Todd Akin Hints on GMA That He May Leave MO Senate Race (Video)

Todd Akin was back in the news this morning. The controversial Missouri Republican told Good Morning America that he is not quitting the Missouri Senate race against liberal Claire McCaskill. But FOX News said Akin hinted that he may be leaving the race. Akin lost all funding and support from the GOP following his controversial comments on rape.
Via America’s Newsroom:

The list of conservatives and Republicans who oppose Todd Akin’s senate campaign continues to grow.
Below are just a few examples:

  • · Radio/TV Host Sean Hannity urged Akin yesterday to reconsider running and reminded him that “elections are bigger than one person
  • · Radio Host Mark Levin similarly urged Akin to step aside saying this race is far too important to risk losing to the Democrats.
  • · Columnist/Radio Host Dennis Prager penned a column for calling on his fellow pro-life leaders to join him in disavowing Akin’s remarks.
  • · Columnist Charles Krauthammer on Fox News last night called Akintoxic” and said “he’s got to go
  • · Radio Host Hugh Hewitt tweeted – “If Akin drops out and GOP wins Senate, he has career. If he stays in and GOP doesn’t win Senate, infamy and injury to prolife cause
  • · Author Ann Coulter penned a column in Human Events calling on Akin to do the right thing and step aside for the good of the pro-life movement
  • · National Review editorial board called on Akin to step aside, writing in part, “Akin is a stalwart conservative and an honorable man, we regret to say that he inspires no such confidence”
  • · Wall Street Journal editorial board also called on Akin to step aside, writing in part, “Having uttered one of the more offensive and ill-informed comments in recent years, Mr. Akin could cost his party a seat it is favored to win this November and thus possible control of the Senate.”
  • · The Tea Party Express called on Akin to step aside saying “It is critical that we defeat Senator Claire McCaskill in November, but it will be too difficult to achieve that with Todd Akin as the conservative alternative.”

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  • Stan

    Bald douchebag.

  • SoLongSong

    I despise this man with the heat of a thousand burning suns.

    But I’ll get over it. We’ll find another way to repeal obamacare.

  • iamsaved

    Todd Akin doesn’t appear to be too adept as sizing a situation up and realizing the cards are stacked against him. His stubborn pride may cost conservatives a chance to take the Senate seat that before was easily winnable. Rightfully or wrongfully, the facts are what they are and Todd Akin is the one who shot himself in the foot.

    He states he was selected by the people of Missouri to represent them. Has he asked himself the question as to whether or not they would have voted for him had he made his statements before the primary? Shame on him for not doing what is right for those people who did vote for him in the anticipation that he would beat Claire McCassKILL. He has himself only to blame.

    That being said, if there is not a third party candidate and Todd Akin doesn’t withdraw his name from consideration, then shame on the conservatives in Missouri and the Republican Party apparatus that withdraws all support from him. They will be as responsible as Mr. Akin in putting a liberal Democrat back in office. If you think the Democrats would do the same thing if the parties were switched you would be delusional.

    Think Missouri before abandoning the one person who may be the only option you have to get rid of an Obama sycophant.

  • Steve

    ”Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.”
    – You know who says this?
    – Akin perhaps should not be on a ballot paper. But WHAT he said is in principle right. It may very well be that a woman seldom gets pregnant from rape. Real violent rape.
    – Still, she may feel it best to take away the child. But… but…
    – Of course, you pagans reason otherwise. But you are dying out. So why bother with you…

  • Hippies Still Smell


    This entire Akin kerfuffle is a case of choking on gnats while swallowing the proverbial camel.

    Since when does the MSM or the DNC carry the banner for rape sensitivity?

    People in glass houses should not cast stones.

  • Jim W

    There are all kinds of important things that are to be considered here. He is considereing one to the exclusion of all else. Some people may call it principled, but a solid majority call it nuts. They are going to be electing our senator.

  • RedstateRed

    What a shame. I just put my Akin yard sign back up.

    He could make mistakes like he did for years and not do the damage Obama and McCaskill have done to our economy.

  • JoyO

    I hope he does leave. The people of Missouri and the rest of the USA need to be free of Senator Claire — her vote on OBAMACARE alone is enough to vote her out of office!

  • retire05

    Well, if Akin drops, all I can say is “Congratulations, luguini spined Republicans. You let the press dictate to you again.”

    But wait, isn’t Akin already in office? Where is Jim’s reporting on Akin’s voting record in the state of Missouri? Was all that wiped out with just one stupid statement? Nevermind that Democrats are still having sex with 17 year old boys and are still in office. Nevermind that Joe Biden just labeled all Republican voters “racists” claiming we want to put black Americans back in chains and no one on his side of the aisle is clammouring for him to resign his campaign. Nevermind that Gerry Studds was the poster boy for the Democrats.

    Akin must be annihilated and the establishment GOP is saying to the Dems, and the press “Here, let us do it for you.”

    Missouri, you deserve Criminal Claire again. The best thing I ever did was move from that state.

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  • Kate

    Hopefully reality is hitting Akin in the head. Frankly, after watching this entire nightmare, I don’t want him as my senator. Period. He’s arrogant, self-centered and nuts. The media didn’t do this to him. Akin did it to himself by making an appalling statement that cannot just be called a mistake. Quit already so we can move on to getting rid of that horror named Claire.

  • xkaydet65

    As to what the Dems would do, does the name Bob Toricelli ring a bell? Do you think he mangnanimously left the race? The Dems did a Luca Brazzi on him and the GOP should have done the same to Akin.

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  • W1cked

    I you were to take a 2 month old fetus “or baby if you prefer” and place it on Mars and then a NASA probe were to find it….I’m pretty certain the headline would read “HUMAN life found on mars” I’m just say’n
    Now I happen to believe that killing humans is sometimes justified (War, violent criminals, self preservation, etc.) Whether killing a human baby is ever justified or not is certainly a tough argument. However, if you say that you are Pro Choice then you need to not “pretty it up” with “oh its just a mass of cells, or its just a fetus” take responsibility for the choice you are making and live with it.

  • mr_e_m_t

    If/when this election is lost to a democrat, the right has only itself to blame and not Akin.

    Way to show solidarity over an issue, sheep!
    Bet you wont learn a damned thing over this and will keep electing candidates who pander pretty and sell out your professed beliefs first chance they get.

  • iamsaved

    xkaydet65 commented: – Big difference between Akin and Toricelli. Bob Toricelli committed blatant crimes, something even Democrats have to distance themselves from. Todd Akin spoke words that were offensive to most people but has every legal right to do.

  • Your Daily Flash Beating™
  • Lindensant

    Yeah, great, let’s give this man a medal for standing on “principle” and have him move on so somebody that can win can be appointed.

    By the way, Akin’s support for the nomination by Republican primary voters was highly suspect. FRom what I understand, the only reason he won was because Dems voted for him in droves in the open primary.

  • bg


    this is NOT the WAR Breitbart was fighting..

    this is what Breitbart was WARRING against..