Busted: Chicago Teacher’s Union Caught Using Kids at Strike Protest (Video)

Chicago teachers went on strike today for the first time in 25 years. 400,000 students and their families were affected. Teachers in Chicago are the highest paid in the nation and make an average $74,839 a year.

It took less than 24 hours for the Chicago Teacher’s Union to start using kids in their strike protests.
EAG News reported:

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  • FurryGuy

    Surprise this is, not. Progressives always use kids a propaganda tools, after brainwashing them.

  • Chris

    I heard a woman on the radio news(I assume it was a teacher)who said exactly this”It’s for the kids pure and simple.”

    What is for the kids? Because they can’t explain it. I guess it just sounds good, so they say it even though it is all about themselves. I’m sure MSNBC and CNN will use this sympathy for the strike.

  • obfuscatenot

    This is why I don’t sleep. I have argued against teachers unions since I was a child and will continue to do so. The main response I hear is, “These are our friends and neighbors, they’re good people.” I respond with, “I remember a group of good folks from a while back that were cozy with the Democrat party just like the unions, they wore white hoods, they were our friends and neighbors too.” The lynchings now are figurative and they happen in small towns just like big city Chicago. Even big government FDR knew public sector unions were wrong.

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  • Tim in Cali

    Barack Obama > Democrats > UNIONS > organized crime > Barack Obama

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  • Granny

    Breitbart has some interesting additional information about this strike.

    1. Chicago teachers are the highest paid in the nation, averaging over $75K a year.

    2. While the teachers are demanding a substantial pay increase, apparently what the talks broke down over is proposed reforms to teacher evaluation, particularly a proposal to tie student test scores into the evaluations.

    3. Despite their high pay, 79% of eighth graders are not proficient in reading and 80% are not grade level proficient in math.

    More, with links at http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2012/09/10/Media-Castigates-Romney-Over-Chicago-Teachers-Strike

  • Redwine

    The Left – always ready to use others as political pawns. Where are the frickin’ parents??!!!

  • Redwine
  • Tim in Cali

    1.Kids being used to get massive pay increases for unions

    2.Kids being used by some parents for entitlements

    3.Kids being used /exploited by Hollywood..then tossed away

    4.Babies murdered by Planned Parenthood for millions of $$$

    Kids/babies are nothing more than Gold ATM cards to Socialist Lefties

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  • Practical Jane

    Without a signed permission slip I would sue – and they would NEVER get a signed permission slip from us.

  • SoLongSong

    Adding insult to injury, these teachers INDOCTRINATE our children for more hours per day than most parents get to spend – and out of the parent’s sight.

    I think that’s part of the reason obama got elected in the first place and whey there’s not more of a hue and cry over his failed policies and dastardly (yep, I said it) intentions for this country.

  • Limousine Barry

    These are my kind of teachers. Just look as the size of their arses. They are humongous!

    All Unionized Teachers should be able to afford a Chauffeur Driven Stretch Limousine! After all they are limousine liberals… and can barely fit their fat butts in a car.

    Let me be clear, I will not stop spending until each teacher in all of the 57 states has a chauffeur driven limo!

    In the old days they measured a teacher buy the size of his/her girth… not the content of his/her character. [Whisper… whisper]. They didn’t? I’ll just lie.

    The 71 inch waste line on Chicago union leader Karen Lewis proves my point. I think Michael Moore would agree!


    If you like the way I give your money to my over-paid cronies’ then vote for me. And, this is important. Send me $30,000.00 before midnight. My campaign is going broke. Good day.

  • dwillmore

    I said it before and say it again here. I have had some good teachers, but by and large they are mostly a bunch of self serving overpaid blowhards.

    The teachers entering the profession are the ones underpaid and the first to be without a job as the older over paid bureaucrats hold onto their jobs they do not deserve.

  • Patty

    Well, who would expect anything more from these greedy losers. Are poor kids and we entrust our kids we these people. Sick and then compound things by using the kids?

    Embarrassment and sad commentary on America’s education system.

  • mg4us

    16% Pay raise over 4 years is not good enough for these union members so they make the kids suffer. . .

    I know a way that 34+% can get a BIG Bump in income without waiting four years. . .


    You heard that right. . over 34% of the Chicago PUBLIC SCHOOL teachers send their own kids to PRIVATE Schools because Public Schools not good enough

    And yet these free choicers oppose vouchers for students. . .

    I say it become a requirement that if you teach in public schools then your child need to go to one too from K-12. . .

  • anti-bho

    And this scum is destroying the country just as surly as the terrorists destroyed the Twin Towers in ’01.
    Just slower.

  • anti-bho

    America Attacked 9 1 1


  • Bill Mitchell

    OMG I cannot believe it. Foxnews FINALLY called out CNN and the MSM for their BS polling samples. Now maybe we can get some national exposure on this scandal.