Even their seniors are unhinged.
An 83 year-old leftie spit on a Romney supporter at an event in Grand Chute, Wisconsin today.
She spit in his face.




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  1. Lady, at age 83, I don’t think you need to be worried about birth control and Planned Parenthood. She should be reading the Obamacare bill and be worried about death panels deciding whether she gets the brain transplant she so desperately needs!

  2. Even senior citizens are acting like animals. Over politics seriously?? Not only was the spitting woman wrong, but so were most of the rest of the people. They nagged her on, pushing buttons so to speak. SENIOR CITIZENS!?! Good gracious this Nation is in need of Divine Saving.

  3. The protester reportedly complained that she had been scratched.

    he Appleton Post-Crescent has just posted video of an incident on Friday in which an anti-Romney protester is seen disrupting an appearance by state Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills).

    In the video, Darling is talking at the event near Appleton when the protester interrupts and attempts to ask a question: “Why are you against Planned Parenthood?”

    When the protester is asked to wait, the protester spits on another woman.

    The protester reportedly complained that she had been scratched.

    In a phone interview, Darling said she was speaking when the woman, identified by the Post-Crescent as Mary Hoglund, interrupted.

    “She was just so rude and disrespectful,” Darling said.

    Darling said she told the woman she should leave the meeting. “She resisted,’ Darling said.

    Town of Grand Chute police were called. Greg Peterson, chief of police for the Town of Grand Chute, said he was looking into the incident.

    Asked if she thought the protester should be charged, Darling said that would be up to the police.

    The incident occurred at an event called “Wisconsin Women for Mitt.” Darling said it was unfortunate that the meeting was disrupted but said people were “energized and enthusiastic” about the Romney-Paul Ryan ticket.

    In addition to Darling, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch attended the meeting.

    Here is the video:

  4. Wild ones come in any age.

  5. the famous liberal civility.

  6. Boy, aren’t you all glad that Obama has done so much to unite the country in his term?

  7. She spot in the face of another older women. Shes lucky a scratch is all she got, nasty old thing. Liberalism is a mental disorder, of this I am convinced.

  8. Her name is Mary Hoglund. According to her Facebook page, she lo-o-o-ves Obama and supports Occupy. I’m sure she’s for Obamacare’s death panels too, right?

  9. Typical white woman ,right Osama ?

  10. She’s lucky there weren’t any men there. She would have gone through the wall. Like she should have.

  11. I’d smack her- nobody needs to put up with that

  12. I didn’t watch the clip; seeing people spit gags me. I hope she was arrested for it. I don’t know about WI, but in TX, a person can be arrested and charged with assault for spitting on another person.

  13. The spittee should have bitch-slapped the old bitty right across the face.

  14. Good Grief – I certainly don’t condone comments here that encourage us to “bitch slap” “smack” “throw through a wall” or somehow harm an 83 year old citizen.

    In the America I grew up in – we respect senior citizens and allow them an awful lot of leeway for their opinions or views.

    And many Hispanic and Hmong immigrants to America still honor the elders no matter what ….along with many other cultures.

    I prefer to remain real Boy Scout (well, no, actually – I’s a girl and a former Girl Scout) on this matter.

    We allow our elders to speak – we show them respect – even when they spit in our face – we turn the other cheek.

    End of story in my opinion. Come on folks. Be nice or stay away!

  15. End of story in my opinion. Come on folks. Be nice or stay away!

    With all respect, ma’am…no.

  16. I’m with Kathteach – although I didn’t watch the video, it would have made me too angry. But to me, NOT following my instincts and showing restraint, especially given the age of the loon…as always, we take the higher ground.

    Can you imagine how that would have looked? If this video showed an old woman getting shoved or slapped after she’d spit? The sentiment might have changed in her favor (which she doesn’t deserve).

    We come out on top on this one, because like the Tea Party Movement vs. OWS, we’re the GOOD guys.

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