In a move that likely to shake America’s energy future to its core, protestors have adopted the idea of ‘chaining’ themselves to equipment being used for construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline in Texas.

In the video below one anti-gas protester tells reporters,
“It’s necessary to stop this pipeline. It’s a threat to our constitutional rights.”

It’s just too bad the equipment the loons chained themselves to didn’t belong to TransCanada… And, it wasn’t being used on the project that day.





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  1. Stop! thinking that they have good intentions. They want to destroy America.
    even if they are ‘useful idiots’, they know, they know…

  2. I hope the morons walked or rode their bikes to get there.

    I hope they dont get to live in homes heated with natural gas or electric generated from coal. I hope they dont get to use cell phones or I pads.

    These morons have no clue how they are their families whole days are effected by the things they protest all damn day

  3. A pipeline is a “threat to our Constitutional Rights”?

    I’ve read every word of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence many times. I have found words about rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Words about Freedom of Religion, Thought, Speech and Association. Words giving me the right to bear arms and the right to be free from unwarranted search and seizure. I’ve found words about equal rights for all despite the color of their skin (though those words STILL do not apply to women!) and even words about my right to drink and produce (in limited quantities for my own use) alcoholic beverages.

    What I have never found even once is a single word stating that I shall have freedom from oil pipelines!

    /What planet are these nincompoops from?

  4. Granny #3, that was my exact thought.

    Question for all, is this just my imagination, or am I thinking correctly… just a few years ago, I guess before the ‘TEA party’, nobody on the left ever said the words ‘Constitutional Rights’. Now, it seems to be a hot phrase that gets attention and is used often by the left. ?

  5. So they chain themselves to unused equipment and this is a problem???

  6. #4 September 13, 2012 at 10:18 am
    TeachX3 commented:

    Granny #3, that was my exact thought.

    Question for all, is this just my imagination, or am I thinking correctly… just a few years ago, I guess before the ‘TEA party’, nobody on the left ever said the words ‘Constitutional Rights’. Now, it seems to be a hot phrase that gets attention and is used often by the left. ?

    I noticed a TREMENDOUS amount of Tea Party ripoff at the DNC, right down to the USA-USA! chant. Since when do lefties do that? I haven’t had time to check, but it also seemed to me that the first few paragraphs of Obama’s speech were REMARKABLY similar to Romneys.

    Perhaps it is part of their game plan – confuse people. Notice the Tea Party is also being labeled as “terrorists” by the Obama regime.

  7. What a bunch of not so useful


  8. I see these constitution illiterates as supporters of the violence in the Middle East as they would rather we continue to funnel billions into the pockets of radical islamists instead of becoming energy independent.

  9. Environmentalists have got to be the most ignorant people I’ve ever met.

  10. Oh, too have a few more Rachel Corries. How sweet it would be.

  11. Now that’s funny right, I don’t care what anybody says. Wonder if MSNBC will show this? Don’t answer I know they won’t.

  12. What constitutional rights does the pipeline threaten?

    The right to be a brainwashed idiot?

  13. I would ask that you stop and think about the right of property ownership, and the right
    of government to seize privately owned property by eminent domain.
    Eminent domain as defined at
    “the power of the state to take private property for public use with payment of compensation to the owner.”
    Since when does a foreign-owned company have the right of eminent domain over privately
    owned property in the United States? Who benefits from the “public use” of this pipeline?
    Trans Canada.
    They came on to my nephew’s property without announcement or permission, and placed their flags on his property to mark where the pipeline will be going. They paid him $13,000
    for a path that cuts straight through the middle of his property, effectively cutting his
    property in half.
    The product that will “flow” through this pipeline is not comparable to what runs through
    the Alaska pipeline. This product is Tar Sands, and is corrosive in nature as well as so thick that hazardous chemicals must be added to it to thin it down enough to even flow through
    the pipeline.
    My nephew and his family live on that property. He is a carpenter by trade, and built their home himself. What this pipeline does initially is devalue his property, make it less
    marketable, and therefore harder to sell should he ever want to. And, what if there
    is a toxic spill, because there have been spills associated with this pipeline. What does that do to his family’s health as well as his property value then?
    Bear with me please, as I am taking care of an elderly parent while trying to get my
    thoughts together and express them succinctly.
    Hopefully, I’ll get time to finish my thoughts, but in the meantime, google what our largest export is…I think it’s oil. From what I’ve read, 2/3 of the oil refined on our Texas coast
    is exported, most to Asian markets where the fuel of choice is diesel and because diesel
    commands a higher price, that’s what our refineries produce.
    Thanks for the chance to share my thoughts on this. I’m not looking for an argument, just
    wanting to share our family’s experience.

  14. Somebody, please, take away the keys to the locks, just for a few hours.


  15. Rainmom commented:
    I would ask that you stop and think about the right of property ownership, and the right
    of government to seize privately owned property by eminent domain

    I would ask you to go check with your dear leader and then check out the Kelo vs. New London decision. The conservatives on the court said that it wasn’t right for a government to seize someone’s property (in this case, a womans’ home) and give it to a rich developer so that he could resell the land to a pharmaceutical corporation. The lovely leftists said that it was juuuuuuust fine by them.
    And now, here you are, whining about a pipeline right of way? Take a gander at what the lovely left did to Kelo, an the pipeline right of way. Go complain to them.

    Happy motoring.

  16. Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism

  17. #13 September 13, 2012 at 11:18 am
    Rainmom commented:

    Just at a guess, I’d say there was an easement on that land that came with your nephew’s deed. If he’s smart, he’ll take that 13K and put it to good use to secure his family’s future. It would, for example, make a nice down payment on another parcel of land, or irrigation, if he is so inclined.

    As for the content of the pipeline, and assuming he stays on the land, thick is good. It means that if there is a leak, it won’t go far, and will be relatively easy to contain and to clean up.

    An easement for a pipeline does not confer on the pipeline operator the right to pollute the surrounding land. Your nephew has the right to information about how the pipeline is monitored, and what to look for, should it leak. If it does leak, he has a right to have the damage to the land repaired, or paid for.

    Finally, pipelines are everywhere, in Texas in particular. They don’t have to leak, and they don’t have to either reduce the value of the land or reduce a homeowner’s, or farmer’s, or rancher’s ability to enjoy the use of the land. A person who chooses to educate himself about his rights and his options can exert some control of the situation and protect his family.

    Good luck, and God bless you and your family.

  18. They ought to be arrested. They are on private property and are marring equipment owned by others. And even if the equipment is state owned, they still do not have the right to chain themselves to it anymore than other protesters have the right to block intersections and other roads. I don’t know where these loons come from but I wish they would go back. They are wasting their time. Protests have never accomplished anything except to show what nuts are out there. I don’t mind peaceful protests but the left is rarely peaceful and leaves filth behind for others to clean up.

    I’ll never forget a documentary I saw that had a group of people in a wilderness setting weeping and wailing like idiots about the environment being trashed. Who is it who leave garbage whereever they protest?

  19. It is silly to chain themselves to the wrong equipment, but these are silly types.
    Granny, if I may — the 14th Amendment is the Equal Rights Amendment. “No state shall make or enforce any law abridging the privileges and immunities of a citizen of the United States…” The 15th Amendment DID allow states to deny women the right to vote; the 19th cleared that up.

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