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  • Alana Forsyth

    Unfortunately, the picture is worthless because you cannot see anything on it except blurred typing and a signature. And the other “Obama” on the partially hidden page is NOT identical to the one on the letter you can see fully. So what’s the point of this picture if it doesn’t illustrate the allegation? I don’t doubt that it’s a form letter, but your picture hasn’t proved anything about an “automatic pen.”

  • Steve Lynn

    Alana is right. The signatures are different. And do we really expect the President to write a custom letter to each family? Personally, I’m impressed that he seemed to have personally signed each one. Also,I hope the Tea Party isn’t wasting time complaining about form letters when the Constitution is being shredded.

  • Stan Powell

    Really? These men died in service to our country! Yes, the least I would expect is a personally written letter from the President. This shows contempt for the men and women that put their lives on the line every day.

  • Elena

    If Obama did personally sign each letter (which he should have) would Republicans respect Obama as their commander-in-chief? No. Obama could visit each of the fallen soldier’s families, and they would still hate his guts. Is this story even true? Give it a few days, and hopefully one of the fact checking sites will look into it.

  • HJ

    Oh, like this was the first time Obama has been an ass ?

  • RL

    ” AUH WELL….. what a shame…. ” ya can’t fix stupid”

  • vj osborne

    Amazing how many people, the majority of whom have not served in any form of military, can wax poetic about the President’s business. I do not see a letterhead from the POTUS on the letters so I do not consider them official documents. As far as the electric pen, signatures are not identical, but we cannot see all documents.

    The letter seems to be standard issue for military. He could have just as easily not authorized sending a thing. As far as his signature being large…the same people grousing about that would complain if his signature were smaller and they would call him impotent, weak.

    By the way, the Navy SEALS who are against Obama…better check your six…new book that is coming out deflates a whole lot of your bluster with primary sources.

    Liars get the same punishment in Hell as politicians…a true equal opportunity employer.

  • MRE Mike

    OMG, The SOB should have written a personal letter to each of the 30 SM’s that were killed, not just the Seals. Lets face it, he loathes the military just like all the rest of the lefty elites and that is why they are knocking off 50% of the DoD budget. I don’t envy the Warriors who are getting out of the service as it will be just like Nam. 80,000 kicked in the butt and “good luck finding a job”. Personally I wouldn’t have brought it to the media. I would have sent a short return note to him saying how disappointed I was, and express my anger at the voting booth.
    RIP my fellow Warriors.

  • Army Wife

    BO is only out for BO. He hates the USA, and really Hates the Military. What goes around, Comes around!!

  • Mary

    @Steve …..Well, Yes I would think that our Commander-in-Chief would most definitely take the time to personally sign a condolence letter. It is not like they are dropping by the thousands… is about respect and valuing the life lost as an actual human being ….not just a tag or a number. GEESH…..People need to start valuing life and the lives that have been lost just so YOU can have freedom.

  • gertie jacobs

    So very sad! So insensitive.

  • MAtt

    I served, and if I died in service, I wouldn’t care if the president sent a letter or not. Fact is, he isn’t the reason I served, I didnt think much about the president when I served, and it wouldn’t of changed my service if i knew he print and copied a letter to my loved one or not.


    I would take offense if my Captain did.

  • Camslam

    B.O. is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. He tramples the Constituion daily with no regard for personal liberty. He deserves to be voted out on Nov. 6th, so let’s just hope that Romney Ryan stand by their promises. I’m hopeful, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. That said, the signatures in theses letters are different, so this story doesn’t pass the smell test. Drudge: You’re one of my favorite places on the Internet, so please don’t waste my time with fake stories.

  • I agree with the former soldier, the President’s signature on a document like this is worthless. Commander-in-Chief is about power and authority, not about his relationship with the men who serve. Letters of this kind should come personally from the ranking CO responsible for their command. And as for freedom… our personal freedon is not what we were or are ever there for. Iraq was a war of pride and oil. Afghanistan is about regional stability (control) and fixing our mistake during the cold war when WE armed the Taliban to fight the Russian threat. My opinion… not that it matters much… either carpet bomb the region and be done with it or bring our men home and give them the honor they deserve (and yes, i am aware of how short-sighted that comment is).

  • Jimbo

    All this talk about people hating the military is outrageous Obama loves the military so much is trying to get them out of Iraq and out of Afghanistan and not mire them down into more fighting the dug in mountain people of Iran like Romney wants to do. Also he loves the military’s socialist style health care system that he helped implement it for the rest of the country, not just soldiers and congressman getting the free government health care. I understand you guys might hate black people or anyone who tries to help the poor but saying the leader who is trying to get soldiers out of harms way hate them is just ignorant.

  • garibaldi sarduchi

    Seems to me that all of these defenders of our failed president have a common theme.Deny every allegation.Obama has continually disrespected our military.The draconian cuts in the pentagon coming up this fAll because the leftists in congress have failed in their dufies is another
    r in a long history of attacks made against our nation by this failed community activist bum.I bet none of his defenders here have sons in the military.I will be overjoyed when we get this bum out of office soon.

  • Army Brat

    This presents a difficult issue. There is no way a President can have any personal details to give in a letter of this type. He has a closer relationship with the random Marine that stands at the bottom of the steps of Marine 1 than he would have with Seal Team members killed in Afghanistan.

    We have had a relatively small number of men and women killed on Obama’s watch, so the use of an Auto Pen would be way out of bounds.

    I think that you will find Auto Pens may have gotten more advanced over the years. There can be variations programmed in so that every signature doesn’t look exactly the same.

  • Roger Finch

    Really?….Has a form letter not been the norm for a 100 years…Did Bush personally write over 4000 letters to familys of fallen soldiers when he was president?..NO..Did LBJ/Nixon write 58,000 personal letters during Vietnam?…Did FDR/Truman write 680,000 letters during WW2?…It’s tragic these soldiers died and God Bless their souls and famiies but I find it repulsive that some people wanna turn their deaths into political rhetoric and banter…..and bash on the president because he didnt write personal letters when no president has ever personally written letters to every GI that died while serving the country

  • Matt

    How could it be an electronic pen? It’s clear that the signatures differ in each. Look at the bit above to O.

  • aprilnovember811

    Did you know 70% of the deaths in Afghanistan have occurred under this man who you said loves the military? How is that caring about the military.

    I’ll go one further. Obama appointed Muslims with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood into DHS and the State Dept. These Seals were murdered by Obama and those who’ve infiltrated our govt. This wasn’t an accident.

    And stop the hating black people crap. He’s half white, and we don’t like that half either. Obama is pure evil. He works for both the Muslim Brotherhood and Weathermen.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s Penetration of the Obama Administration’s-penetration-of-the-obama-administration/

    Muslim Brotherhood In Our White House – Vetting Obama–-vetting-obama/

    70% of U.S. Military Fatalities in 11-Year Afghan War Have Occurred on Obama’s Watch
    By Edwin Mora
    July 2, 2012

    This is Aaron Vaughn’s Facebook page.

    P.S. You won’t be getting health care from this man. There’s no money for it. He only wants you to think you’re getting it, just like Hitler and Stalin did. He’s cut from the same cloth.

    “I Lived Under Hitler and Stalin: They Promised Socialism … But Gave Us Tyranny”
    July 14th, 2011
    By Dr. Harold Pease“i-lived-under-hitler-and-stalin-they-promised-socialism-…-but-gave-us-tyranny”/

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