Russell Simmons Plays Race Card: Romney-Ryan “Two Men Who Will Destroy Our People”

Let the race hustling begin!

After the announcement today that Mitt Romney picked conservative Paul Ryan as his running mate music mogul Russell Simmons tweeted this.
Via Conservative Nation News:

Obviously, Russell Simmons is not familiar with how Barack Obama’s policies have affected the black community.

Not to be outdone…
Huffpo contributor Abby Huntsman played the Hispanic card.
Via Twitchy:

Abby is Jon Huntsman’s daughter.

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  • Frank G

    “The Race Card™, when you have a kneejerk reflex and nothing else to say, play it!”


    Russell-“Your people have had 4 years of “hype and chains””, and Abby, “Your dad is a decieving democrat….so go play with the Obama girls”

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  • gastorgrab

    Will we ever mature beyond any need to pander to any identity group?

    Hispanics are also INDIVIDUALS.

  • Sarah

    Shame on Abby Huntsman.
    As for the other fools, their mantra is becoming so very tired.

  • keithofboston

    “Our people”? “Our people”?
    This wouldn’t be the same russel simmons who runs one of those scam credit card rackets for ‘Our People” would it?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Much of the progress made on ethnicity and race in this country has been undone in Obie’s term.

    Thanks a lot, you creep.

  • donh

    “My people” blacks flunk the race issue….They want double standards……They want extra special rights for people with ” My people ” traits .

  • Freddy

    Abby cannot see Ryan appealing to hispanics because, well, is it because Abby is a racist or is it that Abby thinks hispanics are racists?

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    What Russell and other racists don’t understand, is that this is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and we are ALL in this together. The only one who has been trying to destroy people (divide them) is Obama, and it seems as if he is doing a good job.

  • GotFreedom

    I think these so-called “leaders” of their respective communities underestimate “their” people. . .if “their” people think for themselves they will realize that BHO has not and will not be in “their” peoples best interest. Not to mention, it makes me mad as anything that they feel the need to classify themselves as anything but “Americans”! Wake Up America and stop letting people like Simmons and Huntsman tell you how to live your lives–they, like BHO, don’t have your best interest in mind!

  • regularguy

    I, for one, think Obama will prove to be one of the greatest presidents EVER to achieve reduced racism and bigotry in the US. Because he has fomented the greatest amount of race-baiting from the lowest snakes, namely his alinskyite radical $hitbag brethren, more and more people of every color are waking up to the great con job it’s all about.

    The rest of us out here don’t give a rat’s back side what color, gender, orientation etc you are. We don’t owe you Jack $hit, and we aren’t putting up with your miserable sniveling about it, either. STFU, all of you worthless ethnic POS’s, we’ve had it with you.

  • donh

    #9 It Means voting an hispanic like Rubio to the Senate wasn’t enough to disprove your racism to Miami hispanics. Nothing you can ever do absolves you of being a racist , so go lose and spare yourself the grief …and if Mitt had picked Rice or Powell , Russell would be all joy and jubilation right ? The topic is racism no matter which way Mitt goes or what is happening to the world because these people can’t see beyond their own dark shadow.

  • bg


    August 11, 2012

    I’m Black And I Think … Clearly – From My Vault

    [“Taking a stand for what is right has put me at odds with the civil-rights
    establishment. I have endured all kinds of name-calling and intimidation
    tactics … But I understand that I am fighting against evil. Those names
    mean nothing to me. They are the pitiful words of cowards who do not
    have right on their side. By letting them pass, I am able to continue
    standing up for what is right … It is now time for white Americans to
    realize they are part of the same battle.”

    One of the first series of questions I am most often asked is: “Where
    are you from? Where did you grow up? Where were you raised?” As
    if my answering those questions will somehow answer the unasked
    question – that being, “How can you, a black man, think the way
    you do?”

    And just how do I think?

    I think a man deserves what he earns. I think and believe that while
    the field of opportunity is level (contrary to popular myth), not all
    will achieve the same.

    I think that the hate-filled cretin from Rhode Island who wrote me
    spewing bile and venom is a racist who happens to be white. And
    I’m certain he is not the only one. But I am also aware that there
    are Louis Farrakhans and Cynthia McKinney’s.

    I think slavery was wrong and immoral, but it was not illegal. I agree
    in principle with Robert E. Lee, who in a letter to his wife Mary Custis
    Lee, called slavery “a moral and political evil,” while concluding that
    black slaves were immeasurably better off here than in Africa, morally,
    socially and physically. Except, I believe it was God Himself providing
    for a people who would later curse His name and praise the false god
    of the very people who originally enslaved them.

    I think the reparationists must be challenged to acknowledge the truth –
    that being “that … free blacks disproportionately became slave masters”
    right here in America (“Dixie’s censored subject – black slaveowners”
    by Robert M. Grooms).

    Antoinette Harrell-Miller, a claimant in the multi-billion dollar action
    against Lloyd’s of London is quoted as saying, “Like every other
    ethnic group living in America, I have a right to know who I am.”
    Not to be rude or deliberately acerbic, but I would say, “She is
    Antoinette Miller, a race huckster and profiteer.” But I digress.

    more here & here, in connecting links & scroll thread for much more..


  • AuntieMadder

    If by “our people” she meant Progressives and Islamo-Marxists, then I hope she’s right.

    As for exciting “the Hispanic crowd in Miami,” a good portion of that crowd are illegal aliens from Cuba. So, who gives a cr@p?

  • bg


    donh #14 August 11, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    imho, here’s a pretty fairly decent opinion piece..

    August 10, 2012

    Kathleen Parker: ‘boring’ running mate could be good for Romney

    [With Mitt Romney’s announcement that Paul Ryan will be his running
    mate, we finally can extricate ourselves from one of the sillier debates
    and put to rest the narrative of the benighted “boring white guy (BWG).”


    Nevertheless, some political analysts had been insisting that Romney
    should go with someone like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio to secure the
    Sunshine State’s Latino vote. Rubio, of course, is of Cuban descent
    and is therefore Not White. But he is boring by the media’s definition
    — a pro-life, red-meat-eating, tea-party conservative who makes
    Romney look like, well, okay, the Fonz.

    In other words, Rubio, for all his presumed Latino pizazz, is in reality a
    boring white-ish guy who speaks excellent Spanish. Even considering
    his appeal and political talents, his selection would have been viewed
    as transparent pandering to a demographic whose members for some
    reason are believed to care only about the status of “undocumented
    workers” of similar heritage.


    There are doubtless plenty of “boring” African Americans, Latinos
    and even young voters who would vote for Romney and Ryan if the
    Republican leadership in the next few weeks can present a cogent,
    comprehensible plan to improve the lives of broad swaths of
    Americans who have little faith in the future. A nation jumpy with
    anxiety could stand a little boring for a change — and maybe even
    a little hope.]


  • listingstarboard

    Amazing–Russell Simmons isn’t appalled about the genocide of blacks through abortion, he actually condones it by being a Democrat. Abby Huntsman must be trying to replace Megan McCain as the most obnoxious spawn of a failed Republican candidate.

  • Remco Kimber

    Our people?

    You mean, the useless, gimme guys/gals of the welfare class?

    Is there a tall cliff around here?

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