BREAKING: Libyan Officials Claim US Was Warned 3 DAYS BEFORE Deadly Benghazi Consulate Attack

On 9-11 the US Consulate in Benghazi was destroyed and our ambassador was murdered.
The bloodstained walls revealed that US officials were dragged to their death.

There will be blood: A Libyan man explains that the bloodstains on the column are from one the American staff members who grabbed the edge of the column while he was evacuated, after an attack that killed four Americans on September 11tt. (Daily Mail)

Now this…
The Obama Administration was warned three days before the 9-11 attack about the deteriorating security in Benghazi.
The deadly Islamist attack was carried out on the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on America and only three months after the same consulate was bombed.
CNN reported:

Three days before the deadly assault on the United States consulate in Libya, a local security official says he met with American diplomats in the city and warned them about deteriorating security.

Jamal Mabrouk, a member of the February 17th Brigade, told CNN that he and a battalion commander had a meeting about the economy and security.

He said they told the diplomats that the security situation wasn’t good for international business.

“The situation is frightening, it scares us,” Mabrouk said they told the U.S. officials. He did not say how they responded.

According to McClatchy NewspapersFive contractors and three members of Libya’s 17th of February Brigade, a group formed during the first days of the uprising against Moammar Gadhafi and now considered part of Libya’s military, were protecting the perimeter of the compound at the time of the attack.

Power Line has more on the Benghazi attack.
It doesn’t look good for the Obama Administration.

More… Egyptian intelligence warned of impending attacks on September 4th.

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  • Patty

    Believed “Innocence of Muslims” Filmmaker Being Interviewed By Deputies
    LA County Sheriff’s officials confirmed to NBC4 that Nakoula Besseley Nakoula was taken in for an interview with federal probation officers.

    The man purported to be the filmmaker behind an inflammatory anti-Islam video being blamed for sparking violent unrest in the Middle East and North Africa was escorted by deputies from his Cerritos, Calif., home shortly after midnight Saturday morning.

    Media and law enforcement had been staking out the home at the end of a cul de sac in the Southern California city for about 48 hours when the man emerged wearing a coat, hat, scarf and glasses.

    According to property records, the home is owned by Nakoula Besseley Nakoula.

    LA County Sherrif’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore confirmed to NBCLA that Nakoula was taken to the Cerritos sheriff’s station for interviewing by federal probation officers aimed at determining whether he violated the terms of his 5-year probation by uploading a video to the Internet.

    “We are in an assist mode,” he said.

    Whitmore added that Nakoula agreed to the interview prior to the deputies arriving at his home, that the move was “entirely voluntary” and the man was “very cooperative.”


  • Patty

    Ms Clinton Causes Islamic Radicals To Wet Their Trousers, From Laughter
    By: Skook

    Words actually mean things, especially code words. The Obama Administration has a simple code system; so simple in fact, even the illiterate Muslim can understand his intentions. These same expressions and phrases serve to reassure Americans who refuse to face the truth, as they willing delude themselves into accepting the code at face value. Thus the radical Islamic Fascist is encouraged and emboldened and the moderate Muslim sympathetic to American intentions in the Middle East begins to doubt the intention, strength, and resolve of America.
    Continue reading →

  • American Woman

    #14 (Patty), thanks for posting the Breitbart’s Caddell piece.

    Valarie Jarrett holds a lot of power with Obama, because she is one of his ties to Iran. She grew up there, speaks Persian, and helped bring foreign Islamic Fascist money (disguised as campaign contributions) into his war chest.

  • Patty

    #23 September 15, 2012 at 12:37 pm
    American Woman commented:

    your welcome.

  • EBL

    I share Mark Steyn’s disgust. But kudos to CNN (and of course Gateway Pundit) for reporting on this.

  • redneck

    This was suppose to be October Surprise but someone pull the trigger to soon. .……….

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  • Patty



    He is a campaigner who goes to Vegas the same day body bags are brought back from Syria.


    US Ambassador’s Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy


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  • Stella Baskomb

    #11 Tommy re: “the indefatigable eric holder”

    Sorry, I thought everyone would read the sarcasm in the word “indefatigable”.

    Truth is – nothing Holder does or doesn’t do will matter any more – if America fires Obama.

    Eyes on the prize all.

