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  • Typical of this sack of sh** fraud.. You liberal jackasses need to pay better attention

  • Jim Omillian

    Sorry for the families of the best of the best. Don’t expect more from a “commander-in-chief.” You hurt & die only for each other. Brothers & sisters I salute you.
    Vietnam Vet

  • Oz

    I understand that he does not support the military and actually makes their more dangerous, but I can see that the signatures are each different. Would an electric pen not have made them identical? If so then, as bad as he is, no one should falsely accuse him of something. Leave the false accusations to the liberals (especially joe and harry), they are the experts at it.

  • Mountain Vet

    Reminds me of a hand-made letter someone made at home. These are fakes. ALL correspondence from POTUS is sent on some sort of official stationary, including but not limited to; White House, D.O.D., and Presidential.

    I have numerous letters sent in regards to military and civilian service and signed by Presents Reagan, Clinton, and Bush and Obama, ALL on official White House and D.O.D. The “Patriots” that shared these for sensational purposes are lying, which is unpatriotic. I know that it is easy to portray President Obama a Muslim Socialist, but take exception as a veteran to stories like this.

  • Mik

    Just a fore note: I am totally against Obama, his wife and what they have done to our country. I also believe concerns of a president being improper should be valid and factual. Looking at the “Facts” and the Signatures, the parents who are hurting and morning and a conspiratorial author missed the boat on this one.

    There are just so many ways for leaders to say – I am sorry for your son/daughters loss of life due to his/her service to the country. I am a former military officer and I know it would never be a verbose letter. So since all died in the same way from the same event – then one letter with different names added would be appropriate.

    Looking at the signatures now – though they do look similar especially at first glance – once you begin to inspect the fine details you can tell that each one is different. In the first White letter the “O” is slightly squishier than the 2nd White letter. The yellow letter has many differences: The open “O” and the slanted line at the end of his last name plus the drop off. These were very poor quality scans so I could not view more. I used to do a lot of small detailed work and cleanup work (down to the pixel) so am very skilled at seeing these small nuances.

    BO has so many real mistakes – let’s not make them up where they don’t really exist – it makes us look like a Democrat 🙂
    Die Hard Constitutional Conservative/Tea Party

  • Kansas City

    Obama press secretary cllaims he personally signed each letter. Does not look like it, but it would be nice to know the truth.

  • sueb

    Look at the signatures, people. All three have slight differences meaning they were NOT autopenned.