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  • The form letters have more substance than Obama or the 9 layers of his online, photo shopped birth thingy, or his draft registration card, or or or or ….

  • NoBO2012

    Cliff..Yeah that’s what I was thinking. If only the “ONE” had that much Soul. No one will ever make me believe those Seals lives were sacrificed for what they knew. Believing in conspiracy theories and with the event of the Seal’s new book. We should be able to guess what that was. “Someone” might not get punished in this life but on THAT DAY it will happen.

  • randall

    He was either on vacation, at the golf course, getting a pedicure,facial scrub, and anal bleaching, would be my guess

  • Richard Camp

    Would You expect anything else from a president that could care less about our military or the loss of a life?

  • Peter S

    What’s with the familiar form of address? “Dear Tracy”? Try “Dear Ms. [last name]” It is proper to address your intimates by their first name, not a grieving mother who you have never met.

    What a difference when you compare that with this:

  • Six bits

    Guess because there were deaths involved, the electric pen was used.

    I got a form letter reply to a letter I sent pleading for the lives of the unborn.
    It wasn’t even signed. Just said: Whitehouse

    Wondcr if ‘Mr./Mrs Whitehouse’ goes on those expensive , elaborate vacations and continual campaign trips too.

  • Paul F. Williams

    I am not suprised by Obama’s response. If there ever was a man who thinks he is God,s gift to the world this man is it. He could care less about the american people, military or otherwise. My prayer is that someday whether, it be in this life or the judgement day,this man gets exactly what he deserves.

  • Jan Schilling

    #84…when I read your entry i had no idea that there would be so many…many people who despise the man who commanded the letters be sent…or maybe that was Jarret who reminded him it was the politically right thing to do…especially if he wanted another 4 years to kill the USA! Right on sister! BHO has a special place in hell reserved for the Antichrist…he has done his required worst. I cannot fathom him showing up to honor fallen heroes he can’t stand! Talk about hypocrisy…but then we are talking about Ovomit…the biggest hypocritical narcissist of all presidents ever! He will be in the history books for sure….under the definition for FAILURE!

  • Denise Anderson

    I understand that the loss of military life is horrific and over the past dozen years, we have lost far, far, far too many of our young men and women, and I worry excessively about my 19 year old nephew being deployed to Afghanistan this December.

    I understand some people hate the president. Sometimes for valid reasons, but sometimes they are being duped.

    I don’t understand what is wrong with the beautiful letter that was sent to the grieving families. I think it is beautifully worded.

    Do you all understand that President Obama has changed the condolence letter policy to include soldiers who have committed suicide in combat.

    If any of you would take five minutes to study the signatures, you would see the electronic pen idea is a lie. They are all different, which is most easily discernible at the top of the “O” in “Obama,” and also where the next letter starts, whether it connects with the downstroke through the “O” or not. On some it does, on some it doesn’t.

    Anyone who signs a lot of documents becomes very automatic in signature and they often look very much alike. Don’t let your hatred of our president cause you to swallow the lie that he didn’t personally sign these beautiful letters to grieving parents whose sons or daughters made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

  • hudstim

    Riiiight…the WH couldn’t possibly have a few different slight variations of Oblamer’s signature in the Auto Pen.