  • Bronson

    Jim did Axelrod and Obama go political on twitter on 9/11 BEFORE or AFTER the apology from the Embassy was made?

    Obama’s first tweet of the day was political for his campaign

    How damning is this if those political tweets went out after the Embassy apology. We also now know Obama was warned days prior to the attack. What a disgrace.

  • American Woman

    Some of you may be aware of the following but some are not, so I post it.

    BREAKING NEWS: Two sources in Chicago diplomatic circles identify Ambassador Chris Stevens as gay (meaning State Department sent gay man to be ambassador to Libya)
    Posted on September 14, 2012 by Kevin DuJan // Breaking News, Featured Content

    [ Ambassador Chris Stevens in the 70s with male companion Austin Tichenor, whose Facebook profile has been displaying photos and remembrances of Stevens the last few days including references to the gay-themed novel “Brideshead Revisited” whose main characters were star-crossed, doomed lovers “Sebastian” and “Charles”…which is not a far cry from the names “Austin” and “Chris”, as some of Austin’s friends have noted on Facebook. ]

    … Today I went out into the field here in Chicago looking to talk to some of the striking teachers but no one in a red-shirt was anywhere to be found (or, if they were wearing one, they had nothing to do with the teachers’ union strike). A journalist friend of mine asked me to nose around and see if I could uncover anything about slain Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was rumored to be gay. A former “roommate” of Stevens by the name of Austin Tichenor lives and works in Chicago and while making calls to friends of mine in the theater world who know him I also thought to check some sources with the city who deal with the State Department and foreign dignitaries when they are in town.

    Of course, they’ve all been talking about Ambassador Stevens’ murder by Muslims in Libya: and all of them are incredulous that the State Department sent a gay man to be ambassador to a Muslim country. News reports continue to indicate that the Muslims who murdered Stevens also raped him repeatedly, before and after his death.

    Read more

  • exceller

    Obama/Clinton failed to heed warnings to safeguard they’re own people? disgraceful that they now try to divert attention for their failures to a low rent movie maker.

  • jainphx

    What is human life compared to their agenda? They don’t care what consequences arise, after all other lives mean nothing to these elitist “special” people. Obama is a rodent!!!

  • Patty

    Anti-Islam Filmmaker Donated Million Dollars To Obama Campaign

    Blame the movie.

    Blame the movie.

    Blame the movie.

    Even though “the movie” was on YouTube for months prior to the collective indignation of thousands of Middle Eastern Islamists all coming together on the eleventh anniversary of September 11th (through a wild coincidence, no doubt), we are being told by our government and our media overlords that we must blame the movie.

    You see, if we blame the movie for the burning of our foreign outposts and the brutal murders of four Americans (including our Libyan ambassador who was reportedly raped), we won’t blame the burners and the looters and the murderers and the rapists.

    You see, if we blame the movie for the Middle East burning, we won’t blame the Islamists who are doing the burning and looting and raping and murdering.

    Which means we won’t further connect the dots and blame Obama’s failed Middle East policy; the Obama Doctrine of backing away from the region and allowing events to unfold as America stands idly by — as the Islamists in the Muslim Brotherhood grab hold of power in Egypt, a country that was once our largest and closest ally.

    Blame the filmmaker.

    Hunt him.

    Out him.

    Demonize him.

    Burn the straw man!

    And all at the direction of a president of the United States who has sworn to uphold the Constitution, you know, the same Constitution that treasures the right of free expression and speech above all else.

    But no one asks … What about Bill Maher?

    Bill Maher?

    Bill Maher made a comedy/documentary called “Religulous” that’s most famous for mercilessly mocking Christianity. But what people forget is that the last twenty-minutes or so of the film make a damning case against Islam.

    Bill Maher made a film that mocked Islam.

    Oh, yes, he did.

    Bill Maher also contributed $1 million to a pro-Obama super PAC.

    And I’m sure that upon being reminded of this, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will tremble with self-righteous indignation and demand Maher take his money back.

    After all, if movies create the terrorists who in turn create the terrorism, what about Bill Maher?

    And what if the terrorists learn that the president of the United States is benefitting from a million dollar contribution given by a filmmaker who mocked Islam? How will Hillary Clinton claim with any credibility that the United States government has no connection to this outrage? How will White House spokesman Jay Carney say this with any credibility:

    “The reason why there is unrest is because of the film,” he said at one point. “This is in response to the film.” At another moment, he said, “The cause of the unrest was a video.” At yet another, “These protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region.”


