The End Is Near: NRSC Sends Out Scathing Email – They Want Akin Gone

Republican Todd Akin has until 5:00 PM to withdraw from the US Senate race.
And, it’s clear that the National Republican Senatorial Campaign wants him gone. They already cut funding to the Republican – an estimated $5 million. Then this morning the NRSC sent out this email:

Just a quick background update on the situation in the Missouri Senate race. While much of the press coverage has understandably focused on the statements by Republican leaders yesterday regarding Congressman Akin, I wanted to point out for your background that they have been joined by leading conservatives across the country who have called on Congressman Akin to step aside for the good of the party and the pro-life movement he cares so deeply about.

Below are just a few examples for your consideration:

  • · Radio/TV Host Sean Hannity urged Akin yesterday to reconsider running and reminded him that “elections are bigger than one person
  • · Radio Host Mark Levin similarly urged Akin to step aside saying this race is far too important to risk losing to the Democrats.
  • · Columnist/Radio Host Dennis Prager penned a column for calling on his fellow pro-life leaders to join him in disavowing Akin’s remarks.
  • · Columnist Charles Krauthammer on Fox News last night called Akintoxic” and said “he’s got to go
  • · Radio Host Hugh Hewitt tweeted – “If Akin drops out and GOP wins Senate, he has career. If he stays in and GOP doesn’t win Senate, infamy and injury to prolife cause
  • · Author Ann Coulter penned a column in Human Events calling on Akin to do the right thing and step aside for the good of the pro-life movement
  • · National Review editorial board called on Akin to step aside, writing in part, “Akin is a stalwart conservative and an honorable man, we regret to say that he inspires no such confidence”
  • · Wall Street Journal editorial board also called on Akin to step aside, writing in part, “Having uttered one of the more offensive and ill-informed comments in recent years, Mr. Akin could cost his party a seat it is favored to win this November and thus possible control of the Senate.”
  • · The Tea Party Express called on Akin to step aside saying “It is critical that we defeat Senator Claire McCaskill in November, but it will be too difficult to achieve that with Todd Akin as the conservative alternative.”

That’s brutal.

UPDATE: Add Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to the list.

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  • Taqiyyotomist


    Toddler “fight club” at daycare center.

    Ghetto perps, and the daycare is called “Hands of Our Future”.

    My God.

  • chuck in st paul

    I’ve got money on him NOT stepping down, and we wind up losing that seat.

  • Jim W

    Hopefully a night of rest has cleared his mind and he will step down.

  • EBL

    Tick tock, tick tock.

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  • Robert W

    No wonder the Democrats spent $1.5 million to get him elected…
    The guy is an asinine idiot and should resign.

  • EBL

    Yes Democrats are hypocrites…

    But you have to go Mr. Akin. For the good of the party, the country and the pro life movement.

  • Robert W

    He should also resign from Congress, too.

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  • a former dem

    I notice the DCCC is already having ads “rape is rape” Akin ads, just saw one of those ads here on GP. And they will tie this to every other repub.

    Akin… leave and leave now!

    Independents like me want Claire McCaskill utterly defeated, your nutjob comments are helping no one! Leave now! I’m not pro-life, and was willing to donate to any repub candidate opposing McCaskill, but not a chance in hell am I donating to you after your insane comments, and this is an easy senate seat to pick up!

  • Spider

    Folks, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    We are in sight of taking both houses and the executive branch.

    We can begin to heal America, and re-point her on path to prosperity for all.

    Mr. Akin please FOCUS.

  • bg


    rape is rape, and correct you are Mr. Obama..

    as is a lie is a lie, no matter who perpetrates it..

    God is not going to help US..

    only the TRUTH shall set US free..

    ergo, we shall reap what we sow..

    because we obviously cannot help ourselves..


  • surfin’ bird

    …he sure plays a mean pinball.

  • JR

    We all knew he was probably going to say something stupid, and here he does it pretty near to Day One of his campaign. And he steps right into the enemy’s wheelhouse, this make-believe ‘war on women’. If Akin is too stupid to know when to keep his mouth shut, he cannot be trusted to run a decent campaign. He needs to go. I’m for Steelman, but she does need some polishing.

  • a former dem

    I agree, should have listened to Gov Palin. There is still time, this Akins was going to screw up at some point, better now than later, little Claire of course was hoping this wouldn’t happen until later this year.

  • Michael

    Missourians recently went to the polls and Aiken defeated several strong candidates in the primary. Are we seriously to believe the political garbage being hashed around that Conservatives are going to now work to re-elect Marxist-Progressive McCaskill? Aiken’s mistake was being ill prepared for the normal and routine media hacks to come after him. I am more disgusted by the bashing of an honorable Congressman that has a sterling conservative voting record than I am disturbed by the garbled answer he gave about rape. Keep letting the Libs define the debate and THAT is what will cost the GOP control of the senate. And, did you people ever stop to think that McCaskill’s preference for Aiken is “reverse psychology” and she knows he is the strongest opponent – starkest contrast to her? Think about it before you open your mouth and spit forth nonsense about Mr. Aiken.

  • Jim W

    Agreed, but Steelman came in third behind Brunner who pols showed had the biggest lead of the three over MCCaskill. Steelman does seem to have a halting, choppy delivery that gives the wrong appearance of being not sure of what she wants to communicate.

  • Robert

    Pro-abortionists always want to turn the onversation toward a fringe example such as abortion in the case of rape. And we all go along with it just like a bunch of dumb lemmings.

    A “woman’s right to choose”, the “right to privacy”, abortion “in the case of rape”. These are all mere rhetorical devices that serve to divert attention from the core principles, that abortion is in the vast, vast majority, an act of convenience that denies the right to life, let alone the very humanity, of a child in the womb.

    As do we, when we forsake vital principles in order to win an election. Rather than fight back, and use the opportunity to advance the argument to its true dimensions, we reinforce the appalling double standards employed by the liberal media, and allow another conservative to be destroyed by a single remark, while liberals get away with the most disgusting statements time and again.

    And so, we get the government we truly deserve.

  • a former dem

    “And, did you people ever stop to think that McCaskill’s preference for Aiken is “reverse psychology” and she knows he is the strongest opponent – starkest contrast to her?”

    Riiiight, because the dimocrats are going to waste 1.5 million in the republican primaries on their strongest opponent. Riiiight.

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