why this is a Good thing

    by Admin on SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 in BLOG, GENERAL

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  • Joanne

    There’s a bounty on his head – of course, he would be a flight risk. He probably wants to go into hiding, because those peaceful, tolerant muslims want his head – literally.

  • Joanne

    Whatever happened to the man who protected himself from Trayvon Martin anyhow?

  • bg
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  • bg


    April 20, 2007

    The Mainstream Media: Islamist Facilitators

    [I have previously discussed the harm of our government’s enabling of Islamists (like CAIR, MPAC, MAS, MSA, or ISNA) in the United States and how the governmental endorsement of Islamists publicly empowers them and allows them to dodge their responsibility of countering Islamism as an ideology. This order of magnitude is greater in impact when it concerns the media’s inability to wage the debate of the “struggle for the soul of Islam”. Stories about Islam and Muslims have been more and more ubiquitous since 9-11 and now are actually commonplace. Yet, the actual debate within the Muslim community has barely begun. Where’s the disconnect? Look no further than the Islamist enablers in the media.]

    are we listening yet?? :-(


  • Lady Mondegreen

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for this creep?

  • Look-Out

    He’s in league with this administration and going along with the charade. A phony and a lawbreaker. He’s being taken in for violating his probation. But the BHO/Muslim Brotherhood crowd wants this scene to frighten us into thinking we’ll be arrested for asserting our First Amendment Rights. Don’t be intimidated or manipulated by them.

  • Linda

    Nakoula Basseley Nakoula has been twice convicted of felonies and appears to have violated his probation for his last felony so it is not surprising he is now in jail. He also appears to be a “federal snitch” which apparently lessened his last felony’s prison time.

    Nakoula pled guilty in 1997 to possession with intent to manufacture methamphetamine and was sentenced to a year in jail.

    He pleaded guilty to bank fraud in 2010 and was sentenced to 21 months in prison, to be followed by five years on supervised probation. Under the written terms of release from prison, Nakoula was forbidden from using the Internet or assuming any aliases without approval of his probation officer. He also was ordered to make restitution for more than $790,000 from the scam.

  • l.barney


    what a joke!

  • saveus

    Obama is making the muslim brotherhood happy once again.
    Who will be next?

  • Highlander

    #15 – Bingo!

  • bigL

    no one saw the trailer. Al queada was the perpetrator..So why is he arrested.

    I think it is to slow or stop the 2016 movie juggernaut or the other one that is out. I note that there are NO more ads for the2016 movie anymore.