Powerful.. Kira Davis Pens An Open Letter to Toure of MSNBC

What a brave and beautiful young woman.
Conservative Kira Davis responds to MSNBC kook Toure.
This is powerful.

From the video: Toure says Romney’s tactics are the “niggerization” of Obama. I take HUGE issue with that term and accusation, as someone with intimate knowledge of racism.

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  • Nwvic

    Well said.

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  • sablegsd

    What a great statement from a beautiful young woman.

  • JenBee

    Good on her… what a brave and articulate young woman. She’s definitely going places.

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  • billypaintbrush

    Powerful, powerful stuff

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  • Ole Pedersen

    Kira, that was a powerful and moving commentary against the haters of today. You are intelligent, articulate and definitely have your head on straight. I know you said you didn’t want sympathy but I still regret the things that you had to endure in your earlier life. I am just encouraged to see that despite that you seem to be a wonderful and resilient woman.

  • JenBee

    #9, well said! “Like”!!

  • Practical Jane

    Good for her!
    Calling Roger Ailes – Give this woman a job!

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  • Maria


    thank you for your kind worth to this young lady, I totally again….

  • Maria

    I meant ‘ kind words’ sorry

  • Objective Analysis

    Bravo. This is how you respond to hate (e.g. Toure’ mental breakdown (AGAIN) on race issues).

  • EJ

    Post it EVERYWHERE…it’s a must watch video, let’s make it VIRAL!

  • Jackie

    WOW — what a fantastic young lady!!!! Thank you Kira.

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  • DaMav

    Eloquent put down of this race baiting punk Toure

  • Brae

    Really, I am impressed by Kira beyond words. What an insightful woman.

  • BurmaShave

    Thank you, Kira Davis, for summoning your intelligence to compose your letter, and your courage make your video.

  • Walknot

    Kira, Thank you for such a thoughtful and measured response. You handled that with poise and grace and I will be showing my 13 y.o. daughter both Toure’s comments, and your response. You, my dear, are a positive role model. Thank you for your positive contribution to an otherwise ugly situation.

  • Faye

    Wow, wonderful and brave young lady. Thank you Kira for those wise words.
    I really loved Kira’s ending with Toure doing his little “tap dance” for his masters who sign his checks.

  • OpenTheDoor

    Wow, brings new meaning to “Black is Beautiful”.

  • I think you are a remarkable young woman! I admire you so much for having the compassion to say what you feel in your heart. You make me so fired up about fighting and voicing what is so morally right especially for what is happening to our country before our eyes. I just wish there were more people like you doing the same thing.
    God Bless you!

  • Bruce

    As a fellow conservative, I’m proud of you, Kira.

  • Kevin Cousins

    This young lady is going places. You heard it here first.

  • Kevin Cousins

    And Kira, I wish I had been in that diner. I shed my “white guilt” forever in 1982, thank you Chuck Geer.

  • donh

    Kira gets it….Places like MSNBC are propaganda divisions of fascist corporations who want the right people elected for corporate profits …politicans who will pitch wasteful spending their way….and that means rattling the slave chains to keep blacks voting democrat ….but all the white folks at MSNBC cannot say the N word…so they hire black face minstrel clowns like Al Sharpton and Toure who say the backward things that bind blacks in fear and hate.

  • Gail

    Thank you Kira! May we continue to learn and change with you and many other’s help along the way. Toure was wrong and so were some of the people on that show. They should have at the least denied his rant, once they realized what he was doing. Maybe he and them will learn something too.

  • debiesam

    What an amazing video. I am deeply impressed, and very proud that the conservative movement includes strong, articulate young women like Kira Davis.

  • bg


    God Bless & Thank You Kira..

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican

    It should come as no surprise that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. In that era, almost all black Americans were Republicans. Why? From its founding in 1854 as the anti-slavery party until today, the Republican Party has championed freedom and civil rights for blacks. And as one pundit so succinctly stated, the Democrat Party is as it always has been, the party of the four S’s: Slavery, Secession, Segregation and now Socialism.

    It was the Democrats who fought to keep blacks in slavery and passed the discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws. The Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan to lynch and terrorize blacks. The Democrats fought to prevent the passage of every civil rights law beginning with the civil rights laws of the 1860’s, and continuing with the civil rights laws of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    In order to break the Democrats’ stranglehold on the black vote and free black Americans from the Democrat Party’s economic plantation, we must shed the light of truth on the Democrats. We must demonstrate that the Democrat Party policies of socialism and dependency on government handouts offer the pathway to poverty, while Republican Party principles of hard work, personal responsibility, getting a good education and ownership of homes and small businesses offer the pathway to prosperity.

    scroll comments for much more here..

    by Mychal Massie
    August 17, 2012

    Michelle Obama: More Evidence That Proves She Is A Bigot

    [And as if we needed more proof of her Erebusic influence over
    Obama’s presidency, Johnson notes that the language she used
    “bore clear similarities to the ‘empathy’ test Obama promised to
    use when deciding on nominees for the judiciary.”

    The clear and present danger of these two along with their cabal
    of racist Marxist-Leninists which includes Valerie Jarrett, cannot be
    ignored. The only thing remotely close to the threat they present is
    the realization that Republican hierarchy will do everything in their
    power to prevent true conservatives from being elected.

    It is one thing to have the Obamas committed to transforming America
    into a Communist state–it is another to have Republican hierarchy aiding
    and abetting them by pushing candidates we cannot support]

    a sad Amen to that.. 🙁


  • Michael

    What an exceptional young women who literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank-you Kira.

  • mg4us

    Kira rocks. . .Kudos Kira!!!

    This articulate young woman has tremendous Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and should be on the circuit showing others how to overcome the sins of the past to build a better future for tomorrow starting today!

    I especially liked her story of the diner incident when she was age 14. . and how her friends could not understand how she felt nor she could understand their feelings either. . how mature and insightful.. . .AND Profound!

    And when she calls to have debate on the merit of the issues at hand, she is following in the footsteps of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. . .

    Kira is a role model for blacks and all immigrants. . .mexican, Asian, Filipinos, Eastern Europeans, and even Irish, French, Germans, Spanish, Italians and Canadians . . all who come to America to help make it GREAT!

    Kira is another Sonny Jackson. . .hope we get to see more of this intelligent and independent young woman.

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  • Wow! Amazing this young lady is who can articulate better than most in congress could say. Thanks Kira

  • Kathteach

    She is awesome and spot on.

    Great inspiration Jim……for all of us.

  • bg
  • Mimimoon

    bravo baby…..bra-vo.

  • Brian Smaller

    I would be proud to call this girl my daughter.

  • Peter Warner

    WOW. Now THAT is speaking truth to power.

    Well done, Kira Davis. Very well done.

    Especially worth repeating is her point that casually tossing out a serious charge without justification cheapens the charge, cheapens the pain of those who suffered the real thing, and cheapens the person (mis)using it.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.