Obama Camp: It’s OK to Call Mitt Romney a Felon and Killer (Video)

Obama spokesperson Stephanie Cutter refused to condemn Priorities USA Ad (August 9, 2012) that blames Mitt Romney for the death of a woman in Kansas City. The woman’s husband lost his job at two years after Romney left Bain Capital. She had insurance and died 5 years after her husband lost his job at a plant that closed after Mitt Romney left the company.
But the Obama Camp won’t condemn the slanderous attack ad.

Cutter is the same person who called Mitt Rommey a felon in July.
Via FOX Nation:

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    You think the truth matters to these people? No. The only thing that does matters is furtherance of the Left’s agenda. All else is secondary.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    Yeah Stephanie Cutter, we know how Communism gets started. Through useful idiots like you. Your soul is for sale to those who care not about you but how they can use you. I pity you.

  • Dave in NYC

    When did Bain buy the company? The timing of when he lost his job isn’t really relevant if Bain bought the company and put excessive leverage on it when Romney was still there.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Now the Left have called the Republican Candidate for US President BOTH a felon and a killer. And the Romney campaign simply refuses to hit Obama between the eyes with his bogus social security number (which is a felony, btw), his bogus draft registration card, his bogus birth certificate, his made-up history of being a student at Columbia, to name just a few…

  • Faye

    So much for CNN trying to report fair and balanced news. This lasted what about 5 hours? The anchor let her yammer on and on with her “misinformation/lies” unchallenged and with no follow up hard questions I bet if the video had lasted longer.


    Felons FAIL E-Verify http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3WUL4gQFHQ

  • Patty

    Barack Obama has blown millions of Americans completely out of the workforce, bringing us years of double-digit unemployment. Do we get to blame him for the death of every relative of every American left unemployed by his policies? How about if we make it sporting by focusing only on businesses that have been directly and aggressively destroyed by his Administration, such as offshore drilling companies and coal mines?


    Of course, it’s been seven weeks since Obama took questions from the White House press corps, so it might be a while before reporters get a chance to ask him about the Priorities USA ad. It’s funny how the press corps is so comfortable with going for almost two months without an opportunity to question the sitting President, but they went into a berserk rage on hallowed ground in Poland because they thought it was unacceptable for Mitt Romney to go for a few days without a press availability.[……….]


    When Obama care take full affect, many people will not have the Cadillac insurance many doctors are leaving, who will die then Obama? THE MOST POOR WHO ARE LEFT BEHIND.

    How many Double homicides have happened because the Husband has lost his job and is depressed so turn the gun on his wife and then himself. WILL WE BLAME OBAMA.

    Jobs lost because of Obama, Retirements lost, many Americans are suffering and many more will end it all. Should we blame Obama for this?

  • Befuddled

    And why was she allowed back to blather on with her slanderous remarks for another round of sound bites after that Last “felon” remark?oh right,it’s CNN of course. A zebra can’t change its stripes.

  • Patty

    I take offense for this ad. I hope that other Americans sitting on the fence wondering if they should vote for Obama again, I hope they see this ad and seriously take a look at Obama this time around and ask themselves one question.

    Is Obama the right person for this nation, because he is willing to lie for his re-election.

    He is actually saying or the man in the ad is, Romney is a murderer.

  • Patty

    Hasn’t had a Press Conference for weeks, Obama is due, and the first question should be about this ad. Obama is avoiding the press, on purpose.

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  • Redwine

    The Romney campaign response was astoundingly stupid. Andrea Saul responded in an interview (on Fox?) that the wife of that Sopnic liar would have had health care had she lived in MA! Good grief! The most scurrilous regime in American history has accused Romney of MURDER! They accuse him of being a felon. They accuse him of poisoning the water! And this stupid woman responds with RomneyCare????!!!

    The Romney campaign had better wake up FAST!!

    G-d help us.

  • http://biggovernment.com ponderon

    These folks are not normal, their twisted sick nasty people who don’t care about the truth as long as the lie sticks in some voters’ mind ………Romney better take the kid gloves off and start hitting back twice as hard ………..This is just the beginning ,worse is not yet to be seen.

  • stuart

    My earliest exposure to the electoral process was the Goldwater/Johnson election of 64. I remember how the Democrats issued an ad that stated that Goldwater was clinically insane. They managed to get, IIRC, fifty psychiatrists to attest to his mental state without ever meeting the senator, let alone interviewing him. (Nice going doctors.) Watch for this ploy. Before this election is over Romney will be accused of insanity and then some. Barry will pull out all the stops on this one. Welcome to Chicago politics

  • donh

    Her name is CUTTER…She is a Planned Parenthood sponsored media propagandist…Cutter is paid to protect the religion of cutting up fetus…but she isn’t paid much ….. she would do it for free. You can tell by ugly crooked frown of a mouth that she eats human flesh for lunch.

  • Big Al

    Hate to say this but what kind of man uses a deceased wife’s cherished memory to make a cheap political point especially when the point is totally debatable? Have we lost all honor in this country? This is just so sad.

  • Redwine

    Comrade Barry’s regime is directly linked to the American Planned Parenthood death squads. They have provided – and STILL provide – weapons and money to Libyan, Syrian and Egyptian terrorist death squads of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and the Mexican illegal alien drug death squads. They have provided guns to Mexican drug-running murderers and millions of taxpayer dollars to “Palestinian” terrorists. Comrade Barry, Eric “The Red” Holder and Janet Incompetano are directly responsible for the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry and enemy combatant and American citizen Awlaki (without due process).

    Wake up, Romney campaign!!!

  • Sasja

    I have been having doubts about Romney lately and I hope they’re unfounded. I heard about that Romney idiot aide’s response via Rush a little while ago and could not believe my ears. After 3 1/2 years of obvious lawless activity by this administration, plus their egregious campaign blitz against Romney, they better get a clue about the type of people with whom they are dealing, and very quickly. Otherwise it’s another term for the devil and the end of America.

    And why do females today all talk as though they’re still 14? Their high-pitched screeching is annoying, to say the least. Some even sound like chipmunks. If chipmunks could talk, of course.

  • AnnaS

    Did anyone ( I pray few did), see that idiot woman that represents Romney who was on FOX this morning? In answer to Bill Hemmer asking about this ad accusing Romney of MURDER, her response was the woman would have had healthcare if she were in Mass. and had Romneycare! Dear Lord, how can he win with someone like this representing him?