August 9, 2012, 8:00 a.m. CST
‘Occupy The Truth For Peace and Justice’ Tea Party Organizers Announce Keynote Speaker Michelle Malkin

—–Director of Hating Breitbart, Andrew Marcus, and Blogger Powerhouse Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit announce Michelle Malkin as Keynote Speaker for Tea Party Protest “Occupy The Truth” set for August 18th in Cleveland, Ohio—–

Cleveland, Ohio August 9, 2012 / — This morning, Filmmaker Andrew Marcus, Director of the upcoming documentary Hating Breitbart and Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit announce that media powerhouse Michelle Malkin will be the Keynote Speaker at “Occupy the Truth”. This Tea Party protest will shine the light on the dishonest coverage of the media of the attempted violent bombing planned by members of Occupy Cleveland. The event will be held at Willard Park/Freestamp Plaza in Cleveland, Ohio near the site of the planned bombing on August 18th.

Malkin is a widely read conservative blogger with one of the largest digital footprints in politics on the web. She is a Fox News contributor, syndicated writer and highly successful New York Times best selling author of multiple books on politics and culture and is the founder of Hot Air News Site and Her keen understanding of the rapidly expanding social media arena, and its impact on shaping the political narrative, has resulted in her recent launch of Twitchy, a ground-breaking entrant in the Twitter curation/aggregation space.

Malkin will join speakers Marcus, Hoft, and additional speakers to be announced in the coming week.

Hoft said, “I have known Michelle for years. She has been, and continues to be, one of the most powerful voices in American politics. She has consistently been willing to hold the mainstream media accountable for their continued, chronic media malpractice. She is, without question, one of the most fearless voices of truth in the American political dialogue. Her willingness to come to Cleveland, the scene of the almost crime, and call attention to the embarrassing, willful collaboration of the media with the Occupy movement, is an indication of just how important it is that all of us, whenever possible, force the media to Occupy the Truth.”

Marcus added, “The media would be happy if their lack of intellectual and professional vigor was swept under the carpet. Indeed, it happens so regularly. They don’t want to see everyday Americans questioning them. And in another era, at another time, that might have happened. But because of people like Andrew Breitbart and Michelle Malkin, the playing field has undergone a dramatic change. The mainstream media no longer not only owns the narrative, they no longer even own the news cycle. THEY might want this important story to go away, but the American people deserve to know the truth. If they won’t cover it, we will. We are grateful and excited that Michelle will be a part of this important event.”

It’s time for our voices to be heard. Join us on August 18th in Cleveland.

For more information or to schedule interviews, contact Jim Hoft (@GatewayPundit) at & Andrew Marcus (@HatingBreitbart)

SOURCE Hating Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Cleveland Tea Party Patriots

** Please feel free to register here if you plan on attending the rally.

UPDATE: I’ve heard from Ohio co-organizers that several buses have been already been lined up across Ohio for the event.



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  1. If Romney had any brains…he would hire Michelle as his press secretary and campaign strategist.

    The woman is a bloodhound and german shepherd rolled into one.

  2. M.M. Is no dog, she a babe.

    A conservative babe.

  3. Total babe!

  4. I really like this woman. Smart, strong and filled with courage. As #2 Bigkahuna said she would be a perfect press secretary and White House spokesperson. Imagine the public’s image of her replacing Carney. Talk about a night and day difference!

  5. Exactly, She attacks where the libs are weak and she shows the lunacy, hypocracy and lack of common sense in her stories etc and she is not afraid to slap down the idiotic questions, responses and even more important the false narratives or premises most liberals start their debates with.

    For example. Obama always says we dont want to go back to the policies that got us into this mess.

    I agree and Michelle would point out the obvious from that:

    1. Liberal banking regulations forcing banks to lower loan standards and not stopping it once it was in place is the major cause for this mess.

    2. Overspending and waste and bloated government are the second m,ajor cause

    3. Horrible tax policies punish businesses here and force them overseas or offshores.

    4. Wefare in all its forms are turning a big percentage of America’s people into parasites.

    5. S.S., Medicaid, Medicare all need reformed.

  6. ++

    why this articulate, intelligent young Lady doesn’t have
    her own prime time tv program by now is beyond me..


  7. Sorry about off topic.

    Second refinery fire in CA.

    I think I is terrorism.

    Soft target, crippling the


  8. ++

    #10 August 9, 2012 at 9:41 am
    Militant conservative

    well one thing for certain.. it sure ain’t no
    accident, and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.. :-(


  9. Yes, MC & bg – The first thing I thought of when I heard about the first fire was that the regime is intentionally burning down the refineries – killing off our oil and gas. The regime is a terror organization.

    I haven’t heard about the fires on the national radio news (no TV for me), only over the internet.

  10. ++

    August 9, 2012

    Welcome to Obama’s America: “Occupiers” Take Over

    [I should not sound old at my age. I should not be in a position to say, “In
    my day, we had respect for law and order!” I should not recall nostalgically
    the days where if we left for vacation, we left a light on to deter prowlers,
    the days where we feared the loss of an item, not the whole damn house.
    However, that was before the age of Obama’s America. A man in Portland,
    Oregon, has lost considerable money in a property he purchased to rent
    out because [Occupiers] anarchists have “reclaimed” his property.]


  11. Awesome speaker for your major event, Jim. I am trying to figure out a way to get there from Wisconsin but …..I will be there in spirit – truly.

    I’ll do what I can to let others know about this. As Breitbart said – It’s War.

    We all need to do all we can to show America that we are against the palace guard media. We’re not puppets – we are Americans…….

    behind every blade of grass – fighting to stay free.

  12. Michelle,

    You go Michelle!!! If I get old enough, I’ll lobby Congress to get your profile on the quarter (from a gulag no doubt, less a big toe nail and 400 lashes of carbon tax).

    You’re a brilliant lady and in a rational world, every girl in this world should want to be like YOU.

    Your Mom and Dad must be very proud.

    God love.


  13. I have enormous respect for Michelle Malkin. I do wish she would write more often about the greatest threat our nation faces, that of the islamization of america and the west. Malkin is so smart and so outspoken I don’t understand why she avoids this topic.

  14. I totally agree with comments by #16 and #17. Michelle Malkin is an awesome choice and she will do you all proud.
    If the people of America want to find someone who they should look up to and inspire to be like, Michelle Malkin truly fits that bill.

  15. Now if you all will connect the evil plans of OWS and the cover up with Obama that would be truly right on. Expand the meaning and target the enemy. We’re in the battle of our lifetime and need to keep our eyes on the prize: making sure Obama is not re-elected in November.

  16. You people are a bunch of nazis.

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