“Moderate” Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas accused Jews living in Judea and Samaria of training wild boars to uproot Arabs’ trees.
And, he leads the “moderate” Palestinian faction!
Arutz Sheva reported, via Religion of Peace:

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has accused Jews living in Judea and Samaria of training wild boars to uproot Arabs’ trees. The fantastic claim is included in a quote from Abbas that appears in an official presentation on PA incitement presented Sunday to the Israeli cabinet.

Abbas made the claim in a speech in Ramallah on the eve of his appearance at the United Nations in September, in which he asked for recognition of PA statehood. The speech went virtually unnoticed in the media, except for some vigilant blogs.

“The occupation and its actions, this is the nightmare that weighs down upon us,” Abbas said. “…Attacks by settlers that find their expression in uprooting trees, burning mosques and even training dogs to attack us and sending wild boars to spread corruption on the face of the earth.”

Abbas continued: “The settlers deal with us in three ways: when they run across someone they attack him; they have trained the dogs well for this, and the boars, too, for uprooting trees.”

Just one week after Abbas gave his speech, a terror gang murdered Asher and Yonatan Palmer of Kiryat Arba.




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  1. najis kafir

    pigs and non-muslims are equals in islam

    both are sub-human


  2. Who knew a Jew could hold so much power….

  3. Obviously the pigs have been trained to do this by Mossad. It’s a false flag operation perpetrated on the innocent Arabs by Mossad, the CIA, and Major League Baseball.

  4. Is there some genetic glitch in the brains of Moslems that allows them to believe this tripe?

  5. No…… Abbas got it wrong.

    We’re training the hogs to poop on the thresholds of all external doors at mosques and into all the shoes left outside as well.

    Abbas needs to do a fact-check before he goes public.


  6. 4# The consequences of thousand years of inbreeding……….

  7. Oh oh sounds like Axelrod is giving them talking points.

  8. And in the WHOLE MIDDLE EAST, there is not one, NOT ONE person brave enough to stand up and tell this guy he’s an effing retard.

  9. These people are paranoid and delusional. Obama’s peeps.

  10. That would make the pigs smarter than the palestinians ????? and less viloient and worth a damn

  11. Cool boars. They only uproot Moslem trees? Wow.

  12. Can I get one?

  13. Birds, sharks, squirrels, and now boars. Those jews know to train animals to do their bidding.

  14. ++

    you think 77/8% of American Jews will
    vote for Obama this time around?? /s/


  15. Wow, the Jews are like freakin’ Dr. Doolittle! I mean, wow they can train pigs, monkey, sharks, birds and whatever animal suits them to do their bidding. Mahmoud Abbas must have Doo-little envy.

  16. Is senility setting in or is this normal for palestinians and other arabs? What can we expect from people whose only education is their relisious practices?

  17. The really amazing thing is that they are not the laughing stock of the world.

  18. There are no “moderate” Hezbully criminals — Say, isn’t this part of the Seventh Century throwbacks that were invited to White House ??

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