  • Patty

    And liberal or conservative. Christopher Stevens and the Seals and others killed I can say with certainty, they ALL devoted themselves in different ways to America.

    This may get lost but my prayers for those who died and their families and pray for restitution. QUICK AND RIGHT.

  • lizzy84


    …Sources have told the BBC that on the advice of a US diplomatic regional security officer, the mission in Benghazi was not given the full contract despite lobbying by private contractors.

    Instead, the US consulate was guarded externally by a force of local Libyan militia, many of whom reportedly put down their weapons and fled once the mission came under concerted attack.

    The consulate’s walls were breached in just 15 minute..

    How many more lives need to be lost to prop up this failed administration?
    How many?

  • donh

    #8 The film maker is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS… Some felon in the shadows , under the wing of parol boards and FBI handlers,.,..just like that Wade Page guy who shot up the Sihk temple. And now he is in lock down…How CONVENIENT…..NOBODY will be able to talk to the guy …The Obama media will have a tyrannical monopoly to dictate what you are allowed to know about this man…..and when I look at his film ” Innocence of Muslims ” it looks to have a Thelema Cabbalist cult look about it. Something a disciple of Poke Runyon would make….>

  • Patty

    Obama: Americans ‘reject denigration of any religion — including Islam’

    President Obama paid tribute to the four Americans slain this week in Libya and again tried to tamp down anti-American anger around the globe in his weekly radio address on Saturday.

    “I have made it clear that the United States has a profound respect for people of all faiths. We stand for religious freedom. And we reject the denigration of any religion — including Islam,” the president said in the prerecorded remarks.

    Mr. Obama again vowed justice for the four Americans killed Tuesday in Libya — Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

    “As we mourn their loss, we must also send a clear and resolute message to the world: Those who attack our people will find no escape from justice. We will not waver in their pursuit. And we will never allow anyone to shake the resolve of the United States of America,” the president said.

    Mr. Obama said he spoke with the families of the four dead Americans on Friday and expressed his gratitude for the service to the country.

    As anti-American protests spread Saturday around the world — including to Australia — Mr. Obama repeated the administration’s position that the outbursts are not indicative of widespread opposition to the United State or its policies.

    “I know the images on our televisions are disturbing. But let us never forget that for every angry mob, there are millions who yearn for the freedom, and dignity, and hope that our flag represents,” Mr. Obama said.

    Hundreds of protesters clashed with police outside the U.S. Consulate in Sydney on Saturday.

    Read more: Obama: Americans ‘reject denigration of any religion — including Islam’ – Washington Times

    title says it all. Here is this nation of America not some Middle East nation we have a Constitution and we must uphold the law. Obama has twisted in his mind this nation and the middle east and their ways of believing are all intertwined.

    There lies the real theme for the Debates. We are not a third world nation and Obama is making us one each second, each hour, each day, each month, each year HE IS IN OFFICE. HE MUST BE REPLACED.

  • bg


    September 14, 2012

    Conservative Muslims Respond To Islamist Violence Over Anti-Muhammad Film: ‘Islam Needs To Come Into Modernity’

    [“The way I looked at it — it was a comedy. It didn’t make any sense
    and so what,” she said of the movie in question. “I am a Muslim, but
    I am also an American and I have come to this country because of
    freedom of speech, freedom of assembly — all the freedoms that the
    21st century is providing. Especially in this country.”

    Modernity was a theme throughout her commentary, particularly when
    it came to the violent Middle Eastern response. Ervin lambasted the
    actions taken oversees and said that it showcases how the West is
    “failing to bring the Islamic world into the 21st century by catering to
    the lowest denomination.”

    “I call it ‘cultural imperialism’ — that many, especially the left in this
    country, are catering to the lowest denomination,” she said, going
    on to claim that liberals don’t expect Muslims to understand free
    speech, so they end up protecting extremists and allowing the
    backwardness to continue.

    “I think the attitude needs to be changed,” she added, giving her
    views on how to fix the situation. “Not catering to the worst, but
    helping and supporting the best — like us, the ones who are
    saying, ‘My religion is my religion, but I’m living in the 21st