What a brave and beautiful young woman.
Conservative Kira Davis responds to MSNBC kook Toure.
This is powerful.

From the video: Toure says Romney’s tactics are the “niggerization” of Obama. I take HUGE issue with that term and accusation, as someone with intimate knowledge of racism.




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  1. Well said.

  2. What a great statement from a beautiful young woman.

  3. Good on her… what a brave and articulate young woman. She’s definitely going places.

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  5. Powerful, powerful stuff

  6. Kira, that was a powerful and moving commentary against the haters of today. You are intelligent, articulate and definitely have your head on straight. I know you said you didn’t want sympathy but I still regret the things that you had to endure in your earlier life. I am just encouraged to see that despite that you seem to be a wonderful and resilient woman.

  7. #9, well said! “Like”!!

  8. Good for her!
    Calling Roger Ailes – Give this woman a job!

  9. #9….

    thank you for your kind worth to this young lady, I totally again….

  10. I meant ‘ kind words’ sorry

  11. Bravo. This is how you respond to hate (e.g. Toure’ mental breakdown (AGAIN) on race issues).

  12. Post it EVERYWHERE…it’s a must watch video, let’s make it VIRAL!

  13. WOW — what a fantastic young lady!!!! Thank you Kira.

  14. Eloquent put down of this race baiting punk Toure

  15. Really, I am impressed by Kira beyond words. What an insightful woman.

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