Islamist protesters attacked the US Embassy in Jakarta today screaming “F**k America!”
The Islamists chucked rocks and bricks at the embassy guards and torched a US Flag.

Brisbane Times reported:

A mob of Indonesian Islamists waving jihad flags attacked the US embassy yesterday, throwing rocks and bricks, but they were repelled by tear gas and riot police.

About 500 people from a number of radical groups were protesting against the movie The Innocence of Muslims by calling for the arrest and death penalty for the movie’s director Sam Bacile and the Florida preacher Terry Jones who had planned to show the film.

Shouting ”Allahu Akbar” and ”F— America,” the mob, many of whom were masked, marched on the embassy and began to attack.

Riot police were initially caught unprepared and without their shields.

Volleys of rocks and bricks, broken from the pavement, rained on the police and embassy guards. Local television stations were also reporting that petrol bombs were thrown.

One guard was separated from the building and pursued by a mob. It appeared he was eventually caught by a large group of protesters and surrounded, though it is not known what happened to him.

A police officer was carried from the scene by his comrades, with reports variously suggesting he had been hit by a rock or stabbed in the face.

The Obama Administration insists these attacks are not directed at the US(?)

A man holds a sign “USA GO TO HELL” as he joins hundreds of protestors gathered for anti US protests at the Bunderan Hotel in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. (Brisbane Times)




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  1. So Obama…this isn’t directed at the US, really?

  2. didn’t indonesians erect a statue to the dear leader and didn’t he claim “it’s good to be back home” when he wasted our taxpayer dollars traveling to this muslim dominated country?

  3. “USA go to Hell”?

    If o has his way, we will.

  4. Wait just a cotton picking minute. Obama said if he’s inaugurated, hostility by Muslims would cease because he grew up in Indonesia. Don’t they know that? Why would they protest the savior of all mankind?

    (Sorry about the “cotton picking” comment – I did not mean to be racist.)

  5. Further evidence of what weakenss brings. Our lightweight golfer who also poses as President has created this mess; he owns it and cannot get a pass on this one.

  6. Funny thing . . . when I first heard about that ridiculous YouTube video – which by the way is clearly dubbed and spliced together – I went to watch it and it had just about 1000 views. This was AFTER the Egyptian and the Benghazi riots.

    Meanwhile, there is Obama’s Bin Laden movie . . .

  7. If I were the filmmaker or Terry Jones I’d go into hiding from Obama who might try to appease this mob by arresting and sending them overseas.

  8. All he has to do is designate you as a terrorist and he can keep you incarcerated without anybody knowingwhat happened to you indefinitely.

  9. All he has to do is designate you as a terrorist and he can keep you incarcerated without anyone knowing where you are indefinitely. How congress gave him or any president this power I will never know.

  10. Headline correction:

    Islamic Protesters, Led by “New Civility” Maher, Colleagues Screaming “F**k America!” Attack US Embassy in Jakarta With Rocks and Bricks (Video)

  11. Now remember, all Muslims want is peace.


  12. once we get rid of bush all this hatred of the united states will stop.

  13. Talked to George on the phone. He asked me if I missed him!

  14. Hmmm… and all this time I thought ”Allahu Akbar” MEANT ”F*ck America”!

  15. Can you imagine the reaction if you dropped a piece of chocolate in their hot tub?

  16. Did they topple that kid statue of Zero? When you’ve lost the Indonesians who’s left to lose.

  17. #4 September 17, 2012 at 8:24 am
    Where’s the MF money Jon? commented:

    I’ve used that phrase, before. My cousins picked cotton. I’m white, and so are they. If it had a racial connotation for me, it must have been white. ‘Course, I was raised in Texas, where all us po folk knew we were all in this, together.

    Perhaps a raging urbanite would not understand.

  18. Owe will send another lacky out this morning to tell us those are old signs and don’t mean what our lying eyes tell us – besides, we took them out of context.

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